New Music: Asher Roth “Numbers”

asher roth

Hey, remember Asher? Well here’s a friendly reminder that his The Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2 is on the way and here’s his rendition of Pusha T’s “Numbers On The Board”.

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  • Not really a fan of Asher, but the beat is dope!

  • J UK the beat is from Pusha T’s Numbers on the Boards! Real dope beat, but Asher Roth needs to fuck off because he just took a shit all over it. Garbage

  • Faded

    not saying Asher is the best, but you have to admit he is a breathe of fresh air from hip hop now a days and always delivers

  • Young Lucky

    @faded asher aint no breath of fresh air!!! what the fuck are you talking about? he’s always been trash! only reason people gave him a listen was because he was white, that gives him an extra edge

  • Faded

    @Young Fucky leme guess, you listen to Future, ASAP Rocky, Chief Keef, etc? busty ass nigga thats wrong with u custy one even brought up he was even white, that has nothing do with anything?

  • Young Lucky

    @faded pay the fuck attention as the color part was in regards to why anyone even checks for him. thats his edge versus hustling, popping pills etc. secondly im not fond of any of those which you mentioned bitch. asher fucked up this cannon/pusha beat and thats clear as day fanboy. artists in my rotation for this weekend will include cole, travis scott, pusha, some ross just to name a few. so blow that weak list you mentioned out your ass

  • J UK

    Ha! @Young Lucky cosign. This guy really isn’t fresh in any way. It’s true, being white was one of his selling points. Listen to these lyrics, what is he even rapping about that’s fresh? It’s just random shit, which lots of rappers are guilty of, sure, but it doesn’t make him fresh lyrically. Nothing about him is amazing or different and personally I don’t feel it. Only checked this because I love what Pusha did on this beat

  • DeezNuts

    asher had huge buzz just as his debut album was about to drop. and couldn’t capitalize off it. made a wack ass album with songs with keri hilon on it. fuck outta here.

  • PolarBearsToenails


  • Mr.November

    Niggas ass. Lyrical miracle ass nigga lol.

    Doesnt matter WHAT you listen to. Got multiple people tellin you he wack. Yeah he rhymes. So what, he boring as hell. What he really say doe.

    Listen to someone else who deserves the time.

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    What the shit is this noise pollution? Decent lyrics, annoying ass beat. Doubt anyone is actually lookin out for this mixtape..

  • creo

    I aint never knocking his music.em the only white boy i fuck with.
    Never heard sum1 say he was nice until today lol

  • This beat is sick.. No matter what u spit, this beat kills it!

    When Asher came out he was hyped as fuck, I never expected to see him end up like this..

  • King of swag

    you dumb af for quitting your dayjob

  • LIMB0

    I swear Asher says the same shit every song he does. How many times has he rapped herbivore?