New Music: Papoose “Open Letter (Freestyle)”

Yes, Pap, we didn’t think we were going to see you on the Summer Jam stage either. And with the aid of Hov’s track, he addresses the incident on wax.

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  • Put that new Cassidy up.gassed that bwaa Meek

    Nipsey Hussle
    Kendrick Lamar
    KR Mack

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  • Nickey Black

    Way too short.

    I was just getting into the groove.

    Saying Papoose twice makes him name seem lame….Lol

    Anyway Pap, you need that “I’m the new Nigga” energy. The same energy DMX, Fifty, JayZ, Snoop and even Remy Ma had if you really want this.

    Show me that “Brooklyn keep taking it” mentality son. There is only one nonchalant BK Nigga who took it, and that’s Jay. I need more energy with your hot rhymes fam.

    I like Pap. Just give me energy!

  • Rozay

    Shit look like some Jay-Z and 50cent reebok commercial shit.nigga is milikng this shit aint he?

  • Obama

    It’s not that people didn’t think they would see you at summer jam.. It’s that they didn’t want to.. Hell they don’t even know who you are.. I guess you gotta milk your 15 minutes.. But this dude’s swag, content and music are basically non-existent.. Sorry but next!!

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  • @BlueScalise

    Say Papoose name 3 times and he will show up at your cookout.

  • h

    dude is wack

  • jose

    papoose is a real nigga,one of the best mcs in the game, the nacirema dream the best album of year.

  • Leon Sandcastle


  • mrholloway

    NY hip hop is on its last leg….

  • Carlos Reyos

    Check out HazeMunny’s video Rags To Riches produced by Doe Pesci.

  • Observer21

    he can rap don’t get me wrong but his time in which he think he has, had or is owed is long gone…

    let it go!!

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  • Carlos Reyos

    Honestly I like traditional Hip-Hop. Lyrics, subject matter, movin the crowd, and keeping it all the way real. In March 2013 I became a fan of HazeMunny’s mixtape Cool World. As a fan I would appreciate if everybody would just check this guy out. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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