• Gambino

    B. Dot luhhhhhhh dis

  • edi


  • LuxuryRap

    at least you got a Kanye tribute in the magazine…interested to see that

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  • Facts

    yo mac where you at ? I’m too lazy to type it

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  • Dashing

    “Ruling the hip hop nation?”

    That’s a bit of a stretch, isn’t it. What’s their radio play like on hip hop stations? Isn’t that like saying that Flo Rida is ruling hip hop cause he has tons of hits that have gone multiplatinum?

    Don’t get me wrong. I think they’re both talented and have written some good songs, but they are not ruling hip hop or even representing hip hop.

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  • Chris

    @Dashing you’re a fucking moron and you swear you know what your talking when it comes to the music business.

    Florida has a record label. these guys are doing WITHOUT deal. Indpendently. Mack and Ryan are hip-hop whether you want to admit it or not. Thirft Shop is at like 6 million! Who else has done that?!

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  • @Chris You are misinformed bruh. They aren’t fully “independent” on some Master P in trunk shit in the 90s. Do your research.

    “The truth is that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis hired a company to help them get their music into stores. That company, Alternative Distribution Alliance, is an arm of Warner Music Group, one of the most major of the major labels.”


  • Dashing

    @Chris, you obviously didn’t understand a damn thing I said.

    Props to them for their sales and for their independent label hustle. If it’s about giving them props for their grind then SALUTE. I RESPECT THEIR GRIND. Their hustle is REAL and it worked! No Label backing and radio success! Unbelieveable! Hurray!!!

    (Ok, now that that’s said I’ll move to my point)

    The sound that they make is not hip hop. Neither is Flo Rida, or a Pit Bull. And they don’t represent hip hop. 6 million sales or 20 million sales or whatever. Vanilla Ice sold millions of records. So did MC Hammer. They were people who rapped and made a ton of money but they don’t represent the culture nor “rule it.” You want to put MM and RR on the cover of Rolling Stone or Spin or Billboard, cool? Even Respect is fine, but calling them “ruling the hip hop nation” is just not accurate. “Ruling the charts” would be accurate.

  • Chris

    @Dashing what makes them not hip-hop?Cause their white?

    I hear their music on BOTH hot 97 and z100. They know how to make songs that CROSSOVER. Unlike those backpack losers action bronson and joey sad ass u constantly big up.
    I saw b-dot say sumfin not too long ago about that. They NEED distribution. Even if you sell music on iTunes you NEED a distributor. Just so happens that distributor is apart of Warner.
    They are indie.

  • Pete from Harlem

    @Dashing: I also salute their hustle and their grind.

    I would like to hear your take on what defines Hip Hop for you.

  • Leon Sandcastle

    “Joey sad ass”

    Lmao. Classic.

  • B.Dot

    LOL. the music is kinda sad.

  • Nathaniel

    exactly, my nigga. you know what… i think “the trick” here, is YN and B.Dot want to expand their brands and bring a real representation of black youth culture TO mainstream america… through their coverage and cheerleading of macklemore, but this time, the exact opposite is going to happen. i think niggas will finally get the picture when they sweep the grammys entire hip hop category, including best album over kendrick’s joint. then these “types” will be get it when the entire hip hop community throws a fit. “who the fuck is macklemore?” even with all these millions sold. we’ll SEE that shit ain’t as ‘integrated’ into american pop culture as niggas think. we’re supposed to change america into us, not be culturally appropriated and warped by america. they don’t see it. that’s what macklemore is.

    dashing isn’t addressing what you responded to. he’s saying hip hop culture… the streets… are nearly oblivious to the existence of macklemore. why? because the music he’s making–for whatever reason–seems to appeal to a segment of white suburbia that is foreign to “us,” and thus, it doesn’t represent OUR culture. even though he’s rapping. even the black eyed peas rapped… so did fred durst & limp bizkit.

    thank you, bruh. it almost seems like that’s a factor that a lot of these industry characters are neglecting, purposely, as they force macklemore on people who just don’t give a fuck. even YN… his readership doesn’t listen to macklemore. but watch how many first time RESPECT. buyers (that the magazine probably doesn’t even circulate in their communities) are going to find a way to cop because of this cover.

