• Kiss always gives a dope 16 for a feature but his albums are a let down to what they could be.

    He always got the flavors of the month a song for the ladies the south the west etc.

  • Rozay

    Kiss needs to think outside of the box and quit thinking with a hood mentality….he’s damn near forty and basically he’s in the same spot he was in in 2005…he he doesn’t deliver on this album how can he be considered top 5 dead or alive without any classic albums…he will be forever remembered as that dude who was nice on the mic but never lived up to his potential, similar to an athlete.

  • Mii o il

    He’s the josh smith of rap!

  • brza

    one of my favorite emcees. hope this album does well.

  • ugh

    Amazing rapper…. but………….. same repetitive content………. = boring

  • Marko-V

    You know why Kiss hasn’t made a classic? Cuz he doesn’t have a production team or at least a singular producer keepin the theme of his albums tight. He makes dope songs even with repetitve content and yet the albums are not replay worthy cuz it’s not tightly woven. Even Nas had Large Pro on Illmatic and Stillmatic, and Trackmasters on It Was Written (my favorite) oh and No I.D. and Salem Remi on Life Is Good. With outside production comes a variety of sounds and that nucleus is needed to hear what belongs and what doesn’t belong on an album. Every classic album had that singular production style so Kiss needs to lock in with someone and start makin an album and not them joints for everybody else,


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  • tglory

    yo jada big boy shit is hot nice ridin song