• Batman


  • Batman

    Hopeful the Gifted is better than Ambition

  • AdilK

    Ambition was the BEST Album of the DECADE if you CLOSELY analyse the Lyrics you will see… #blind

  • koa29

    travi$ scott nutty on them boards.

  • Set303

    Wiz is garbage should have had Jeezy or T.I. or just left him & 2 Chainz.
    Wale & 2 Chainz sound nice on this joint.

  • koa29

    Wale biting KiD CuDi’s hook style here tho.

  • pookie

    ambition was dope

  • king of swag

    wale overated he is not a great.

  • Banana Pudding


  • Lyrically Inclined

    This BEAT is Super tough!!!

  • Can’t wait for The Gifted to drop. Always a plus when an artist gets to make the type of music that they like and choose to make. This joint is dope.

  • The beat is dope!

  • I’m a legend on Nahright, hoe!

    Keep going (c) ME

  • truth

    Hardest shit out there right now


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  • stef

    Ambition sucked. I’m looking forward to The Gifted

  • crepindel

    5 blunts in rotation…#dope!! #rotation #thegifted can’t wait!!!

  • JustMyOpinion

    Is that auto-tune/synthesizer? Naw….I can’t do it. It destroys a song EVERY TIME.

  • J UK

    1. Cudi was my first thought. Cudi would’ve done a better job though…
    2. “2 glock 9’s is my bodyguard”, seriously, 2 Chainz raps this on a song leaked the day his supposed robbery was big news
    3. Wiz is trash, song is trash
    4. Wale going to have the weakest of these big June albums if this is anything to go by. A big L for MMG, who I support but can’t deny the facts!

  • DisgruntledHiphopStab

    Frank ocean thinking about u sample

  • Bad and hate love thing are way better than this one

  • deanne


  • Man

    J UK wanna hate soooo bad. Just admit this shit fire. Fuck boys trollin smh

  • Phil

    I really, really like Wiz, but I need some new subject matter.

  • oblaa

    this is straight fire yo. where the haters at? oh yea even they can appreciate good beats/raps/ GO WALE

  • Andrew

    Did Wale rap his verse with a retainer in his mouth?

  • Chris

    I like the beat and it worked as a song for the first 90 seconds or so as a 2 Chainz song, but once Wale started his Scott Mescudi shit, it got off the rails, too far gone…

  • fan of good music

    Wiz killed it as usual 5 joints in rotation

  • quese

    I might actually buy wale album this time, the hook sounds like it should have cudi on it instead but ok track

  • Frontrunner


  • Devante

    What about this track stands out?
    I really don’t hear it..

  • weedhead

    This track was dope.

    Id say Wale verses were cool and impressive. 2 Chainz was aight, but wiz didnt do it for me this time. and im a big big fan. Why have such a wack verse on a album like this.

    Cant wait for the album.

  • After hearing the Bad remix with Rihanna I don’t trust anything now. How could you mess with perfection? So disappointed.

  • Regular Guy


  • Ovechkin

    I want to see all philosophy, literature, and music degrees from everyone who had more input than necessary. This is one track on the guys 3rd official album…GEEZ!

  • Mr.November

    AdilK says:
    Monday, June 10 2013 at 7:32 PM EST
    Ambition was the BEST Album of the DECADE if you CLOSELY analyse the Lyrics you will see… #blind

    Stop it Wale. Youre not supposed to comment on your own songs.

  • Lnutzz

    Wale does it again. I got a good feelin about this album.

  • Lnutzz

    IG: @Lnutzz

  • ANT


  • DoinTooMuch

    Ummm….. Other than Wale’s verse and PART of the beat, this shit sucks. Don’t know what the hell yall listenin to.

  • TecOneNyc

    catchy hook. nothing special though. 2 chains needs to kill himself already.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    All y’all are fucking losers if you like this song. Take it personal. Song is garbage

  • Carlos Reyos

    Check out HazeMunny’s latest video Get Em now.