• I expected more..

  • Devante

    Where is Joell at? It’s like his solo career died after joining slaughterhouse..


    im usually with joe but nah nigga stop the drakeness stick with what u know best as an mc

  • This is SLV, not Joe Budden

  • Bongo

    Wasn’t expecting that. Dope!

  • The Facade

    Budden using some auto tune????

    Get a fucking grip on yourself dude, this is not something that should have ever been released for public consumption.

  • LOL

    Budden gone soft

  • LikeJordan45

    This nigga can only do French Montana numbers in his dreams. Weak ass crossover artist, just hang it up already.

  • BK

    Surprisingly wack….

  • sounds like a drake r&b sub-genre.. SLAUGHTERHOOOOOOUSE

  • Coney

    Not feeling this joint. I understand he wanted to try something different but this didn’t work.

  • C Money

    Hating ass crab nigga’s!!! sound like he just getting shit off his chest, not trying to pop bottles at the club with this 1, that why they called artist, so they can express themselves in dif ways if it work or dont, an if joell was on this he would make joe bars look like nada so get back in your buckets you crab ass nigga’s!!!

  • fastflipper

    budden top 5 doa

  • Sgt.Pepper

    damn, this is tight… everyone wanting that MC shit but this sounds like a hit song.

  • FNF 365

    bad idea

  • thafuck

    jus cause yo bitch cant twerk to it don’t mean it aint music.

  • Is this Joe Budden’s tweets set to auto-tune?

    I’m gonna assume this is just a throw-away joint he messed around with for fun.
    Cause if not…….better sign a multiyear contract with VH1!!!!

    @p0is0nedkoola on twitter
    Lester Bangs
    “You cute too”….. is that considered a bar or a lyric?

  • This is actually dope to me, it’s a hot song, not necessarily the most lyrical because it’s not that type of track.