• D Twice

    “Do I enjoy dropkicking women??? …FUCK YEAH!!!”

  • Rozay

    ⇈ Lol

  • Anthony D

    Miguel whats the tittle of your next album?
    Miguel: “Finally Famous-er”

    When is it dropping?
    Miguel: “At my next concert”

  • Black Shady

    June 18th!! Cole bout to drop the best album on this day. watch!!!

    born sinner!

  • ck

    first comment made my day

  • King of swag

    j.cole is overrated thats why hov dont claim him he will never be better than drake

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  • haha

    J. cole is better than drake lol drake said j cole is his favourite rapper

  • Dub town

    Y’all post an r&b nigga tryin to talk like Einstein with a piano playin with blackn white still shots as a post???? That light skin shit I guess


    1st comment is probably one of the funniest comments ive seen on here in awhile. GOOD ONE n THANKS

  • AyYyyy

    Born Sinner Review:
    1. Villuminati A- // This is vintage Cole, real hunger rap with good worldplay over an up tempo beat. I really like the strings too. Good way to start the album.
    2. Skit
    3. Land of Snakes C // Samples OutKasts ‘Da. Art of Storytellin part 1′ and fails. Essentially made the same beat over just not as good. Lyrically average, nothing special.
    4. Power Trip: A- // We’ve all heard it before, good choice for a single, great beat and feature.
    5. Mo Money Interlude C // Short interlude with looped synthy beat, not very impressive. Subject matter discusses how money rules everything.
    6. Trouble C // A decent song, decent beat and lyrics but Cole singings just sounds forced and not good.
    7. Runaway B- // Really nice beat, lyrics and concept but Cole singing the hook again is both hard to listen to and boring, kind of reminds me of Mos Def singing just not as good, lol.
    8. She Knows B- // Average beat and lyrics but Cole ONCE AGAIN tries to sing and IT DOESNT WORK. Tracks 6-8 in my opinion are all basically the same song.
    9. Rich Niggaz B // Nice beat and concept, altho I think the drums are a little weak. Vintage Cole rapping from both his and someone else’s perspective.
    10. Skit
    11. Forbidden Fruit B+ // Uses same sample as Tribes Electric Relaxation but he makes his own and it works. Concept is good and lyrics also. I understand that he wanted to be the only rapper on the album but a Kendrick verse wouldve helped. Kendrick on the hook works good tho.
    12. Chaining Day B // Typical Cole sampled beat, reminds me of songs like ‘Autograph’. Concept is cool, but repetitive in terms of discussing vanity and past Cole songs. Sings the hook again but doesn’t sounds as bad. The beat switch and breakdown towards the end threw me off a little tho.
    13. Aint That Some shit (Interlude) D // Probably the worst track on the album. Really annoying beat IMO. Lyrics are really average and basically talks about nothing but fucking bitches.
    14. Crooked Smile A- // Another good single with a good message and feature.
    15. Let Nas Down B+ // This is the best ‘storytelling’ song on the album. Nice beat, production seems to be No I.D inspired and overall a good song.
    16. Born Sinner B // Just a really solid song. Nice cole beat with a good balance of drums synths and live instrumentation. The feature is nice too.
    Overall Im a bit disappointed with this album. In terms of lyrical content and subject matter there really was hardly and progression. I was anticipating a big improvement in production but for me it didn’t really show. The middle of the album is kind of a drag but he picks it up towards the end. It does seem this time around Cole got his singles right! But as far as the rest of the album its really just pretty average. I consider myself a big J. Cole fan and was hoping for more but for me it came up short.