• Just Don

    *Like Button*… My truck system is gonna have a great summer.

  • Chris


  • NYC

    +1. Day is made.

  • YoungPapi

    Nobody is checking for this shit word is bond

  • This nigga got that RR payola jumpn off B. I dont see this nigga shit nowhere else but here. This corny YN.. B Dot smack this nigga for approvin this corny shit. Hater? I’ll be dat cuh!

  • NYC

    Maybe RR is the only website u visit. Duh!

  • Hip-Hop

    I aint gon lie, this shit sounded good so far

  • This shit boof!

  • koa29

    logic makes “welcome to forever”

    this nigga makes “beginning of forever”


  • H
  • Hip-Hop

    Logic is a corny as fuck.

  • Why you dig Logic?

  • Hi Hater

    Stay in front of your computer hating while 360 out there making moves. To bad there’s not a career in hating that pays. Broke ass cyber thugs. This album is FIRE!


    This shit look like a barbershop ad for styles to choose from

  • B.Dot


  • Ipodman

    Some more tactical posting going on. This site is so shady.

  • Get Real

    This mixtape needs a barcode …

  • smoker

    This CD is posted on every site yall niggas hatin

  • trill cosby

    Mixtape of the year!! This nigga is next up mark my words

  • neo

    That “Realist In America” track is so fuckin CRAZY!!!!!

  • who is this guy

    literally no other people on any other site cares about this guy.. just look at his youtube views

  • show stopper

    so I will admit I wasn’t fuckin with him at first. But I just got thru with this CD and he is def better than 90% of the rap game. Production is A1 – lyrics dope n flows…even the skit was mad funny. I did’nt like him cuz he felt forced at first but now I get it. Salute Bdot for being on it early!

  • solo

    this nigga getting RT’s all on my timeline cuz obviously buzzing I ain’t from NY n I see his shit. Give him credit

  • neo

    @ who is this guy the video with Jada n Gibbs got 120K views?

  • Joey Wacka$$

    Mixtape is DOPE!!! This nigga gunna make the freshman list 2014 I bet.

  • lordhavemercy

    this dude is weak and wassup with these trap beats. watch what happens real quick

  • lag

    YOu couldn’t possibly listen to the tape if you sayin it’s wack. I never comment but blind hate for what?

  • solo

    there’s like 1 trap beat wtf ?

  • Dashing

    Come on B.Dot, post my comment. I listened to the whole damn tape. Even that excessively long unfunny skit. That should earn me the right to speak my thoughts.

    • B.Dot

      @Dashing Huh? Anyway, I disagree with YOUR opinion. Nothing stood out? Are you kidding me?! I heard like 4 songs that could possibly be singles. The content and flows are refreshing. Sounds like NOTHING out to me. “Knock Knock” is kinda eh, but Im already on my 3rd listen.

  • Dashing


    This wasn’t bad. It was just…nothing. Lyrical Content: unexceptional. Hooks: forgettable. Flow, dated. Production, decent, but nothing that stood out. It’s weird he sounds like he needs to try harder at rapping sometimes, but then he sounds awkward trying to rap like Kendrick on “Blinded.” He just doesn’t sound at ease on the mic.

  • Donn

    PR dollars at work. But as an artist dude is forgettable. But if he puts out tracks and a few tapes and few ppl dig it, then let him rock. But dude just doesn’t have star power

  • Dashing

    RR won’t post the rest of my comment …. I’m not hating. Seriously. I’m being objective. i listened to the whole thing. But how is dude ever gonna blow if he doesn’t get real feedback outside of the PR team posting above? That’s the point of comments. To get a sense of how people REALLY feel about the music, right?

    Don’t come at me street team. Please.

  • GahdSun

    This shit is smooth. I’m glad real hip hop is making its way back to the game. Y’all haters just have hate in your blood and jump on every bandwagon. True story.

  • Chris

    @DASHING you’re a fan of Joey Sadass. That right there makes your opinion void. THAT NIGGA SUCKS.

    but i digress. Breaking News: Rappers have fans. And I’m one of them. I agree what brian said. There’s like 2 songs that are kinda meh, but overall this shit is hot.

  • YoungPapi

    I swear to god I’m not hating that dude career is not going anywhere, I’ve never seen anyone out side RR post his music. Dude should fall back in to the dumpster he came from… No hate tho… Well I hate the music

  • B.Dot

    I’ve never seen anyone out side RR post his music.
    But I just posted a MTV interview yesterday lol.

  • Damn yall bitter

    Mixtape Daily: @360ismusic links with @wyclef & @WakaFlockaBSM for #BeginningOfForever! http://on.mtv.com/13vehEO

    LowKeyUHTN ‏@LowKeyUHTN 10 Jun
    Now I fucks with this “Night Life” record by 360!

