New Music: 360 x Krissiluv “Night Life”

There’s only a few hours left until 360 releases Beginning Of Forever. But for now, here’s his final offering featuring newcomer, Krissiluv. Get your two step on, because this is great. Produced by Majik. Below, check out his interview with MTV News.

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  • Hip-Hop


  • RZA

    This nigga stay coming with a different sound respect. This is a summer banger!

  • los

    hoes gon love this. BBQ music

  • ayo

    this post was made at 3:44, and the first comment was made at 3:48….. the video is about 5 minutes long…..lmao nigga you didn’t even hear the track you must have created the post!

  • Hip-Hop

    You can tell by the end of the bridge this shit is hot.

  • B.Dot

    This shit flames

  • Trill Cosby

    this nigga ayo came in here doing math? lol this record is dope man

  • IT’S LIT!!!

    This song is okay…I like the 1 featuring wyclef better…#justsay&&

  • yoga

    This what I been saying. This guy makes songs not just rap but songs. This the difference between him and these internet rappers. This jawn is a radio record!

  • Boredtodeath

    This nigga mixtape cover look like the back of a wave kit.

  • Just Don

    Multidimensional… like I said. He knocking, let him in.

  • the brain trust

    Never understood why his shit was posted on here….. until now.

    This song is really dope!

    Will be bumpin’ it.

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  • Dashing

    If you don’t have anything nice to say…use ellipsis…

  • Chris

    FIREEEEE! THIS is what good hip-hop sounds like. That chick singing sounds like an angel

  • Karate Kick Miguel

    This nigga B Dot puttin his cousin on! Haha

  • yeaHOE2

    Good track. Props.

  • It’s the roc

    Wow. This is a big ass record. This gotta get spins on XM at least!

  • yeaHOE

    niggaz steal names on the Internet? that’s acceptable blog behavior or nah?

  • Bong

    This isn’t a bad song just kinda sounds like he’s doing an impression

  • i appreciate finally starting to get credit for some of these records! holla at me karen! since weatherman wit jimmy lets go!