Kanye Debuts Songs At Governors Ball

Following Kendrick Lamar and Nas the previous day, Kanye closed out Governors Ball last night on Randall’s Island in NY and treated fans to a few tracks presumably off Yeezus.

Above, NM catches Ye ‘s run through “I Am God”. He also performed “On Site” as well as “Black Skinhead”, “New Slaves” and goes off on a light rant. Believe it or not, Yeezus drops June 18.

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  • Capricorn Religion

    I am now HYPED for this album…. But, the question now for me is this:

    After all this YEEZUS hype and Subtle promotion, will Kanye become the

    “What are you going to shock us with next” Rapper”?


    Are his outside base of “Fans” and Media still check for the music regardless of there being a chance of having no shock on the next project?

    This project is going to interesting to me for that fact. We seen it happen with Em. Once he stop trying to shock, or force the shock the Music (In some people’s opinions) suffered for it. Gaga will go through it too.

    Is it just Shock or, will they still care about the music after this?

  • Izzy_Ballin

    Sounds dope

  • D

    yu guys missed a video…this is the 1 with the song with Travis Scott http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiHA0bXzMrI

  • Johnny Ryall

    Y’all got way too electro, damn near techno…

    Meanwhile in hip-hop, Born Sinner is EDM and Cheif Queef free.

  • Real Talk

    This “Yeezus” electro sound oriented album will bring a new genre in hip hop like “808’s” did, and y’all know Drake made a career off of that album. Kanye is in the G.O.A.T league already

  • Black Shady

    this nigga has a song called I AM A GOD? lol ok..

    Born Sinner

  • The Wise

    Kanyes loosin it i havent heard not one good song frm this uet…nobodys tAlkin or having up this jus one of those outta nowhere albums but kanyes loosing his star status

  • J UK

    Yeezy definitely in GOAT league. I’m buying this shit, not a dickrider, I just buy music from artists I like and Ye is included in that. However, I’m not feeling the dark/electro sounds that I’m hearing and hoping for some good rap else I’ll be counting down to Pusha T album whilst bumping Born Sinner

  • Facts

    So is this Rap Radar or Techno Radar

    Kanye been falling the fuck off

    J. Cole’s album is a masterpiece and mac miller also delivers

    Kanye lost

    Why would a man spend money on a man who wears dresses and is more emotional than his wife

  • Vezzy

    Let me find out this nigga tryna sell us a blank CD… no singles. no tracklist. No album cover. A little over a week to go. Cole showed his hand, it’s aggressive! Ye has work to do to top that. #BornSinner album of the year!

  • IIG

    Four songs and nothing good yet. This clearly will be his next to worst album (it can’t be worse than 808). I’m a hip hop fan, fuck electronica.

  • watchthethrone

    I’m gonna like this album

  • i dig it

    this is awesome

  • Donn

    People don’t get that Kanye is not a rapper. He is an ARTIST. If u only wanna hear rap music then go listen to it but know that Kanye isn’t boxed in a box and his music is for ppl who want to hear more than a 16, a hook and drum beats. Challenge the sound of music and push for something new. That’s what makes creating fun and growing. Once u take your ass out ur element, go to Rome, art galleries, fashion shows, see exhibitions your mind will burst. Please stop boxing Artist

  • honestly

    While you niggas mad ye constantly growing as an artist while yall suckin on jcoles dick like hes something new.. fuck out of here

  • yeemjay

    So yall completely onboard with this God kanye thing?

  • atosennim icy

    If kanye was a god wouldn’t he have foreseen that stop sign nd not hit his head

  • Kanye sampling Capleton, dope.

  • it’s the roc

    hey @Donn, if Psy is a rapper, Kanye is definitely a rapper! stop boxing rappers!

  • bmore

    This guys so arrogant that he doesnt feel like he needs to do any promo, no sngles, no nothing. Either he got a classic album or brick that you wont realize until you buy it. Please dont act like he’s incapable of putting out a bad album too, 808’s wasnt up to par in my opinion. Personally I’m treading on this side of the album being terrible. I dont think he realizes how focused Cole, Mac, and Wale are right now, so even if Ye’s album is decent, I expect the other 3 to put out real solid hip hop albums. with all 4 coming out within 2 weeks it will be easy to to rank them, then in 6 months later see what youre still listening to.

    No questioning Ye’s musical talents, but lately I havent found his albums to have much re-listen value. College Dropout, Late Registration, and Graduation are all cd’s you might through in randomly, the others i never find myself listening to on a random day.

  • I’m just laughing at how he snatched that jacket out of security’s hand

  • GMac

    Lyrically he isn’t sounding all that bad, but that on site beat is straight techno trash. Kanye Feat. Basshunter coming soon.

  • K. Dot

    Support J. Cole Born Sinner June 18, get Yeezus too. We need to support real hip hop before this generic hip pop music really takeover

  • kaitlyn beaumont

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  • J UK

    @bmore how the fuck you not include MBDTF in that?! Fuck outta here

  • ilexx

    Not feeling this I am a god shit. Fucking techno as beat.

    I haven’t heard anything from Yeezus that sounds like something I would want to listen too. New slaves and black skin head were wack in my eyes.

