New Music: Lil Wayne x Boo “Bugatti (Freestyle)”

the appreciation 6-cover

Lil Wayne is back at jacking beats and wakes up today with his rendition of Ace Hood’s “Bugatti”. Off DJ Stevie J’s The Appreciation 6 mixtape, which can be downloaded here.

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  • Meaziiee


  • Faded

    Damn Wayne is back on his D2 shit man, he just keeps killing everything man. no one is stoppig him now hes the hottest


    wayne copied this nigga woooow crazy

  • kaitlyn beaumont

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  • Capricorn Religion

    I guess Wayne felt some pressure of losing his………. Um, “Spot”. None the less not bad. Typical Post 2006-2009 Wayne Shit

  • davirus212

    Same shit. Different punch lines. Not impressed

  • Facts

    I’m glad the Officer Ricky and Wayne era is coming to its end and we’re going back into the right direction with the likes of kendrick lamar, j cole, big krit, harry fraud, cardo, schoolboy q, bronson, gibbs

  • Jo’

    I hate Lil Wayne but im not gonna front this shit is pretty nice

  • brollya

    its cool…. he should of jus went the whole track instead of puttin boo on it….. hahaha all da songs on that mixtape, swear i got ever single one of em

  • StarFox64

    this is funny cuz i never heard of this guy releasing mixtapes, and this is the same dj that wayne kissed on stage..

  • Wayne back?

  • This makes the top 5 posts but Cassidy “Dopest Out (Meek Mill Diss)” with 58 comments doesn’t. R.R always shitting on Cass.

  • atosennim icy

    Wayne sizznapped! Technically sept of this yr he’s off probation..I’m still not convinced he’s cheifing that smokers laugh ain’t there , no ceilings Wayne on C5 Lessgo


    smh lol wat the fuck is this u niggas think this robot sizzurp rap is hard ?

  • Ha


  • wellsfool

    I’m a Wayne fan & that shit was weak. If there is a D5 I hope this shit don’t make it. Cant wait til Wayne is back on bud consistently so he can rap again

  • HK

    Is this Love & Hip Hop / Eve Stevie J?

  • sevy

    D5……no thanks i’ll pass

  • haha

    i woke up wit some new weezy.