Kanye Celebrates Bday With Jay-Z & Nas


Kanye turned 36 yesterday and toasted to the good life with the likes of Jay-Z, Nas, Beyoncé and others at New York’s Jamaican restaurant Miss Lily’s. Nas took to his IG to share a few photo ops.


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  • Flo

    The greatest MCs out.

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  • timofey

    No Kim…interesting…

  • epinz

    Looks like bey’s breakin up the trees


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  • sn

  • Man i know its been a while….but if I was Jay i would look at Nas and Ether lyrics would always be rolling through my head…….that’s gotta be CRINGING sometimes….but i dont know just saying. haha!

  • N.


    Dude it’s been over ten years. Do you think they still think about those songs? If anything, it’s Jay that said he F’ Nas’ baby mother…I would bet it’s Nas who feels a certain way.

  • michelle michelle

    some music would be nice fellas

  • you guys really talking about ether? really?! you fuck boys are so lame.

  • Observer21

    Yeaa @TimLeeVAStandUp its always in the back of my mind when I see the two photoed together

    lmaoo Ether is classic!

  • Rozay

    I did takeover do you got beef with Nas?

  • lol

    takeover was better than ethter. ether was just an emotion-filled rant

  • Faded

    Sidebar: Mac Millers album, WMWTSO, is album of the year currently. Originality and production are A+


  • the brain trust


    FALSE. I’ve noticed in recent years, Jay stans have been trying to do some revisionist history with this infamous beef.

    They’ve been lionising ‘Takeover’ while underplaying the content of ‘Ether’.

    Like Jay biting BIG, having a suspiciously similar name to Jaz, getting hot as a result of Foxy, naming his label after an AIDS afflicted Brooklyn hustler, looking like Joe Camel, getting called ugly as a child, idolising Nas & stealing his style weren’t based on real events.

    I know the beef is long over, but I just had to call bullshit. lol

  • lol

    @the brain trust i’m not a jay stan, i actually prefer nas’ work but takeover is indeed better. nas stans always replying as though their proving something with lengthy responses.

  • the brain trust


    Fair enough.

    Not a Nas stan either. Guess i just disagree with your opinion.

    P.S. it’s they’re not their.

  • lol

    ^ naw, it’s their, dumbass.

  • Haha

    Please STFU about ETHER & TAKEOVER. Nas & Jay are grown successful men who have achieved THEIR individual goals in life & you PEON fans/stans are still emotional over a battle that these two black brothers made PEACE with over a DECADE AGO.

    Hip Hop fans are pathetic. You arguing over a battle that has already been WON. Both Nasir & Shawn have WON THE BATTLE & the WAR…they have accomplished what many black men DREAM of but aren’t fortunate enough to do. THEIR LEGACY & LONGEVITY IS STAMPED IN THE HIP HOP HALL OF FAME.

    No matter who you fans/stans choose to live vicariously through you can NOT deny either one of their success. So instead of assuming what the other may be feeling in the presence of one another…MAN UP because Mr. Jones & Mr. Carter sure have.

    How is it that the fans argue more over the beef than the two men involved?

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  • Morris Day Laugh

    Greatest rappers alive.

  • Karate Kick Miguel

    Gay Z, KanGay and Nas! QB true G! Nas is the only one in this pic that hasn’t sold out. Congrats bruh! Congrats to Jay Electronica and J Cole (both Roc Nation artists) highly respecting you and dropping songs to give tribute (Let Nas Down and Elect’s “My World”). Kudos!

  • nysniper

    Hate to see the don with these homo sellouts.

  • IAMFatBoyFrançais

    Yo im a die hard fan of both NaS and Jay-Z. Im neutral in their beef. As a hip hop fan ain’t no beef that was as entertaining as this one. Shady/Aftermath/G-Unit beef with Murder INC/The Source was pretty entertaining to. But Jay vs Nas was fucking legendary.

