DJ Khaled Suffering From Success Date

DJ Khaled premiered the “No New Friends” video this weekend and today tells MTV that his next album, Suffering From Success will be in stores on September 24th. No new pushbacks.

The title alone should tell you how powerful the album is: Suffering From Success. My first single, ‘No New Friends,’ should tell you I’m not playing. Consider ‘No New Friends’ #1 already; that’s in the can. That’s going #1. That’s gone. That’s going to sell over a million, too easy; that’s what we do.”

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  • Bruce Wayne

    and not a single fuck was given this day

  • I noticed with him and William they seem to live in their own little world and are constantly bigging themselves up and repeating how great they are all the time telling themselves in their mind some sort of self belief strategies.



  • chan

    him and his crew are the only ones that believe his crap. aint nobody checking for YOU. aint nobody going to a DJ Khaled concert, Aint nobody buying your mufcking album, Drake was the only thing Acceptable in YOUR single. You aint making history because we dont want you too. you are lame. it was cool when we taking over came out but that was long ago, that formula is played and your whole im a great artist or whatever the fuck you are attitude is fucking annoying, because nobody believes you have any talent.

  • Musikal

    I hate this guy fat fuck dj.

  • LOL

    why say this now when this album isn’t dropping for another 3 months? release dates for rap are a joke.

  • Dashing

    Yeah that “No New Friends” is not bad, but is it just me or is the formula starting to get stale? It’s only possible to milk the same thing for so long. Drake sings the hook. Wayne and Ross feature. Boi1da/T-Minus/40 beat. Dj Khaled overhypes it….

    getting old.

  • The Nigga You Love To Hate

    somebody wake me up when these stale bread ass niggas are finished!

  • As Real As It Gets

    Sad to say but everything he said was facts. He doesn’t care about the culture. He’s here to make a buck like the rest of the dumb fucks associated with him. MMG/YMCMB are the new conglomerate. They’re running this rap shit like it or not. Until we stop supporting them they’ll be running it for a while. Lord help us all. Smh.

  • TecOneNyc

    @AsRealAsItGets basically what you said… Once we (the consumers) STOP supporting these bubblegum rappers, then they will deliver some quality. Til than, is all downhill for the rap game.

  • Kaly

    @AsRealAsItGets preach

  • I’m sucker for Khaled’s Interviews, he cracks me up (pause)

  • Kev

    Wtf this negro talkin about?? It’s not his song.. He don’t rap he don’t produce wtf do he do?? lol

  • Bornsinner

    I can go on the mic and just scream random shit…..What You do, Everyone can Do

  • DG

    He is correct when says that no one can do what he does, because no one fucking knows what he does. Suffering from Success will be another album that goes aluminum

  • Duhdope

    yea but all you he don’t shit guys took the time to write long comments about him not doing shit…. and if you can do what he does why don’t you do it because he obviously is making money off it… you guys just sound funny but no shade do you…but keep it real…plus there always some gems on his album more replay value than most of these albums….

  • ss

    suffering from diabetes = what the title should be called

  • Real

    wtf does this guy even do? Boi1da and 40 produced this..

  • Carlos Reyos

    Tell dude to shut his mouth and Check out HazeMunny’s latest video Get Em now.

  • dat nigga
  • StarFox64

    this guy is a fucking waste of space and money…