DJ Drama & Lil Wayne Releasing Dedication 5

B.O.B's Single Release Party

More dedication? Yes indeed. Yesterday, DJ Drama confirmed that he and Lil Wayne are dropping the fifth installment of their Gangsta Grillz series. In related news, peep Drama’s return to South Africa below.

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  • H

    Should’ve did No Ceilings smfh who cares at this point? ???


    I’LL WAIT…

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis


  • bmore

    D1 and D2 were classics. D3 ok, but D4 was trash and frankly he’s been putting out a lot of trash lately. I think Wayne and a lot of other artist are just getting passes cause of their discographies because I hear the same bars everytime he’s rapped in the last year or two.

  • Facts

    I will never respect a man who sincerely is checking for waynes music

    Get your FrankO on somewhere else

  • Capricorn Religion

    I mean…….. Its weird for me when it comes to Wayne and, fuck it, T.I…..

    Artists, in my opinion have to stick to a certain Path. Or, for a better word, “Progression”. Take Jay and Em’s career. Why are people STILL checking for these two? They’re are many reasons you can list but, the one to me that stands out is:

    A Path.Ups and downs, highs and lows when you look at both of they’re music

    Plain and simple. A progression of where they are in life. I want to see “What’s next” and, “What direction are they taking us”. Same with Kanye in a way but, his style is very Gemini, yet still on a path. Same but unique

    But, when you look at Wayne and T.I., its VERY frustrating. More so to Wayne because T.I dropped a nice album that can set him back on that path but, eh.

    Its frustrating because WE chose these people to represent keeping “The Path” in there music…… But, all of they’re recent music post Buzz has become just “Shuffle Music” as I call it.

    T.I and Wayne were suppose to be near Em and Jay level. They’re music (I thought) would represent that but, shit. To put it in a more simple and basic way..

    Wayne and T.I are just. . . . . . There now. “New Wayne music? Oh okay. That’s cool”…. “T.I dropping a new album? Word. That’s what’s up”…. Very indifferent

  • Tone Touch

    Dedication 2 is one of the best Gangsta Grillz ever, Dedication 1 & 3…decent, but let’s be honest tho, Dediction 4 was ASS! The punch lines were corny & lazy. Any project after C3 from Wayne has been questionable. This is coming from a former die hard fan of wayne. You high school kids who started listening to Weezy after Sorry 4 The Wait.. Ur opinion is irrelevant

  • #np lil wayne – cry out

  • LikeJordan45

    In general niggas need to let go of these “series” mixtapes and albums once you get past 2 or 3. Nobody wants or needs a Carter 5 or Dedication 5 or Drought is Over 71 or I Am Not A Human Being 4 or whatever….stay motivated, come up with a unique concept & kill it. Simple.

    But Wayne couldn’t even kill time these days :/

  • JustMyOpinion

    “b patient”

    ^ rap speak for NO TIME SOON.

    Never got into the whole dedication series. How do the day one fans feel about this announcement?

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  • Jim

    Nobody cares!!

  • The Wise

    really cuz the last one was nails on a chalk boards, i agree a new concept is much needed i would never give an artist a pass jus cuz there past wrk was good…jus like a 9 to 5 job u fuck up ,ur fired..we dont get passes why should its not the labels fault ..its us fans who make mediocrity the keep feeding us the same b.s

  • this gonna be wack

  • Fuck Your Opinion

    Waynes tarnishing his legacy one project at a time.. SMH.

  • King Chandler

    I’m all good with hearing Weezy spit bar after bar about what he does to the pussy and how he throws up gang signs while he’s doing kickflips, I just put The Block Is Hot on the ipod last week for old times sake and it made me sick to hear how dope he used to be from the beginning of his career up to the carter 3, damn shame.

  • JReezy

    Why can’t this dude stop rapping already?

  • LardASS

    there was a time when i would be excited for this

  • STFU

    Same punch lines. Same content. Never staying on one topic. MEH.

  • prai$e

    if this isnt decent, wayne wont recover. people are going to make petitions and have million ppl marches to protest to him to quit rapping. lol nah probably wont happen. but it would be funny tho.

  • D Twice

    That nigga Dj Drama look like a tan Ben Roethlisberger.

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  • sevy

    slow news day

  • Dion0025

    more & more pussy talk music wtf smh damn lil wayne really fall off lol

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  • trusoldier

    why does no talent drama get any credit? i mean he not producing or rapping, he just screaming his name out for no reason all over the songs.

  • Therealist

    Die hard og fan here, aka 8year +fan of wayne, if ths isnt fire i blame drama for waitin so long! and peeps listen to wayne now for the enjoyment of his style and lifestyle NOW!! * WE and WAYNE R NOT LIVING IN THE PAST* AKA always on the new thugs record so thats whats hot right now * fuck these new niggas and they lines they stole from the last 20years of rap 😀

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  • Nick

    Guys give wayne a break! I’d like to see all of you rap Better than him! He freestyles like no other. Don’t expect
    So much outta him. He’s one of my favorite rappers and he’s good. Y’all just need to quit hating just to hate. A lot of people would be sad when he retires


    b*tch niggas be like wayne is wack…they started to listen to this dude….they cant even understand hes punch lines …lol…haters … will be… haters