• TheOne

    hot garbage

  • Extrememly HOT Garbage!!! I give it a 0 out of 10, expected more from Busta and Nicki, 2 of the best on one of the worst songs out this year!

  • TUV

    Big ups to Tosh (@Toshington) on the background vocals. She bout to blow

  • Chronic

    Am I the only one who can’t understand a single word except “twerk it”?

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ *dead*

  • bounce daddy

    terrible song

  • Hiswife

    Man…. I thought it was gonna be some popping off & I was underwhelmed… I needed more.

  • rz

    Busta Rhymes the biggest dick rider in the game he’s gonna try to get signed by TDE or MMG next year fuck this nigga

  • Danny F

    I guess since I’m trini I understand it and I love it and it’s just in time for carnival

  • brollya

    wow!! i hope pharell got his money for that beat already cuz it aint doin nothin… disgrace to hipo hop and reggae

  • Leanin’

    Ohhh YALL Niggaz don’t Like it? Well that means its gonna do GREAT!! hahaha!!!!

  • Erick P

    what happened to her trinidadian accent? this song reminds me of touch it the way it changes in the second half of each verse!

  • tha OG

    Bullshit music!!!!

  • PistolPistol

    Once heard was more than enough… No thanks

  • T


  • Tev Milli

    Forbidden Fruit>>>>…
    Thats all I have 2 say

  • King of swag

    nicki is the 6th greatest rapper in the game

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  • Normal

    If you think this is garbage. You have no life. This is DANCE music. Do you people even like women? LMAO

  • crysis

    lol WTF did i just listen to. no wait i shut it off at 5 seconds. hot garbage is right.

  • the brain trust

    Instead of apologising for assaulting our ears, Busta decided to remix this triddash?

    @ Normal

    Comments like yours appear on the regular & are always nonsensical.

    How exactly would a functioning individual dance to this? Unless you call going into an epileptic fit ‘dancing’.

    And since when did niggas have to like garbage music in order to be attracted to women?

  • Yeezus Christ

    everything is horrible

  • Troofas

    They think they can just put out bad music now and fool us?smh! We made these fuckers rich for nothing!!!

  • Not bad !!!!!! ……… Good song

  • kayandgee

    will be surprise hit of the summer,already making waves in london clubs and radio

  • Evil

    worst song of the year,hands down

  • Evil

    worst song of 2013

  • Nickey Black



  • Push For Life

    It’s a good club song ,something to watch the big booty hoes dance to. This is one of those songs you can’t think to much about as far as lyrics and all. This is just something to have fun too in the clubs and it’s for the ladies—Stop thinking so deep into it grab you a chick and a drink and let it play.

  • Peekay


  • Black Shady

    Hot garbage indeed


  • this music is for real puzsi liking niggas all u gay ass eaters of course ur not gonna like it cuz the beat isn’t going a billion times per second

  • brollya

    now we gotta hear people talkin bout we dont get hoes and party jus cuz busta rhymes jus put out this bullshit….. niggaz a say anythin to persuade us dis is hot…. busta rhymes and nicki minaj are “rap artists”, they aRE not sean paul and sasha… so wat ya sayin is irrelevant. its jus wack, face it…

  • As Real As It Gets

    Cross between Pop that and Freaks. Love French Montana nuff Busta??? Not even nicki could save this but I don wanna see the video.

  • ANT


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  • Normal

    @NoBraintrust How intelligent are you? This is a club song, sex song, dance song. So women can’t twerk to this? Oh wait you don’t care cause you don’t like women right. This isn’t a song that you listen to for lyrics OBVIOUSLY. I swear you people ruin EVERYTHING. Listen to the SIMPLE words and understand the SIMPLE objective. Have fun and go dance with some women. Enjoy your life

  • This is a lousy song! I think this is the lousiest song busta has ever done, and for nicki half of your music shit is lousy too.

  • changeclothz

    lol busta is a bigg joke nw

  • Truth Will Out

    It a fun joint. Like the Fat Boyz and others, Hip Hop has always had fun shit. Calm down or just change the station when it comes on. My head will be bobbing while you change the station to some hardcore lyrical shit, and I’m an old hip hop head. You niggas and white boys need some levity in your life. Sadly, black people cannot have fun while rapping anymore, but if Eminem did this exaxct same joint, put on a superman suit and died his hair purple 8 out of 10 of ya’ll would be calling it a whitty masterpiece.

    Calm des Fuck Down!

    Can we have some fun please? smdh.

    —Truth Will Out

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  • brittbtrattzx

    GrOOvY keep it kumn its jus muzxic if u dont lyk it go to da NEXT..why u making it so complicated its EAZzy…lol

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  • Jesse

    Yeah —This shit is HOTT!!! — love all the dime store music real hip hop wanna critics— who think they sound smart by saying this style of music is not relevant… CANT WAIT TILL the VIDEO… Better yet i cant till i got some stripper sucks my dick as i blow a sweet to this banging in the background at the hotel we in… !!!

  • Mahmood

    well.. i did not understand a word.. cause i dont understand the accent.. but that doesnt mean its a bad song lmao