Foxy Brown On The Combat Jack Show

HOT 97 Summer Jam XX

All ears were tuned in to The Combat Jack Show with guest star, Foxy Brown. Below is a synopsis of what you missed.

“Foxy did this. Foxy did that.” There’s been mad talk about the Ill Na Na since like forever, and while ya’ll keep staying with your face in her puss, I guarantee you ain’t ever hear Foxy talk in first person like this. From her pops bouncing when she was 4 years old, to dating Haitian Jack at 14, her and Jay Z moving from the bench to the studio to the top, getting sucker punched with the deafness, her relationship with Nicki Minaj, that bid in jail.. I put money on it that this is the realest shit she ever spoke. She took all your shots and now she’s firing back. You think she can’t hear you? You’re about to hear her loud and clear b.You gon’ learn today.”

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  • Huh???
    How come Foxy’s speaking like a lamb!

  • ?

  • BGod

    This is a very hard show to listen to, sounded like they were broadcasting froma grandmother’s basement in the early 90’s.

  • Coney

    Why is Foxy talking like that?? Is she trying to sound like Nicki? smh

  • Rozay

    That shit is sad to listen to….she will never be the same

  • Homie

    Foxy high off something. she’s talking crazy

  • Rozay

    Foxy and Lil Kim are not the same anymore Kims face and Foxys hearing and she can’t speak clearly anymore…Foxy is living in the past with all the name dropping but doesn’t realize that it’s over potential

  • jonnybusiness

    So haitian Jack was a pedo and a killer.

  • Coney

    This interview is really sad. I was a huge Foxy fan and always thought she can come back until today. She’s delusional, crazy and high on something more than weed. She may have done more damage to herself after this.

  • Push For Life

    I thought it was a decent interview I agree I don’t understand why she sounds so different but other than that it was okay. I’m happy that she addressed those bullshit rumors about Jay-Z giving her gonorreha and shit like that.
    I knew it wasn’t true never believed it in the first place. I don’t why people think she’s crazy after listening to the interview she’s just been through alot of shit. As far as making a comeback I believe she can do it as long as she sticks to the hip hop/Dancehall sound she is going for. That record with Sizzla was huge so she def has the potential to mimic that success again.

  • Damn Bro

    Those bitches look like men

  • Harry N

    decent interview, if you didn’t know it was foxy you’d swear combat jack was in cali interviewing some valley cheerleader chick.

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  • Carlito R

    ^^^^^^^^^ to everyone above.

    Come on I can’t believe you guys couldn’t figure out the whole reason why she was talking like that. It was because you had gone deaf. When you go deaf it effects your speech pattern. She may never fully recover her regular speaking voice ever again. But that’s a just small price to pay for her being able to get her hearing back. She’s extremely lucky!

  • Foxy always sounded like this though.I remember hearing her when she dropped and thinking she sounded like a bird, and that’s no diss because I love her black ass.She didn’t have this proper sound though she sounded like a hood chick back then.She does sound like Nikki sometimes, but maybe Nikki got some Foxy in her too.I love her porno whitegirl/black girl voice.great interview.I can tell Foxy and Combat got a lot of love for each other.yall hard on Fox she didn’t sound crazy she poured out her interview they did to me
    Loch Ft. @DJDooWop “Spaz Out” (official Music Video):

  • TDX

    Love me some Foxy Brown. 100% natural body, miss you Fox

  • @Carlito R – you’re right, but they should release a video of this interview. “The Internets” needs the visuals on this one.

  • Tango

    Once again another Great Interview! I would love to hear Kanye on the Combat Jack Show one day.
    I would also love to hear Kevin Liles, Lyor Cohen, Steve Riffkind, Jimmy Iovine and LA Reid on there too.

  • Twizzy

    people are so stupid. Everyone knows that she has been partially deaf for years now and deaf people speak with an impediment.

  • jay

    I’m a huge Foxy fan.. glad she showing love to everyone..I didn’t know she considered “Come Fly With Me’ to be her biggest song.. really enjoyed that part of the interview.. Bk all day. She showing mad love to BK and her Caribbean people


    I wonder if that Come Fly With Me video messed up her hearing. This interview is crazy real!

  • FTW

    This was a great interview.

    I’m surprised Complex didn’t do a special Combat Jack Show for CTV.

    Lmao… DP came up.

    Good Shit.

  • Curtis75Black

    This was a nice interview. Dallas Penn was a fool.

  • The Truth

    Suspense, Action, Emotion, Comedy…..Great Interview!!!!

  • stefano c

    yea people have to give her a break…when you’re deaf it is really tough to hear how your voice is projecting…which is why she sounds like a 10 year old asian girl in the interview