  • @Chris outside of the “independent” talk lets talk about rap my dude. Whats so crazy about him lyrically. Most people I know that listen to dude know two songs and its really the hook which is two different black dudes signing. Lets be real for a moment…

  • Chris

    If you listened to only “thrift shop” than you’d probably say that. Check out “Jimmy Iovine”

    They make SONGS and that’s what counts. Period.


    Here we go, another mack post about how he isn’t hip hop because he is white or because he isn’t the “right kind of white” or because he has mainstream appeal.

    none of you minded when rappers started singing love songs or faking their voices with autotune. none of you minded when rappers were selling out their own mommas to get on MTV and BET.

    but everyone gets real offended when a team of white dudes disrupt the hip hop status quo.

    i hate this talk about race, but it always comes up. the fact of the matter is, mack got better lyrics than most current rappers. this isn’t about skin color, it is about lyricism and meritocracy. these dudes are making hip hop music that is deserving of their success. leave all the hate, jealousy and racism at the door, recognize the music.

  • @Chris I just listened to it. This is fire to you? And lets not get it twisted I am not an authority to anything or anyone but myself. But this is what I’m asking? I get the concept of the song and I hear what he’s trying to say but that doesn’t mean he’s saying it in a dope or interesting way.

  • @Stinkmeaner I am not saying its not Hip Hop I am saying it isn’t the illest Hip Hop out by a mile long. Sales aren’t the meter for quality. If so then blockbuster movies would win all the academy awards.

  • B.Dot

    Basically what @Stinkmeaner said

  • Dashing

    @Chris and Stinkmeaner, it’s not about a racial thing. Slug, Action Bronson, Em, Paul Wall,Yelawolf, Mac Miller, RA the Rugged Man, Bubba Sparxx, Statik Selektah etc. are all hip hop.
    And calling it racial is to try to dismiss everything valid I (and Nathaniel) am saying. Same shit applies to Flo Rida, Pitbull, Black Eyed Peas…fun songs, sells a lot, not hip hop.

    @Pete from Harlem. Read what Nathaniel said. I co-sign 1000%.

    It’s funny that people shit on Joey and Action cause they don’t make “hit records” and have poppy choruses. So what? You want that pop shit? It’s literally everywhere else. Go to the radio, or 106th and Park and enjoy that. Funny thing is they they haven’t sold records like Macklemore but people REALLY FUCKIN feel their music, not just a couple of songs. They’re independent TOO. And have amassed legions of hip hop fans that really love them. Their shit is organic and not formulaic and speaks to the streets. That’s what the foundation of hip hop is built on. And B.Dot shits on them for what reason I don’t know. (“he’s always off beat” oh word? I guess literally every hip hop head and producer that feels him must just appreciate off beat rap)Meanwhile mediocre rappers, who can make a catchy hook don’t get any negative feedback. Just heavy coverage.

    And miss me with that “hating” shit. No one is hating. My niece loves “Thrift Shop” and I fuxx with “Cant Hold Us” when I’m out getting my drink on. I’m just saying it’s not hip hop nor “ruling hip hop.”

  • @Stinkmeater I care not about his race. I’m talking about skill level in my opinion. Eminem is nice, so is Rittz, Yelawolf, Bronson. they’ve all drop records/albums I thought were fire. I am talking about making really dope records with dope rap lines all in it. The funny thing is this same argument could be made for Flo-Rida just @Dashing said earlier, shit even Pitbull today. These songs that have catapulted them to stardom but are arguably the worst “Hip Hop” songs they’ve produced in there careers. Its funny how you say someones not dope and you immediately lean to racism as a default instead of someone having a viable opinion on the talent level of the person in question.

  • Sam

    Man so many people are misinformed here. The ADA is an independent distribution company and the only reason they used it is so they could meet the demands. Also, just because a hip hop song is a crossover hit doesn’t make it not hip hop. I like Joey Bada$$ but that doesn’t mean I can’t like Macklemore. Right now they are on pace for The Heist to hit Platinum before Kendrick Lamar’s album. Otherside, Same love, Make the money are other good songs by them. Just a bunch of people afraid of a couple white independent dudes chaning the status quo.

