• Usher kinda cute, email me baby! [email protected] I’ll share nude pics with you just email this Daygo gangsta, pleighboi!

    Keep Going (c) ME the Man, the Myth, THE LEGEND

  • asmodeus ashmadi

    Well i guess its official then… Chris brown is officially the new Micheal jackson Miguels the new Prince and Ushers the new janelle monae i mean James [email protected]

  • This is like a terrible version of blurred lines with a little “I wanna be Prince, so bad!” sprinkled in there.

  • dat nigga

    Usher had a dope UOENO remix too http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oONGqVsC83k

  • brza

    this was an excellent performance. well done!

  • rageofenvy

    yo carywashington25 i was thinking the same thing