• The Wise

    Thrift shop is not hip hop..wtf these guys are not hip hop…consider them pop acts an ill e fine with it…jay-z eminem,nas,big,tupac, these are hip hop artists

  • it’s the roc

    if macklemore and ryan lewis weren’t popular, you would never call their music pop. i don’t get some of you people. is j.cole pop for making work out? is jay z pop for making young forever? where is this line you draw that distinguishes hip hop and pop? pop encompasses ALL forms of music and musicians from david guetta to mariah carey to macklemore. that doesnt mean they aren’t house, r&b, and hip hop artists respectively.

  • Judo

    This is Pop to the fullest. The difference with Jcole and Mack is Jcole has a respected Hip Hop catalog. I have never heard of Macks music until now so I cant say hes been doing hip hop music since he got in the game. For all we know Mack may really be a Pop artist who labeled himself hip hop. That alone doesnt mean ur hip hop. The people decide if ur hip hop or not. If hip hop accepted every artist who labeled themselves hip hop Vanilla Ice would still be tryin to rap. Macks cool, I just wish Rap Radar got off his nuts. Hes not Hip Hop hes Pop. The funny thing about Hip hop is that hes still accepted but when u try and say hes running hip hop thats where the line gets drawn. *coughs* Kendrick Lamar

  • Chad Law

    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis pwn, stop going against their movement because it’s the “cool thing” to not like them. Don’t be ignorant about it.

  • Karate Kick Miguel

    Can’t stand these dudes! It’s total disrespect to call them Hip Hop! Hiiyaa!

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  • shuturdumbassup

    R u guys fucking stupid. This is hip hop. They’re not making drug/stripper records so they’re not hip hop. They’re making layered instrumentals using live instruments while writing their own songs which are in the hip hop/rap genre. If just because they’re making music that is lar and a wide ranged audience can fuck with it and you’re calling them pop ur fucking stupid and probably a low educated mf. A bunch of hip hop legends have had multiple hits off of one album. Did they have records they completely believed in. Does macklemore and Ryan lewis? Shut the fuck up then. It’s not about riding nuts its about giving credit where its due and also having the ability to form a non bias and intellectual perspective. I know those are things most of u dumb fucks can’t do. Fuck outta here

  • the more ya know…

    “so I cant say hes been doing hip hop music”… therefore you know not of what you speak.

    Mack has been always been hip hop, his last album was released 2005 “Language of My World” and he released “The Unplanned Mixtape” 2009.

    You don’t have to like his flow but he’s not pop.

  • #TheOnlyThingMissingInThat…

    The only thing missing in that Video is B-dot sucking Macklemore’s dick under the table