Papoose Bum-Rushes Summer Jam

Look who snuck through the back door. Before Summer Jam came to a close, Papoose somehow made it to the main stage and performed his single, “Get At Me”.  Sometimes, you just have to take what you want. Free Remy Ma!

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  • Random

    and no f*cks where given

  • Papoose is the new Lil Mama.

    [VIDEO] Interview of Jamie Hector aka Marlo Stanfield From The Wire.

  • Pedro

    papoose performed and u knee know it

  • Reply


  • mac DIESEL


    …….HA!!!! THAT SHIT WAS RANDOM!!!!


  • Yup !

    NY music is a DEAD LANGUAGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I gotta salute K dot for reaching back!!!

  • Young Lucky

    gotta respect the nigga for doing what he did. it was a thousand niggas backstage who had the same opportunity as him if they had the balls, and he followed through. he touched that SJ stage.

  • rahrahrah

    Props to Pap.

  • jay

    Lil mama

  • rahrahrah

    You could at least tune in to Hot 97 this morning and report some facts.

    “This morning on Hot 97’s “The Realness,” the situation was somewhat cleared up. Peter Rosenberg got a call before the show from Kendrick Lamar’s people who told him they would be bringing out Papoose. Supposedly Rosenberg didn’t tell Ebro, which is where the confusion came in.”

  • StarFox64

    i agree with the realness shoulda performed one of his known songs..

  • NY kidd

    This guy is sad..

  • DJ Eternity

    dam the crowd looked crazy dead like wtf LOL

  • How Wonderful…

    @ Young Lucky…

    I agree with you 100 percent.

    The industry has black balled Pap. I personally dont like his music, but the industry was hyping him up a few years back and then left him alone when his buzz died. He never had his mainstream shot…least he got on that stage and performed. There are other artists that have had some mainstream success in NYC and never performed at summer jam.

    • B.Dot

      He never had his mainstream shot…
      Huh? Papoose had MAD shots. He even performed with Eminem on the BET Awards.

  • PAC

    Get off Kendrick kids dick in 3 years yall hate him like yall hate Wayne now

  • enzo

    How much did his album sold ?

  • TruthBeTold

    Why do people think having the opportunity to perform is a major shot ?

    getting the opportunity to perform with mainstream artists but then performing mediocre “underground” music aint shyt .




    …..doesnt look like this went over to well. Shit looked lke that moment that your school teacher tries to make a speech during an assembly. We aint hear you……… Damn NY looks HURT. Its sad. Yall tried to push FRENCH MONTANA like he was gonna do you a servide with his sales. NAW BRUH. Fab is your only hope and he still on the SOUTHs DIck.


    *too *service. FUCK IT.

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    He did not bum rush the stage.. Kendrick did him a favor and let him perform. Hot 97 staff did not know about this lol

  • Shyne

    Get At Me is a nice song. Good Job Pap

  • g ish and its a good song

  • Facepalm

    @Liquorstoreman NY tried to push french!? Nope. Come to NY and ask around. If you find anyone over the age of 22 checking for French’s music, I’ll buy you a NY hotdog. You’re right about one thing, NY is hurt right now because most of the popular mainstream artists adapted another regions sound and flow and writing style. We taking major L’s because of that. Then again who cares about mainstream artists, really.

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