    Now I believe ether did more damage to Jay-Z then TakeOver did to NaS on an emotional level.

    After Ether came out Jay-Z called Angie Martinez on Hot 97 sounding like he just cried his ass off. Angie Martinez asked Jay if he thought the record was good. Even Jay-Z admitted that through a fans perspective Ether was nuts. Look it up on YouTube.

    Jay dissed NaS on his lack of hot albums which at the end of the day is a matter of opinion. He also got him on the decrease in sales which was a fact. Mobb Deep the ones who got killed on Takeover. TakeOver beat is a better beat though. Although Ether beat is up there to.

    When u analyze ether though, and this is for the dude who said its an angry rant. Not really. He did what he had to do. Look at Ether and what he said. He goes on Jay and literally tears him up on an emotional level. Jay was always insecure of his looks before he blew up. Got him there. Always insecure of his age being older then all the other rappers. Got him there. Talks bout Jay wanting to be NaS. Got him there. Jay knows illmatic is the best album of all time. Eminem killed u on ur own shit. Oh I get u big and he’s puffy. Dissed rocafella on immitating Bad Boys strategy plan. Which they did.

    Jay responded with Super Ugly and said he fucked Nas baby moms. Nas aint get emotional. If u read Nas’s baby moms book she said this on the subject. “Nas came home after hearing the Super Ugly song laughing bis ass off and said “Hey ur boyfriend is a sucka”” pretty much she was stating that Nas knew he fucked Jay up on emotional level so much he had to mention the affair to try and irritate Nas…which he failed at cuz that was Nas knowing he won.

    Motherfuckers forget though that there’s other songs where they’ve dissed each other. For example Nas has “Last real nigga alive” where he talked bout the whole NY rap scene in the 90s and early 00s and kills Jay on it by comparing himself to Tony and Jay being Mannollo. Also there’s the stillmatic freestyle. H to da izzo, m to izzo u the rap version of Sysco. Jay also had blueprint2 song but that was weak.

    Even after they’ve made peace they’ve continued to take subliminals at each other. Im sure now it’s friendly competition and they let each other know. Listen to Nas/Damien album…the track “Friends” that’s a few subliminals. even as recently as “Clique” Jay throws a subliminal “bossy I aint talking kelis, ur money to short u how u standing next to me” or something along those lines. Seriously though it’s great to see 2 OG rappers get together and do music. Listen to Black Republican Nas even throws jabs on the song that he had Jay featured on.

    Watch the I declare war concert where they came out together for first time since beef. Jay rapped along to World Is Yours but Nas aint rap to dead presidents. Proves that Jay is the Nas fan.

    All of Jays artist like J Cole and Jay Electronica know pay more homage to Nas then Jay.

    Truth of the matter beef is over. And if motherfuckers beef over a bitch then still boys. The fact they boys after fucking the same hoe means they real men.

  • H

    The Best right therehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7blWPL-WYo&feature=youtu.be

  • djmailerdaemon

    Happy Birthday Kanye 😀

  • obakeng

    yo yol nigaz still on that either and takeover tip hahaha move on bitches, dis will be a never ending debate.

  • The Don

    Oh didnt Nas bag Beyonce in the 00s ? Then he denied it

  • kayandgee

    its must christmas!

  • King

    is it just me or that nigga Ye look like kevin hart in the first pic

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  • PistolPistol

    “What’s beef?”….RIP BIG

  • HK

    @epinz says: “Looks like bey’s breakin up the trees”

    ^Thought the same thing

  • yall sound sensitive af on here discussing 2 grown men, old ass beef that they both still making millions from due to you idiots … smh all these arguments been deaded years ago its 2 sides to every story for a reason, u choose your side and ride that D as hard as you can goofies.. all these people in this pic are royalty they dont live for the fight/struggle no more they 2 far ahead

  • DoctorX

    only nas still looks young jay and kanye look like they getting older !

  • cece

    Bey looks sad.