New Music: Wu-Tang Clan “Family Reunion”

family reunion-cover

Keeping their celebration going strong, the clan reunites on their brand new track that was premiered on Hot 97 moments ago. A Better Tomorrow coming soon.

UPDATE: CDQ added below

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  • Ramel

    Fuck all you youngins desrespecting your elders that came before you. That’s how Hip Hop dies & becomes more and more segregated. Wu Tang Clan Forever!

  • gammaboi

    Are these niggaz serious? To even have to ask who to play first between Miley and Wu Tang?
    That said though, if this is the direction Wu are going in – the new album will be as forgettable as 8 Diagrams.
    RZA should make like Dre and realise he’s past his prime and get some understudies for better production.

  • La Verdad

    This is on some grown man ish… Wow. I love this. While this is definitely not album material. I see they taking a page out of Raekwon’s book and dropping mixtape songs before dropping album songs. Great music. I hope people respect this.

  • rahrahrah

    This isn’t an album cut, this is just them reaching out and rallying the troops. It’s going to be love.

  • LOL

    i think these guys have waited too long to release music, they let the culture dry out with all these generic sounding music and now they gotta drop? gangsta music is dead and gone brother, to all these people holding themselves back i want to give them a big FUCK YOU. thanks for not helping the culture get back on it’s feet again.

  • Sounds pretty dope.

  • Nickey Black

    Sounds ok. Definitely not a banger. Then adding all those Damn drops in there is ridiculous. Was the song screaming YEAH YEAH on the chorus?

    Ppl souped up RZA head with that untouchable producer title. He alright, but he been stopped creating dope beats.

    It’s basically missing that BOOM BAP feel. I need more from the Gods if they want my support.

  • Nickey Black

    I noticed none of the Rapradar staff is giving they opinion on this track.

    Where Bdot now?
    Big Homie?

  • Nickey Black

    You dudes are funny

  • Push For Life

    I agree with rahrahrah this isn’t a real record more like promo cut to let people know they are back and in the studio working on something together. Good shit to see Wu-Tang returning to the studio, youngins need to respect this movement.

  • Milli

    update please with nodj.

  • How can hiphop be dead if Wu Tang is forever

  • E

    History!!!!! The Wu is back!!!

  • 12 DoT

    This shit makes me want to fire up the grill and throw some steaks and burger on. Suuuuuuuuuu

  • YO!!


  • YO!!

    THE GODS ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 718

    I need a triumph beat.

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  • the brain trust

    This shit is hard!

    The CDQ will be a banger i’m sure.

    Love the brighter sounding production.

  • rrahha

    I love that they used that sample….PERFECT!!!!