Action Bronson Joins Danny Brown In UK

Danny Brown is across the Atlantic and performed at London’s Scala. During his sold-out performance, he brought out Action Bronson for “Strictly 4 My Jeeps”. This shit is crazy.


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  • JL

    Bam Bam! The Bronson London show was crazy too.

  • Bowtie_fly

    In other news – Jesus died for our sins and if you can truly somewhat fathom how much he loves us, you will try a tad bit harder to live life according to his will.
    not preaching, just reaching someone who may not know this valuable info!

  • jesuswasatranny

    Im gonna fuck u in ur bible thumping boy cunt


    yoo thAT looked live yo and in my town too, ima check out action bronson that jam bangs!

  • Josh

    I was there, one of the best concerts i’ve ever been to. We are in a new golden era of Mcs and Hip Hop

  • StarFox64

    its so premature to be saying that….^^^

  • Leanin’

    @StarFox64 Thank you! Golden Era was the Golden Era! Not These niggaz right here..Cause if this what the Golden Era Ghostface would Punch dude in his face for Shark Bitin! FOH!

  • Josh

    @Starfox64 maybe you’re right, but there are so many new artists out there that are bringing back lyricism to the game (Kendrick, Schoolboy Q, Joey Badass, Action Bronson, Danny Brown etc). All of the artists I just mentioned are very distinct and can immediately be identified from their styles / voices. We are also in an era where these artists do not have to rely on big marketing teams to push them and promote them, they create a buzz themselves independently. Its kind of like the hip hop game has done a 360 and gone right back to the early days of the genre. Is a golden era?? who knows?? but it certainly is a changing of the guards from the last generation which was the ‘Southern Hip Hop’ era.

  • Josh

    @leanin, I said a ‘New Golden era’!!! My golden era was the 90s cause thats when I was growing up!! But to a 16 year old right now, Kendrick is the new saviour of Mcs and they listen to dudes such as Action Bronson!! Unfortunately most of these kids couldn’t name a Wu or Ghostface record, but they certainly could name a ASAP Rocky or J Cole record. In 14 years time when that 16 year old is now 30 yrs old, then they might just look back at this time as a ‘Golden Era’ of Hip Hop.

  • Leanin’

    Well Said Josh..i just think Every generation must just Do their Own thing. It takes TIME to be put into an “Era” (for lack of a better word.) and be so Quick to Name it. But I hear u on the Ages…All im saying is they gotta Carve their OWN Niche like those guys in the Past did.

  • Obama

    Hey I got an idea.. Let’s all just ignore the fact that rap dudes are now officially wearing dresses like it’s a fucking fashion statement.. Nigga that shit is crazy…

  • H

    Action is that nigga right now, as weird as that probably sounds to u bloggers lol

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  • R

    Action is the Man right Now