  • Chris

    It’s funny that people shit on Joey and Action cause they don’t make “hit records” and have poppy choruses. So what? You want that pop shit? It’s literally everywhere else. Go to the radio, or 106th and Park and enjoy that. Funny thing is they they haven’t sold records like Macklemore but people REALLY FUCKIN feel their music, not just a couple of songs.
    BWHAHAHAH. Where at?! Not new york. This is the music business bro. People want music they can vibe, drive, and party too. No one wants to hear that lyrical myrical bullshit. B-dot’s right. Son be off beat like a muthafucka. That’s why they will forever be underground bums.

  • @Chris too many people talk about the business of music and not the music itself. Only people that should watch soundscan are those who have a vested interest in sales.

  • Del

    hmmmm… they ain’t really ruling the “Hip Hop” nation though

  • Chris

    @Goat obviously those guys aren’t making the RIGHT music to break out underground. Their music sounds like it belongs in 1991

  • I hate when people say hip hop is supposed to have a specific sound. It’s about self expression – telling your own story. Y’all really want every rapper to tell the same story and cater to the same audience?? Skill is the ONLY that should matter and Mack & Ryan have an organic sound with socially conscious lyrics. They cover topics such as human rights, equality, and materialism. So what it’s not boom bap enough! Hip-hop can change the world if you backpackers stop trying to limit it.

  • Chris

    while y’all debate whether or not mack or ryan are hip-hop, they are breaking records and experiencing mainstream success. clearly ur opinions don’t count

  • @Chris as I said before I wasn’t debating if he is or isn’t Hip Hop I was just stating the argument of how ill the duo is in the genre of Hip Hop Music.

  • Nathaniel

    because we’re so ashamed to use the term “BLACK,” we’ve learned a new method for describing shit we author and originate, so terms like “urban” or “the streets” or “THE people” have replaced what at the end of the day is just black.

    so i’ll make this brief. you can rap… even aaron carter rapped, but to be hip hop? how can you be hip hop if that black man and woman in the many black communities all over america isn’t VISIBLY affected by, influenced by, inspired by, your music and brand. period. that’s where it starts and ends.

    i know many of you white listeners and posters remain anonymous, and bring your opinions to the internet. you don’t want Black ownership of anything on the planet. deep down, even in your subconscious. i know. and i’m not mad at that. even some of you white-minded black people. you hate chief keef, but you’ll say “man we gotta show the youth love so they wont be so destructive in the streets.” –like he ain’t a youth. then you say “it’s about how good his records are.” no nigga, it’s about the affect he has on the black youth of chicago, and his ability to touch something authentic in them. macklemore could sell another 10 million albums, and the masses of black people would STILL be waiting on that new kanye, cole, TDE, Future, MMG, even down to trinidad james and that ratchet shit he makes. it just is what it is. hip hop IS modern Black cultural expression, at it’s root.

    it’s sad that even black folks don’t want this to be the reality of things. y’all ought to know by now that corporations have been moving to take total control of hip hop, trying to snuff out that subversive, anti-establishment spirit that’s tucked deep within the shit. now we’ve “poisoned” so many white kids over the past couple decades with our thinking, style, anger, desire to do for self, middle finget to white society, they’re trying to remake hip hop into a friendly, white-washed brand that they wont have to worry about “us” seeping into their communities. this is why they hate kanye, invite jay to the white house, get angry that he goes to cuba–even more angry when he doesn’t apologize but gives them the finger–thought they had hov. nope.

    to me, that’s what that deal macklemore made with warner represents. and he’s just the beginning. keep watching. disagree, fine. but y’all are stuck on mp3’s and concerts. i’m looking at the nature of THINGS in this country, and in the world.

  • Nathaniel

    and i know 85% of you will misinterpret all that. but i decided to gone head and say it. a message from the 5%.

  • NYC

    aint no one got time to read your fucking thesis homie.

