Breakfast Club Interviews Birdman & Wayne Daughters

This is weird. Birdman and Lil Wayne’s daughters (Bria and Reginae, respectively) appeared on The Breakfast Club to promote their new book, Paparazzi Princesses.¬†They spoke¬†on growing up with celebrity fathers, future aspirations, and maintaining normalcy.

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  • Kinda creepy ha

  • a yo

    maintaining normalcy but promoting a book and dying for fame lol

  • Chris

    Yeah this isn’t a good look for the Breakfast Club, do people really want to hear from the rich, spoiled kids of rappers? But I bet they did this interview to stay in the good graces of YMCMB and thus get more guests from that camp.

  • yeaHOE

    chill Breakfast club, no one cares about this shit. If u actually watched this interview ur a weirdo.

  • NYC

    You guys cared to comment tho

  • The children of celebrities are pretty much useless. Ask Jaden Smith.

  • Dopecoolicious Dose

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  • StarFox64

    the saddest part about this is lil wayne’s daughter is more intelligent at this age then he is ever going to be..

  • R

    Wayne and Bird Successfully passed the Ugly Gene to their kids!

  • HOL UP

    What’s weird about this? As opposed to their normal interviews involving marginally famous urban reality tv show cast members…the breakfast club (and people that frequent this blog) obsess over any and everything involving these artists on a DAILY basis…so why is it weird that they interview their kids who are starting careers as young authors?

  • Cinsere

    Aww, they have kids together? How precious…

  • thenewam

    the one in the pink lowkey seem rihtarrrdid.

    butt uhhhhh i feel like wayne bm got some quality bc they daughter on her shit.

    butttt uhhhhhhh what REALLY turned me on is seeing the angela be all nurturing and caring with them kids. i can tell she got some quality.

    butttttttt uhhhhhhhhhh shout out to charlemagne for endin dis shit asap. the breakfast club really aint no place for kids.

    buttttttttttt uhhhhhhhhhhhh ill be back later… ab to go see what these young black cheerleaders talkin about.

  • Tooldforrap

    Why did i just watch this?

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  • edi

    somebody would actually care about this if it was JAY-Z DAUGHTER OR KANYE’S

  • miami-LIL SHOTTA

    shout out birdman his daughter looks a little more grounded,humble … more of a YOUNG BOSS LADY TYPE…But you could still see the fire in her face/eyes…MY nigga WEEZY you better keep a eye on that young lady she seems to be more of her MOMMA type…LOVIN’ da spotlight dat FAME

  • Polo

    I wonder who they paid to write the book for them. I doubt these two even read it. lol

  • ocizzle

    yea i agree these girls are completely useless. how someone is publishing a book on them for just being the relative of someone else is just beyond me. what the hell is going on in this world? they’ve done nothing except breathe and couldnt be more spoiled and basically just complete wastes of space