• Midsize Jerm

    One of the oddest, least expected line-ups I’ve ever seen, truly. It’s a great surprise though, and really adds a whole new layers of dopeness to this already decent track. Bronson really gaining credibility working with old school legends (and Lloyd Banks) while still sticking to his roots elsewhere. Great remix.

  • Hol’Up

    Now that’s what you call a good remix.

  • JOHNYblaze

    Oh boy two pretty official names for an action remix this one will hit 30+ comments from trolls.

  • That’s the best remix I heard in a long time

  • Kemosabi


  • DAMN!

    man this is fire! Brosonlinooo! PLK! And Jack The RIpper

  • damn

    haha L.L. sounds nice on this!

  • LOL

    crack rocks

  • Dope-to-the-Dna!


  • This is pretty dope.

  • That Guy

    Are you serious? Action Bronson is weak. And so is this poor excuse of a radio record

  • Black Shady


  • AG 3000

    Nice remix from the white Ghostface killah. He sounds and rap just like him!

  • Tev Milli

    Damn this shit is hot….
    LL went in 2 at that…
    Thats all I have 2 say

  • Tev Milli

    @ AG 3000
    He really do thought it was him 4 a min….
    Thats all I have 2 say

  • The Wise

    This guys fuckin trash ..in no way wouldve corn balls like this an macklemore been accepted in the errly 00s ..atleast when u had white rappers Em,Bubba,etc dudes really had story skills or wrd play..there was no free pass..nowadays any an everythings accepted ..now i understand why my uncle stopped fuckin with rap after 04 shits completley lost substance

  • BobbyWhite

    the fuck? stop hating on bronsolino, calling him wack and shit…. i wanna listen to who the fuck you fags listen too

    this is real hip hop

  • gerald

    LL is now forgiven for that whack shit a few months ago!!!

  • This is how i wanna hear LL!

  • wellsfool

    I agree with @BobbyWhite…fuckin weirdos…& to @The Wise, you fuckin loser. Ever heard of House of Pain & Vinnilla Ice…the “errly” 90’s allowed it to happen too dipshit, but Brosonlino & Macklemore are far way more legit than them…plus this dipshit is harolding the early 2000’s as if it was a golden era of hip hop…that’s actually when we let everything turn into shit.

  • Jacob

    Shit LL’s still got it!

  • NYC

    This shit basuda bro.

  • jaymack


  • errday

    this is dope!!

  • G. Dot

    FINALLY, people have stopped sleeping!
    Good to see Bronson getting noticed more

  • DeezNuts


  • DeezNuts

    it’s stricty for my jeeps remix not queens day remix

  • LL needs to do more of these. Just keep stealing remixes and build your cred back up. Then drop an album of pure underground shit with HARD features. Watch what the fuck happens!

  • YES!!!

  • Killed the this joint!!! I give it a 10 out of 10!

  • Chris

    This song should come with a pillow. People keep giving this fake ass Ghostface Killa a past. Like biting is hot.

  • The Wise

    ^some of yall pussys hus madd ur favorite rapper wiill never pop..soundin all madd cuz nobody like this fat weirdo..tryna sound vintage 90s gtfoh..i never ever once hurt this fAt shit get any play in the hood…an he never will…lol…an when u bring up vanilla ice ur officaly a fuck boy lol …have a nice day fuckers

  • The Wise

    An this freestyle as complete ass sauce..notice flex an get hype nearly once …he started his freestyle with chicken nuggets….yeah this fat fucker is a chicken nugget away frm career suicide

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  • 85

    LL Cool & Banks … thanks !

  • Mikey D

    Accidental Racist still happened LL. Nobody is forgetting that shit.

  • StarFox64

    ohhhh werd

  • DoctorX

    not a fan of remixes but this shit good ! im a rapper to trying to mix this new school thing like mac miller sort of vibes with some old school type beats and old school vibes to check it out f you d think you d like it and you ve got a few secs to spare

  • Nutsonya Chin

    yo @thewise what the fuck do you listen to in “the hood” you piece of shit.. you know bronson is fresh n u cant stand it cuz hes white n overweight or whatever the fuck.
    its 2013 get with the times or get left behind cuz shitll never be the same again you degenerate cock sucking piece of garbage.

    peace 😉



  • windycityg77


  • snake

    B A N K S

  • Truth Will Out

    @TheWise If you don’t like dude then fine, but don’t blame the shit on today’s rappers. Your uncle is an idiot if he’s stopped listening to hip hop after 2004. It just means he was a phoney hip hopper to begin with and your whole family is a joke considering the craft. I’m an old, old, old hip hop head, and been here from the damn beginning of the genre! Trust this. Wack rappers have always been around and made it to the top of the game. Knock that dumb ass “after 2004/Golden Era” shit off. Nobody wants to hear that crap. If you don’t like today’s hip hop, then listen to country music fuck boy. GET OFF RAP RADAR you fake loving hip hop bitchazz nigga. <— I'm tired of Hop Hop faggots

    –Truth Will Out

  • j/yh/h

    LL murked this! Came in with that Rampage intro!

  • LoverofHipHop

    Remix was dope! Anyone hating on this is foolish.

  • weedhead

    i really enjoyed LL and banks. LL really fit the track


    bronson sounds like gface alooot