• bumpy johnson

    dope at all angles ………..

  • Dee Haven

    CLASSIC! ross is finally back working with the JUSTICE LEAGUE. fuck all those dumb ass trap beats.
    this shit is hard

  • The Wise

    The guys are in a trail blaze right bow!!! An there doin exceptionaly well..props to mmg well deserved an after rosses GFID i wasnt to sure about efforts after that but he got me back in with the piir descions an this smooth oil gang music..dope records

  • JustMyOpinion

    The entire MMG consistently bring music to the game. No excuses, no label ordeals just music every year. “If you can’t respect that your whole perspective is wack.” Not to mention, he’s the only artist to give 2 out of 3 L.O.X members’ a verse on a (hot) track (you up next Louch). #respect

  • ugly

    jada losing weight — must not be eating

  • Black Shady

    so smoothhhhhhh

  • Midsize Jerm

    3 songs, 3 videos, in two days? Rozay really does live up to the work ethic he claims to have. Also nice that none of the songs released from Self Made 3 have that Lex Luger, generic hood banger style that was so integral to the series in the beginning. These smoother tracks have more replay value in my opinion, even though that Rocky Fresh joint is trash. One thing tho, out of all 3 tracks released, no appearance from Meek? His presence is just as important as Ross or Wale at this point.

  • Set303

    I’m not a Ross fan but yo this is the type of production that got me listening.
    Jada be skating son!!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    This is garbage as usual. Y’all are bunch of morons if you like this song. Fuck Rick False, MMG, and anybody that likes this song and wrote a positive comment about this trash. All of y’all are losers.

    50 Cent the the real KING of HIP-HOP.

  • BuKing310

    beat is crazy!

  • Foreign luccini

    Nice video, Ross need to keep it 1 them type of hoes don’t be at ya shows I seen the Vegas vlog. Nigga would sell more albums if he would put them black ass hood rats in his videos!!! Come on bro all Spanish and Latin they some beautiful women, but they don’t fuck wit ya shit!!!

  • http://7themerson.com 7thEmerson

    This is pretty smooth.

  • LOL

    @ ZoomZoom, sit your gorrila teeth loving ass somewhere kid nobody cares about Curly Rat Jackson

  • The Wise

    ^ hes right ur favorite rapper cant make a hit if his life depended on it..dont get me wrong ima 50 fan an ..u gotta know when to put the mic down..after massacre he lost his touch an aint been the same since..u madd ross got better productions an verses then 50 ..i think so


    Dope ass song, Rick Ross rap’s best on these Isaac Hayes Barry White types of instrumentals…. Diddy influence rubbing off 4:27-4:30 mark Ross is dancing like Puffy.

  • http://poeticassasin.wordpress.com poetic assasin

    They crushed this video

  • ess

    hey, this one is nice yo..

    wasnt really feeling the other two, maybe they will grow on me.. but this one I like.

    pretty much everything ross has done with justice league is really dope..

  • miami-LIL SHOTTA

    @Zoom…Fuck Nigga…GO GET you SUM PUSSY nigga…SMOKE OUT get UR DICK SUX…DIS IZ HOW WE DO IT IN DA 786 str8 up to da 718…# pussy-HOLE

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  • creo

    ^@ Gay lil shotta how u gonna tell sum1 else 2get sum pussy when u take it n the ass.u faggot groupie ross dick blower FOH BITCH. U IN GAYTIAN MAFIA BE BACKSTAGE ASKING 2 TASTE ROSS DICK.SORE TROAT ASS NIGGAZ ALWAYS ON ROSS POST. YALL PUNKS DNT EVEN BE IN DADE COUNTY.YALL SUM1 WHERE WIT THE WHITE FOLKS TRYIN 2 BE GANGSTAS. 187 ON YALL BITCHES.

  • creo


  • miami-LIL SHOTTA

    @ creo..fuck nigga why you MAD at the KID, I GET MY DICK SUX WHILE I’M SLEEPIN’ pussy Boy IF U NOW WAT I’M TALKIN’ BOUT…Don’t talk like U now ME pussy…ASK UR BITCH ABOUT ME,I’M DA TYPE A NIGGA THAT breaks up A HAPPY HOME… zoomzoomdad-otis aka creo

  • smfh

    this is dope

  • creo

    Lil gay shotta u must work at the mmg mailroom. Trying 2work ur way up 2 holding ross nuts at the show. U in gaytian mafia keep work hard n the mailroom 1day u be promoted 2 holding ross nuts when they cold. Pussy nigga lying like u get pussy. Man pussy is what u getting fag

  • creo

    Lil bitch shotta u is a kid. Ross got u working n the mailroom For them fake rocks he be sellin. Slaving for swiggle rocks

  • creo

    Lil bitch shotta how u a gangsta wit a ross ankle tat lol

  • miami-LIL SHOTTA

    I can’t take you serious my brother,you don’t sound like U from the GHETTO da bottom the struggle (white boy)…You need to learn how to read an write to comprehend the words that are comin’ out of my mouth MF # I will take ur bitch if U have any BATTY BOY

  • miami-LIL SHOTTA

    @CREO…yo ma nigga my bitch just read ur comments…she told me you the type of NIGGA she makes SUX her pussy all night..I’M A REAL MF I DON’T EAT OFF NO PLATE an SHE STILL AT MY SIDE CAUSE SHE KNOW WAT REAL KILLERS DO an DON’T #suck pussy boy

  • Shamba Menelek

    Shit is Fire.. The Video is nIce too..Yall look out for Death is a Promise Life is a Gift.

  • http://www.MotaHipHop.com MotaHipHop.com

    Rozay ain’t letting these bloggers rest! Damn 3 videos, 3 songs, couple of announcements in 48 hours! SHIT!

  • atown don

    Get em Rozay!!! MMG owns the Summer once again!

  • DoctorX

    Ross is getting better !!! its starting to grow on me ! im a rapper to trying to mix this new school thing like mac miller sort of vibes with some old school type beats and old school vibes to check it out f you d think you d like it and you ve got a few secs to spare

  • TecOneNyc

    Kanye killed 50 cent RAP career!!
    On to the next one

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    side bithces remain annonymous

  • http://www.twitter.com/chad_law Chad Law

    Yeah this shit bangs. Anything J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League really is a go. Ain’t no way around that.

  • MoOo

    Rozay these the kind of super classic songs we like please keep it up this way

  • King

    @ZoomZoom still mad Game murdered G-Unit…Ha!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @King. Game aint murdered G-Unit, you dumbass. G-Unit is alive and well. 50, Tony Yayo and Banks are all coming back this summer, and they gonna make history one more time. I guarantee 50 will push a milli first week. He’s doing phenomenal music.