  • mac DIESEL

    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis RESPECT. Cover






  • Judo

    This is not hip hop this is Pop. Lets just be honest about this. Hip hop is more than just record sales. Its about the affect you have on the black community. I mean after all this is a black thing whether you like it or not. What that saying when a black family moves into a white neighborhood “Theres goes the neighborhood”. Mack is cool but dont force him on hip hop. The only people who feel like he is hip hop are BDot and Mack. Its a shame that BDot said he ruling hip hop. But what do you expect from a guy who still wears du rags in public.

  • O.G. Farrakhan

    I luh my Hip Hop artists Black. White music just ain’t for me. Listenin’ to white hip hop artists is like rockin’ fake gear, no bueno. Give me that real black shit whit knowledge of self plus lil bit of coonery/ratchetness is sometimes good too. Black people please don’t let happen to hip hop what’s happened to rock n roll!!!

  • Sam

    Enough of this, it’s only hip-hop if it affects black people. Macklemore’s music could affect black people if they wanted to. A great example are the songs neon cathedrals, Otherside, starting over just to name a few. He talks about real shit like his addiction. He has two #1 hits on his debut album and his album is bout to go platinum. I don’t know how that isn’t ruling hip-hop. Some people forgot that Wayne was singing not too long ago, future sings but hey this guy is white so it isn’t hip hop. Chief Keef is terrible and is not a good influence on any culture where Macklemore is a Socially Conscious rapper that talks about real stuff

  • Judo

    The reason I dont like Macks music is more of the blog sites and hearing his songs on all these commercials. His music speaks to the white suburban kids who love hip hop and want to see a “positive” white hip hop artist. White America wants and needs Mack to take over hip hop but its not going to happen. Record sales dont mean ur running a genre of music. It just means you have more fans. Lyrically this guy wouldnt last against REAL hip hop artist.

  • http://www.vladtv.com/video/167518/exclusive-talib-kweli-on-white-male-privilege-eminem/

    Kweli hits the nail hard 100% about Macklemore’s success. Let’s face it, Macklemore aint ruling
    hip-hop especially with a commercially “POP” album. You can say about how he is real and he is talking about real issues but he is a white commercial rapper, the guy can say he supports Gay Marriage or how he buys shit from the Thrift Store till the cows come home and mainstream will eat it up even in hip-hop. Let A$AP or even Kanye say the same thing or even make the same album and see if they dont get labelled a faggot till the end of time. The fact remains he aint that independent and his skin colour gives him an advantage over a certain kind of hip-hop in the same way a black skin colour gives an advantage over certain kinds of hip hop. If anything I respect Mac Miller more than Macklemore cos he is fully independent yet very successful ( not platinum standards ) but successful none the less.

    FYI before you come at me for being a racist, step the fuck back cos I respect Macklemore and whether I like it or not he will be a superstar for a good while but im not fully gassed as Bdot and alot of you cos it’s not dat groundbreaking.

  • peter hahn

    yea, this is what the execs have been workin on for the past few years, whitin’ up hip hop along with skinny jeans, frank oceans faggot ass(so not hip hop) etc etc. man we need to save our culture from the evil execs, this ain’t hip hop, sorry.

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  • Karate Kick Miguel

    I don’t see any difference between these guys and Vanilla Ice. There, I said it. I freakin HATE Thrift Shop with a passion haha! I agree with the commenter who mentioned something about Macklemore sweeping the Grammys over Kendrick and how bloggers and so called “Hip Hoppers” will wake up then. Lets not let these white hip hop artists dictate what’s hot in our genre. keep it black.

  • Evil

    Wacklemore is corny as fuck.He makes kids music.
    Fuck outta here with “Ruling Hip Hop” Wacklemore only rules radio pop stations,nothing more

  • are they really in depend i dont believe it just like mac miller and back when drake dropped that tape he had deal with universal ….ps i dont like there music either i cosign the guy above and daredone

  • Dashing

    I remember hearing a convo with Ebro about how Hot97 didn’t support any NY artists that were coming up. Some young enterprising journalist from a well known rap blog discussed how radio needs to give upcoming artists a chance. Whatever happened to that guy? That couldn’t possibly be the same guy who consistently insults two of the biggest emerging acts to come out of NY with a truly NY sound, not attempting to sound like everyone else currently on the radio, do trap music, Wayne/Drake/Ross impersonations, and really making the kind of NY hip hop that inspired them and that paid no lip service at all to radio or record sales…

    ..when that clearly resonates with hip hop heads, both young and old, THAT’S notable. Making dance and EDM-inspired club records and getting hits out of them is not notable. It’s the easy route.

