• SMH!!!

  • Rozay

    Can I get a you played yourself for this nigga Nelly…he would sell his momma for a check. first that bullshit with Tim Mcgraw now this…He can’t get in front of the grammy stage so he gets his cheers from where ever he can….he went from tip drill with the ass credit card pos machine to this fuckery, he is the epitome off sellout.

  • Boom

    I hate all of you closed minded coons! Hip hop has been in various genres for years now. It’s no different than Snoop Dogg doing records with Katy Perry or Willie Nelson. Or Kanye doing records with Levine/Coldplay. Step the fxck out that box. Nelly is doing the right thing w/ this hot record! F the dumb shxt.

  • CBH

    How did he play himself? I want to know EXACTLY what makes this selling out in your opinion. Nothing wrong with expanding and growing as an artist.

    While this isn’t my taste in music, I give Nelly credit for actually…I don’t know, performing?!? No rapping over the song, but actually performing it. I wish the Summer Jam crowd was as energetic as this one, real talk.

  • MaaD kid GooD city

    DAMN, Nelly is ripped! (All Homo)

  • AP

    Nelly isn’t hip hop

  • Jeezy

    Nelly man u didnt learn yo lesson from tht wack ass tim mcgraw song that was career suicide??? Man i guess the country grammar $$$ has dried up so anything now for a check! Damn Son… I guess thts why you become the biggest dick rider in history stay yo ass off T I show Family Hustle & do yo own shit lame ass nigga!

  • CBH

    @Boom Great point, it is no different!

  • mac DIESEL

    Nelly “Cruise (Remix)” At CMT Awards





  • Rozay

    @ Boom

    you can’t compare this with Kanye doing records with Adam Levine or Coldplay, and yes Snoop is a sellout too, Country music is rooted with racial undertones, all I think about from Country music is a bunch of Nascar fans who don’t like black people, maybe not all of them but come on let’s be real here….country music? other than Charley Pride how many black Country artist have there ever been?and don’t say that nigga from Hootie and the Blowfish either. My dad told me a story about a time he was watching Charley Pride performing on TV at a country event and he said that you could have dropped a cotton ball on the stage and heard it from the silence in the room. racist shit

  • Boom

    @Rozay… Your argument is comparing apples to oranges. How can I not compare Kanye or Snoop to Nelly’s collabo? All are OUTSIDE of hip hop music. Nelly has sold over 50 million records. I highly doubt that he’s doing something “for a check.” Your own “closed minded” view of country music is the reason why a lot of Hip Hop fans will never prosper to view artistry outside of beats and rhymes. This isn’t the 70’s. Country, rap, and rock have merged for years. You’re assuming what the population of one genre [country] looks like. Just like some white folks may assume that [rap] consists of only black kids w/ baggy clothes and gold grills. When in fact, the biggest supporter of the genre are white suburban kids. Again, your argument isn’t valid. Nelly, Kanye, Snoop, 50, etc. are going outside the box. You can’t stay stuck in the hip hop lane forever. Are they not supposed to do commercials, endorsements, etc. either? Let them be great!

  • Jav

    Nelly is a legend, people now a days just don’t appreciate him but it’s just the way he evolved. Plus if you have ever seen his behind the music episode you guys wouldn’t stay hating. He’s been through shit. Props to Nelly for finding a way to stay relevant.

  • Rozay

    White suburban kids aren’t listening to country, the poor trashy ones are, not talking about the Taylor Swifts of the works and a few others which their music can be considered pop as well, and as far as Snoop goes he is a sellout because whenever you see him talking to someone who is white and he is on their program he always has to shuck and jive with that fo shizzle dizzle garbage, instead being a man and saying he is not ther to do that he always entertains them with the coonery, 50 benefited from Eminems fan base because he was under the Shady/aftermath umbrella, so those first few albums were gonna sell regardless, when people decided to smarten up he was already rich at that point, nelly may have sold a lot of records but guess what so did TLC and Mary J blige, means nothing, the bottom line is no matter how you try to spin it is this is some sellout bullshit. when in hip hop has this ever been accepted? show me some facts please.

  • Leanin’

    @Boom Thank u for Schooling these niggaz!! Niggaz is STUCK in the PAST! FOH! Nelly did his thing. He was THE ONLY rapper performing at the CMT Awards..Thats BIG $$$$!! ha!

  • Jeezy

    Nelly lame ass fuck! Nigga aint no legend!! Get the fuck outta here

  • Evil

    Nelly stays falling off.And dont bring up that Legend shit cause he`s far from that.

  • AP

    Comparisons between Nelly/Tim McGraw and Kanye/Levine are stupid, Heard Em Say = classic, Nelly’s was some wack ass crap

  • prai$e

    lol @ the breakdancers and the graffiti in the background.

  • I like the cross collaborations

    I for one, and yes I am black, have been listening to country music for over a decade now. I like musical cross collborations whether its Nelly and FL GA Line or Santana and Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 on Smooth or Sting and that Arab guy on the Desert Rose song. It is so self limiting to live in the past 24/7. That’s like not reading now because we were denied the right and ability to read in the past.

    Yes, country music has not been kind to black artists in the past but if black folks don’t stand up and change it black folks don’t and won’t get counted. Just like Rosa Parks, somebody has to be at the forefront of a change. So be it Darius Rucker, Nelly, Rissi Palmer or LL Cool J I am happy to see us blazing new trails and making people stand up and notice as we do it.

  • blow

    i don’t understand how some of yall niggas accept this super stupid fuckery type shit but talk down on gucci and keef..smmfh

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  • Marko-V

    I wanted to hate on this so bad and say Nelly is trippin and agree that he is the poster child for selling out however, I saw nothing wrong with what he did. Actually I think he repped Hip-Hop better than an O.G. like LL did. I’m from St.Louis where the dissappointment in Nelly is shown on every corner so really its natural to say he’s wack and played out, yet this was pretty cool and judging from the audience reaction it might be a hit as well.


  • Megamind


    The Mind approves! School the coons! LOL
    Cat’s are beyond ignorant bro and I don’t suffer fools gladly.
    I don’t even attempt to argue or debate or enlightened a halfwit.

    Rock on bro!

  • naaah

    Trust, when the majority of country fans DONT like this shit, (the remix) its probably whack.

    Most are bitter this group or at least this song is getting noticed BECAUSE of nelly…

    like yall niggas defending this dont even know it was released almost a year ago.

    Florida Georgia Line are the smart artists branching out, and getting exposure. The single is Triple Platinum now.

    While Nelly has been an after thought since that last pop song in 2010

  • I think it’s a great remix,why do you even care so much what he does??All music should be enjoyed and this is a good song!!!
    Go listen to Jackel’s like a negro with DMC you might learn something fool!