MGK Black Flag Cover & Tracklist

black flag-cover

MGK throws on his bandana and waves his black flag on the front cover of his free digital LP, Black Flag. No release date yet, but peep the titles after the jump.

black flag-back

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  • H
  • Ok

    MGK is the man!

  • JL

    Lace Up!


    Haha damn this nigga is putting a cover of Rise Against on his cd.. thats funny.. A rapp album named after a punk band with a covder of a punk band…

    Yall niggas wouldnt know any of those bands cause yall niggas boxed in with “rap”.

  • Salute A Nigga ‘Fo I Shoot A Nigga

    The fuckboy TronCity is right, i aint know that

  • Bong

    @TronCity etc

    It’s from a Banksy piece. You seem to be boxed in art-wise with “dumbass” …Rise Against is shit music anyway…they went soft as soon as they broke

  • brza

    this is a banksy piece.

  • worst hairline in rap?

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    Hey dumbass I’m talking about the NAME OF THE ALBUM not the artwork. Black flag=punk band from Cali.. Swing life Away= a cover of a song from the band Rise Against.. Haha y’all mad stupid.


    And also RISE AGAINST IS STILL A BAND.. So I don’t kno what band you’re thinking of.. How are they “broke”??

  • WuGambino604

    hey fuckboy..he aint talking bout being broke.


    Hey dumbass he still thought I was talking bout ART.. And also dumbass Im asking HIM how can you be soft as soon as you come out when they been one of the best underground punk rock bands and their last cd WAS DOPE.Which means I can come to the conclusion that him/you dont know shit about punk music in general.. Which also mean my first comment was right.. yall boxed in with “rap”

  • (o_o)

    Heaps of people copying the black and white American flag theme after ASAP….