    Honestly, Joey and Action aren’t even my favorite shit, although I fuck with their mixtapes. I went to a Kendrick show where Joey showed up unannounced and EVERYONE knew the lyrics to his shit…And it fucking irks me when B.Dot shits on those authentically hip hop emerging acts(true underdogs), while heralding Macklemore. Most of his fans don’t listen to hip hop and can’t even name another song outside of Thrift Shop, Cant Hold Us, and Same Love. Particularly, cause B.Dot and RR is supposed to represent us. Those 15 year olds spitting “Summer Knights” at the top of their lungs. That’s us. Not the little girls singing the chorus to “Cant Hold Us”

    I actually own the Heist. I paid for it too. It’s not great, but it has some songs on it. (as an aside Castle has to be the whitest hip hop song ever and SchoolboyQ and Ab-Soul were not really used effectively but whatever…) Macklemore isn’t Vanilla Ice. He’s, by all accounts, a nice guy,a humble guy. And he’s talented. And can rap a little bit. Not a lot, but well enough. We can debate back and forth about how “hip hop” he is. But there are some things that we can’t argue.

    His music doesn’t speak to black people or the non-black hip hop heads (the Rosenbergs out there). It just doesn’t. And neither does Flo Rida or Black Eyed Peas or Pitbull. And you know what? They don’t care. They created a formula that works commercially, clearly. They know who their audience is and it’s not traditional hip hop fans. And they say some positive, socially conscious things here and there as well, but they’re known for their fun, light poppy music.

    The artists who are the best at crossing into the mainstream while still maintaining a hip hop audience are OutKast, Kanye, Jay-z, Drake, Eminem, Fugees etc. They’ve all sold a lot of records, but still made music that spoke to the origins of where the music came from. It has nothing to do with being hard or not singing. Some of the artists I’ve mentioned sing, write love songs, conscious songs etc. Has nothing to do with race. Luda’s record with Usher and David Guetta a’int hip hop either, neither was “Starships”

    And on “Starships”, why did that shit cause so much of a stir? Cause Rosenberg was right at the end of the day. And Nicki admitted as much by saying that she’s going back to making hip hop for her next album. Despite the massive sales of that pop bullshit. Cause it didn’t resonate with “her people” and her people are hip hop heads. And black people.

    If I’m wrong, ask Ebro why he didn’t ask Macklemore to headline Summer Jam? His singles outsold Kendrick, Meek, French, Wu, ASAP, everybody up there. And they’re still on the charts….

    Think about how out of place he would be on stage next to Kendrick, ASAP, and Meek Mill.

    Meanwhile Em or Action Bronson(or even Papoose) would fit right in…

    I’m not hating. I’m just saying you can’t “rule the hip hop nation” when you’re not even in the hip hop discussion, when you’re not really considered part of the culture. And he isn’t.

  • Phyucku Dusumtin

    Them dudes is ruling “ya’ll” nation; the nation of sellouts, house ninjas with no morals nor principles. It aint hip hop. Next year ya’ll have Riff Raff on the cover with the same heading. Ya’ll part of the problem and ya’ll know it. Untuck ya’ll balls and stand for the real

  • toad3527

    seatown stand up!

  • Pete from Harlem

    @ Dashing: You just hit the nail right on the head with that last sentence.

    “I’m just saying you can’t ‘Rule the Hip Hop Nation’ when you’re not even in the Hip Hop discussion,when you’re not really considered part of the culture.”

    Well said,Sir.

    Well said,indeed.

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  • Nathaniel

    Dashing said it. straight truth.

  • reggie

    so what would they have to to do to be considered “hip- hop”? The hip hop experts such as this magazine recognize them as hip- hop. They got rave reviews for their debut album The Heist from hip- hop journalists , but yet to some their still not hip- hop…. hmmmmm interesting plight. I am not an expert, but I’m going to have to side with the experts on this one.

