• Morris Day Laugh

    Wooooooh! Illmatic!!!!

  • StarFox64

    i shall call him, mini me..

  • mouRis

    kendrick destroyed it

    Nas on the other hand, he was average as fuck, nobody gave a fuck

  • Drake Stole Lil Wayne’s Jeggins

    Get some better seats next time nucca!

  • DC

    Yo, @MouRis you couldnt have been there, bitch..Nas tore shit up. That entire crowd was standing in mud to see him, what show were you at..cause you werent there. I was front row..Nas shit was much better and crowd was goin nuts. Kendrick was cool, but Nas tore it down.

  • Tbones

    The internet has allowed stupid people perpetuate ignorance without getting smacked the fuck up.

  • Nickey Black

    @Tbones….love ya comment homey…….thumbs up

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  • asmodeus ashmadi

    Kendric did make the crowd go nuts and life is good was a good album. as a true NAS fan I’m tired of him performing illmatic songs and brave hearts shit is getting old now… I’m one of NAS biggest fans but this next album he gotta make some new shit we fans can get live to and retire the whole illmatic songs on stage once and for all! 2 great performers though…

  • Haha

    Nice Nas & Kendrick!
    Nas is the artist…he can perform whatever he wants & whenever he wants. If your tired of him performing songs from the most celebrated album in hip hop that is your issue not his besides he performed songs from his extensive discography: Illmatic-Life Is Good.

  • H
  • kaitlyn beaumont

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