    No one is checking for him? Only on RR?

    Ya’ll must be them twitter rappers tweeting YN and B dot links all day of struggle tapes of songs on trap beats. Everyone is not going to agree but please bring logical arguments.

  • Dashing

    @Chris, it’s funny that I don’t even rep Joey like that but I’ll defend him for the music that he represents… You talk about rappers have fans? Well Joey’s got millions of views on multiple videos with no famous guests for a reason while the 360 street team is repping one video with Jada and gibbs getting 120,000. So call him Sadass all you want. Obviously he’s winning..

    But I hate to go to numbers (I was goaded, I’m sorry) cause it comes down to the music. B.Dot, I’m eager to hear where you think the singles are here. Singles in 2013, not in 2005. I’ll give you maybe the one featuring Waka (although the hook leaves a lot to be desired).

  • B.Dot

    @Dashing I’m already on listen number 4 btw

    “Night Life, “Realest In America”, “Vanity”, “Own Thing (Remix)”, “Gotta Get It”. I would even go as far as saying “When I’m Gone”.

    I’ve called/broke HITS before. I study radio. But i know what “sounds” good too. I think with money behind them, they could be BIG. Especially for FM. Those are songs that I WISH mainstream rappers would make right now.

  • Chris

    @DASHING yeah u do. Joey’s worked with plenty of big name niggas. And don’t say he has MILLIONS of fans because MILLIONS of people probably don’t even know him in Brooklyn. FACTS.

    If anything, u should send SHIPES a bottle of champagne for doing a good job. Because with all them millions of fans son aint got no records buzzing. *goes back and L ISTENS to 360*

  • Dashing

    B.Dot, I respect your opinion and agree with you mos times. (Joey Bada$$ and Action Bronson notwithstanding). I don’t doubt your ability to call hits, but I imagine you’ve been wrong before. And here I think you’re wrong.

    “Night Life” doesn’t work in 2013 IMO. “Realest in America” sounds dated too, like some ’08 Runners or something but without Jeezy or Ross’ swag. “Own Thing (remix), again, sounds dated, like old Dre production. Coulda been on G-Unit Beg for Mercy album and been hot, but it aint hot in 2013. “Gotta Get It” Saigon did that joint better on “Bring Me Down” and “Believe It” back in 2011 and THOSE weren’t hits. Those joints don’t work on radio nowadays.

    “When I’m Gone” and maybe “Vanity” are the only joints that you mentioned that I think could maybe possibly work on radio in 2013. It’s funny that you said “Those are song that I WISH mainstream rappers would make right now. ” cause they sound like everyone out right now, but not done as well, fake T-Minus and fake Jahlil Beats. Fake Meek Mill flow. The “When I’m Gone” hook aint strong enough for radio though IMO. Neither is “Vanity” but it’s definitely the closest to a single on the tape, and that’s only cause it sounds like he’s trying to sound like MMG/YMCMB.

    • B.Dot

      Well @Dashing, that’s the beauty of opinions. I’m not sure if you’ve worked in radio or at a label, but disagree with yours. Cheers.

  • Damn yall bitter

    Dashing you keep talking about dated tho but Joey brings nothing new. He is just a young nigga who uses older nigga flows. What is so good about him?

  • Dashing

    @Chris, I don’t rep Joey. YOU brought him up on now 2 non-Joey-related posts and I responded…What’s THAT about?

    Re-read my comment homie. Never said millions of fans, said millions of VIEWS on videos with no famous guest rappers. Meanwhile 360 has a hundred thou with a Jada and Gibbs in the video. But forget Joey. This man worked hard on this mixtape so I’m not dragging the comments away from his work even if it’s not for me…

    @B.Dot, word. Agree to disagree on this one.

  • Tree Mile$

    Bdot weak for not letting the real speak… One sided garbage spreader you weak fam the streets ain’t fucking with that nigga put some south artist up fam

  • koa29

    nigga made a song called hustlemania…

  • yeaHOE

    are you embracing new artists who sound like they could maybe, possibly find mild commercial success by fitting into the landscape of mediocre artists like Meek Mill, Big Sean, French Montana?

    Why not promote artists who aim to shatter that mold instead of artists who just want to do their version of what everyone else is doing?

    I’m not saying dude couldn’t be the next Meek Mill or French Montana, but at the end of the day that’s not really saying much.

  • Carlos Reyos

    This guy is most definitely one of the next to shine. Check this out:

    Check out HazeMunny’s latest video Get Em now.

  • That Guy

    @koa29 I saw that too lol. It’s really good doe

  • mshann718

    This album is fire. I have not heard an LP that you can listen to straight through in a minute. I am on my second listen.