    In my opinion Kanye is gonna be hella pissed when he realizes the lack of support this album gets when it drops.

    How do you let the music speak for itself if you aren’t giving fans an opportunity to hear it?

    No promotion, no singles, ok but Ye’ the songs you projecting on buildings and performing sound like shit and u want us to invest in that?

    Under normal circumstances I trust Kanye to give us something dope but this time I haven’t heard even a snippet of something impressive so far.

  • The Wise

    Nothing but shitty music has come out for this project gaurentee this is his worst album, he this big cocky ego that doesnt help him for shit ..go ahead rant every performance tryna beg an force people to by ur ..shitty shock value music i have all kanyes albums but its a slap to the face or consumers who like the guys music …an this whole god like movement needs to stop…hes loosin it then hell cry about it on his next album..how nobody understands poor me!

  • ED

    and the crowd went…wild, I think. Kanye’s to the left, left, left.appeal…more a pop appeal…less hip hype since the European…EDM moved in

  • Mrfrassvybz

    I’ll reserve judgement until the album comes out. I’m just laughing at fools who thinks kayne has something to prove. He already dropped classics, something anyone dropping this month has yet to do. Keep calm

  • The Wise

    ^ this guys dumb..idc how many classic an artist makes i will never accept a pass..u should always be at ur best ..point blank period

  • he did it real dope art forreal

  • creo

    Co sign the wise if u got classics then keep making them. Dats what we want 2 buy. Fuck dat techno shit dat aint hiphop. Every great cnt make a aquemini album. 2much experimental garbage. Its 1thing 2 try new shit dats dope like outcast has done.its another 2do shit dats wack. shit aint over our heads its off our radar

  • edi

    cole is some simple rapper…… dude is not that good

  • DOPE

    This just suck sucks sucks. WTF is this trash. RUSSEL BRAND SHIT. GTFOH


    Yo Somebody go drop the J. cole album. NObody want hear this shit. I would not mind listening to it at a dance club, but I riding to this.

  • Megawatt

    This album will be great…..to poop on.

  • truth

    So is looking like your homeless considered swag?


  • bmore

    @J UK easily, I aint really fuck with that. I dont ride dicks for the sake of riding dicks. I heard it, it was ok, and I kept it moving. I aint fuck with no parts of WTT, heard it once, shit was weak, I kept it moving. I swear yall sword swollowers swear niggas can do no wrong. FOH boy

  • MaClarte

    @bmore WTT was weak? GTFOH.. Simple minded dudes I swear.. Yeah it ain’t that hardcore hip hop or that basic hip hop Cole will put out.. Don’t hate on rap radar because they post someone that has a major impact on the hip hop community.. Ye pushes the envelope to make music he wants too not what he thinks fans want.. You ain’t impressed don’t buy it go get cole or wait for wale.. That simple not for everyone.. Keep it movin

  • There are some terrible, low IQ comments on here. Even if you’re not a fan of Kanye, you’re going to listen to his music because there’s NO ONE like him. He sets the tone, creates, and then everyone else follows.

    When WTT came out, there wasn’t anything like it. If you didn’t like WTT, then what did you prefer at the time?



  • Foreign luccini

    *kendrick got hiphop on his back*

  • bmore

    @MaClarte How does a comment about not liking Kanye’s recent music equal hating on Rap Radar? Unlike some people on here, if I didnt like RR i wouldnt come to the site. Secondly if you consider Cole and Wale “basic” hip hop, then I gues you consider Drake, Kendrick, and Big Sean basic too because i feel that all of them dudes are right on the same level. If so, cool thats your opinion, but in my opinion I just feel like those artist and their brand of hip hop is what we need. Maybe I just came up in during a different time than you. As far as impact on the community, if you consider wearing leather pants and skirts impact or bring in a “high fashion” look, than yeah you’re right he’s been having an impact. He’s been giving you solid production, but i wouldnt expect anything else from Ye.

    @carywashington25 does Kanye really set the tone for hip hop? Let’s be realistic, there are plenty of artist that are doing well on their own and have no Kanye influence. In fact most of the top artist out now have zero Kanye influence. As far as WTT maybe I just expected more. When I hear Jay and Kanye are releasing a cd I expect a classic album and it wasnt that. If you basing it of singles, which people do now, well yeah Otis was cool and so was Niggas in Paris. But in both of their careers I’ve found that their best songs arent the singles. So when it came to WTT they just werent there. As far what i was listening to other than WTT, fuck if I know that was 2 years ago.

    Kanye is a great artist, but that doesnt mean everything is going to be good. This cd might be great we’ll all see in few days. Its no way you can listen to live performances that have been recorded on a camera and say a song is good, I dont give a fuck. Unless you there live, all of the audio is distorted and fucked up, so anybody that every says a song is good based of that is lying. I realize you guys are getting sensitive when facts are pointed out, but its cool.

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  • King E

    J. Cole album was a masterpiece? Wow that must mean it was perfect even better than GKMC, which it wasn’t, the album was amazing, but there still some songs that weren’t great, cole is still growing as an artist and Born Sinner is leagues better than his freshman album but to say it’s a masterpiece? Nigga that’s just foolish. Hopefully Yeezus is good, but where does Ye go from here?