• Flo

    LMFAO!!!! Gotta love Kanye.

    Look, these niggas hounding him day and night. Dude has no privacy bc of these paparazzi niggas. Anyone with the capacity of empathy can understand how that can piss you off.

  • JOHNYblaze

    I love Kanye the artist and producer but this nigga is gay / borderline psychotic.

    Ol 38 yr old im really 25 mentally, he Jock s whatever is about to be the new wave , like with that new slaves track (which is dope.)

    But he dod it to try and seem more conscious , dude could have BEEN on that tip but hes real strategically wanna be avant garde.

  • Dashing

    ^Agreed, but putting a baby in Kim and spazzing on the paparazzi is not a good way to get the media to leave you alone.

  • Dashing

    Last comment was @ Flo

  • SMH!!!!

  • Bk Banga

    thats my new shit now, LMAO… hahahahahaha

    “DONT EVER TALK” tho? Ever? FUCK!!!

    This dude is crazy

  • Never liked this guy. Who does he think he is

  • A

    Really sad that he’s become this….It’s not a good look for Chicago. I have no sympathy for celebs who think they’re “suffering from fame”.


  • edi

    man is a legend………. do whatever he fucking wants this was funny


    shut up! dont ever talk! ether lmao

  • Faded

    this nigga need Xanax for real


  • luxuryrap

    He’s made it clear SEVERAL times that he hates them, yet they continuously talk to him. and @A, “it’s not a good look for chicago” you sound dumb af…he’s not “suffering from fame” he just doesn’t like papz and he makes that VERY clear!!! either love him or leave him alone…

  • B.Dot

    Oh Kanye

  • h

    damn ye

  • Chris


  • Push For Life

    I understand that Paps may bother him but lol come on dude you signed up for that life let that shit go! Unless they’re physically bothering you or threatening your family and friends on some crazy shit let it go. The more you resist the more they’re going to bother you obviously. I would have said some smart shit back if that was me, just to tick him off because I know it will bother him.

  • StarFox64

    dude is a clown…he knows he wants the attention

  • Nickey Black

    If I was Ye I would take the paps on the most boring day in life period. I would sit there and drink coffee or just walk and walk. Probably get in my car and drive slow. Use the bathroom. I would ask the pap personal questions about their life. I would buy a camera and take constant photos of them. I would be just like them. Switch roles Ye and have fun fam.

  • smh

    I used to love kanye back in the days, what the f happened to him? calling himself yeezus talking shit to a papparazi that is wishing him happy bday
    youtube search diddy and papparazi you will find diddy handing out cash to all the papparazi that came to welcome him, that is why diddy is worth 500 million and kanye will never be

  • tigereye



    All comments by niggass that have never been followed by a single person with a camera in their lives…Easy as fuk to say “suck it up” when its not your life.

  • Nathaniel

    lol @ niggas showing sympathy to the paparazzi. y’all sound crazy. “gosh kanye, they’re just stalking you every where you go, taking pictures and yelling shit at you all day, every day, every chance they get. what’s the big deal. stop being so arrogant and insensitive to their plight.”

    do you think before you type? nobody “signs up” for that. i’ve never heard a famous person salute the paps. celebs been flipping and fighting the paps for years, now all of a sudden kanye is an odd-ball when he does it? c’mon sons.

  • DK

    Actually, the sad thing is that Kanye’s the best look Chicago has right now… I mean, compared to Keef, King L, etc.

  • StarFox64

    they gonna do chicago like they did st. louis and houston, its already in effect…


    kanye looks like he should be in the next assassins creed game!

  • The Facade

    This guy’s the one of the most famous rappers in the world and he can’t get his hands on a xanax prescription or a weed man?

    Dude needs to chill the fuck out

  • How Wonderful…

    If the paparazzi werent paying him attention he’d be bitching and complaining, They pay him attention, hes bitching and complaining…people are never satisfied. Get a life and stop being an egotistical spoiled bitch. Dude is living a more successful lifestyle than most people on the planet . Accept the papparazzi, they helped catapult this fool into the stratasphere.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Ever since Kanye broke that camera from the paparazzi at the Airport a few years ago TMZ been on a mission to get under Kayne’s skin. Besides Kayne acts like a str8 B—H most of the time. You dont see TMZ trying 50 Cent or Jay-Z like this? They know Kayne is Emotional.

  • K

    Humbleness is one of rapper’s traits, because Rap was about the people. Guess “was” explains it all.

  • Salute A Nigga ‘Fo I Shoot A Nigga

    Maybe he was pissed? Yall niggas think celebs are Godly or something lol

  • YungFelon

    Yeezy needs some dick apparently. Who’s that fashion designer he hooked up with?

  • Devante

    Kanye choose this life… Don’t blame the paparazzi

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  • ?

    “Yall niggas think celebs are Godly or something”

    ^Are we still talking about the guy who just renamed himself YEESUS?

  • baykran

    whats up niggas that come from bottom .. You cant say whats up… Fuck that dude .. is just like other rich asholes in America .. ps dude happy birthday .. hope you dont make a 1year.. greedy bitch …


  • Fly

    Yo I would sympathize with Kanye if he was ANY other celebrity. But when you hook up with KIM that’s exactly what you sign up for. Her entire FAMILY’S existence is built on the back of the paparazzi. So if you sign up with her you sign up for that. Not to mention you knock up KIM out of nowhere. Bought every album save for 808s from him but naming your album Yeezus and walking around self righteous is a bridge too far. I’m off the band wagon on this one….

    by the way Jay-Z WIFED up Beyonce, travels the world arm in arm, got married in Paris, and had a baby by her and he NEVER has run ins with Papz, ……hmmmm I wonder why.

  • thafuck

    look how this nigga walk in them skinny jeans, thats chicago comin wit him.

  • Man fuck that, Kanye is not the only celebrity that has to deal with paparazzi all the time, however, he is the only the celebrity who acts like a 12 year old girl who just got her first period when he encounters them! Grow the fuck up, the more I see shit like this, the less I wanna get the album!

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