  • Judo

    @ Reggie…So you ur siding with the experts huh? You obviously cant think for yourself. Make your own decision about someones project. If its a hit to the critics but sucks to a hip hop fan is the expert right merely because hes an expert. Experts speak with their own opinions just like hip hop fans and in my opinion I dont think hes hip hop. Hes way more Pop.

  • Del

    Macklemore is Hip Hop,but he isn’t “ruling” it… that’s a false statement.

  • eyesopen

    those that have never been anywhere outside their city have no clue how white america works….they study our culture from the style to the talking and dig deep into the mind of blacks because historically we focused on the Small shit. answer this ? eminem was the only white boy on the mic for 10yrs strait and the labels watched him thrive and saw white kids flock and buy his 80 million albums. 13 yrs later we have how many white rappers? yall better wake up these motherfuckers (white) people have been fuckin over races and cultures for thousands of yrs elvis was the first, adele out here singing our music justin timberlake and robin thicke are singing soul music and usher making techo bull shit. these 2 white boys cannot influence the richest nigga because fundamentally and economically he is a nigger in their eyes. what black women/girl can relate to a trailer trash ratchet white girl like iggy zalea or kreashawn? white people know nothing about struggle or survival in 6yrs rap music will be dominated by white….trust and believe labels are ooking for a group of white boys to re create black hippy, slaughterhouse, outkast shit even one thugs I thank god for the 90’s cuz its going down hill after 2015 and eventually they will kill ye and jay after those 2 what other black artist has such dominance in rap/hip hop? yall better enjoy those niggas while they hear….u see what happened to all the big’s and that zulu black panther we know as pac….r.i.p hip hop rap voice of the voiceless music

  • oh well

    Peat and repeat same argument different decade. Will Smith wasn’t real hip, Outkast wasn’t real hip hop, Southern rappers weren’t real hip hop, Eminem wasn’t real hip and the list goes on.

    Black people are not the only fans buying Kendrick Lamar’s album and white people are not the only fans buying Macklemore’s album. Most of us bought both that’s why they have the numbers because nothing else has been worth paying $$ for and seriously you’re afraid of one white indie rapper.

    Macklemore has a hip hop following and two singles off his album doesn’t make the album pop. The fans who are paying to see Kendrick on tour are paying to see Macklemore as well. It’s not an either or thing. I buy trap music and I like it but it doesn’t mean I want to stay in the trap.

  • thEnd







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  • insightful discussion needs a litmus test when it comes to HIP HOP
    ruling hip hop? YES . my 11 year old is rapping the words to thrift shop with her friends, youre telling me that’s not the same as some middle schoolers ten years ago reciting hi my name is bc they saw the video?

    the white /black thing is a DEAD horse, why fight what is meant to overcome the stereotypes? especially the HOMO /NO HOMO EMO/no Emo pop/not rap pins you are trying to place on this donkey ass of an argument.

    its stupid to see “hip hop” come full circle in seattle from mix a lot only to have yall compare mack to vanilla ice. ben is honest about addiction family relationships, commercialism,socialism, all of it.
    why is he fake?

    just because most of the people now adays cant be honest with them selves let alone a group of people they know and most of all strangers in public. when you work hard and its legit IT PAYS OFF. and for these guys it has, fundamentally changed the hip hop landscape with how many weeks thrift shop sat at number one over on the r&b charts, watch your mouth cant hold us *might break the record.

    look the album is DOPE, funky, EDGY, and a sign of the times ……if you don’t like it get a delorean and fly back to 98 and enjoy the golden era one more time, but you will just look like and asshole because that was 15 years ago.

    old and busted ——— make way for the new hotness

    if you hate him now, just wait he aint stopping and his stock is rising more than google

    whatever yall more pop rappers will be coming out and it will be crossover hell while tru to the art of the five branches of hip hop tree will also bloom, lose its colors, go thru a cold winter spell and bloom to your respective tastes soon enough

    says a thirty y/o white guy from seattle