• JOHNYblaze


  • PistolPistol

    Gonna b worth the wait?…

  • rahrahrah

    That’s that fire..write lightning.

  • Tooldforrap

    rae killed it

  • PistolPistol

    That beat was made for kwon

  • Set303

    Rae killing shit as always. He has a timeless flow.

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  • The entire album is fire.

  • asmodeus ashmadi

    Yeah but its a dam shame how much raekwon copied nas style. and no matter how nice he is u know who fathered his whole flow! but the chef my nigga though…

  • JOHNYblaze

    album is def sounding official, def cop.

    ^^^i dont think he bit nas really, thats the first time i ever hear such opinion, but i can somewhat what u mean, but hes 15+ in the game holding his own uniquley so its good!

  • How Wonderful…


  • How u diss rae then dick ride him. Bitch nigga statements smh foh


    damn son what ta fuck

  • lilrizq

    Raekwon’s been rapping like this ever since the “36 chambers” dropped in ’93… 1 year before Nas dropped “Illmatic”(1994). So how is The Chef taking Nas’ style. They both sound completely different because in the mid 80’s and 90’s era… biting was not allowed, unlike today where everyone is trying to sound like Kanye West.

  • 85

    damn son. shit is legit