New Video: DJ Quik “Life Jacket”

With a guitar in hand, DJ Quik returns with new music and puts the pedal to the medal in its accompanying video. Our bad on having this slip past the Radar.


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  • Spell CHECKA!!

    It’s DJ Quik….not Quick.

  • dat nigga

    Y’all should post this

  • Jager

    was there content in there? or was that a twitter post

  • Oj da Cornball

    Sick music. True music that is. nice.

    Sad, what happen with his duaghter, and mostly that baby.

  • One of the pioneers! Respect!

  • Gambino

    wonder how long before y’all post that new Q x Kendrick


  • Rozay

    My nigga Quick got that sound I fucks with always.

  • Rozay

    Quik…before the grammar police get me.