• shoulda named it “no features? NO thanks” who the fuck in there right mind has ever said “MAN I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEW EMILIO ROJAS TAPE TO DROP’???? NO ONE. someone should tell that boy before he wastes his life trying to succeed in a industry that hes not made for

  • B.Dot

    You cared enough to comment. Emilio actually charted last year on Billboard tho. Just stating facts.

  • Mr.November

    That was straight hate lol. Emilio can rap, better than a lot of dudes out.

  • BlowedALLDAY

    I always look for new shit from Emilio. He makes good fucking music. He also is top 20 on itunes hip hop chart so someone is checking.

  • well lets state facts then.the hispanic rapper with 6 syllables in his name has as much of a shot at longevity as a make a wish foundation child.

    and dont take my comment as “straight hate” because when that man is 45 years old and the poor choice to pursue rap music is starting to show in his personal life, and he struggles with the conflict of not getting a 9to5 because he has some standard of fame he believes he achieved, my comments will be seen as good insight.

  • Damien

    Agreed with M.A…..his music is good..not groundbreaking but topics are very similar from song to song. The ones who last are the mc’s with stories….not much here. Decent album though.

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