• Gambino

    dope track from a dope album

  • Canyonero

    Dope album? You crazy? There was like 3 or 4 songs that were okay.

  • fan of good music

    Onifc is a Dope album you can ride from beginning 2 end… ppl hate wiz cuz he made 20 million off weed raps

  • The Wise

    Cant believe his still promoting that trash album..NO ONE BOUGHT ..id rather listen to rolling papers that was so much more of a down to earth better wiz..instead of his new shit were all he raps about now is how hes rucher then well every be an all this flossing nonsense rap..he lost his style even tho people think his first album was commercial, it was still a better concept album with diffrent aspects u wont find at all on his sophmore

  • H
  • flo

    @The Wise

    no1 gives a fuck about you or what you type. go kill yourself ha!

  • matrix

    This album was dope you niggz is bugged out…

  • weedhead

    shit video

  • JOHNYblaze

    ya that album had bangers, like the one with the weeknd. But this is ehhh, somewhere along the lines he lost himself a little, content wise and song theme wise.

  • One of the best tracks off the album.