Freddie Gibbs Calls Out Young Jeezy

Freddie Gibbs isn’t one to bite his tongue. And during his interview with Rob Markman yesterday, he calls former CTE boss, Young Jeezy a fraud. He also goes on to say that he’s received death threats via Twitter. Good luck dodging one time.

“It’s tough meetin’ your heroes sometimes and kickin’ with them because when they take that cape off, boy o’ boy under that cape, sometimes it’s some scary lil’ boy hidin’ under that cape,” he continued. Gibbs first voiced his displeasure with Jeezy in an interview, and since then, he said he has received death threats on Twitter, but he isn’t taking it too seriously. “Yeah, death threats,” he confirmed. “Hey man, I know it hurts you to hear your favorite rapper’s a fraud. It ain’t my fault.”

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  • Kush

    LMAO. I fucks with Gibbs even more now.

  • thafuck

    fuck this wack ass nigga ja rule wannabe ass hope he do get killed.

  • Gibbs is the realest! Have y’all noticed Jeezy ain’t never been the same after they parted ways with GIBBS. This year will make or break Gibbs. #ESGN TILL THE END THOUGH

  • Atown Don

    These niggaz been tellin you few Jeezy fans left how fake he is! Blue Divinci told & Gucci exposed! Damn Gibbs i wished u wouldve listened & not even fucked with the LAME! But at least u see the light now… Jealous ass hatin ass niggaz like Jeezy be the reason why so many talented rappers dont ever see the light of day! Boo Rossini, Blood Raw,& the list goes on & on… Doughboy Cashout or whtever their fuckn names are yall up next! Has anyone noticed that none of the premiere top selling rappers dont even fuck with Jeezy… I wonder y!! Nigga bout 2 b Blackballed

  • “Smoke-A-Lot”

    Freddie Gibbs has called out Officer Ricky a number of times on tracks and in interviews and you never posted them

  • JustMyOpinion

    This is why you never buy into a rapper calling himself “gangsta.” I’m not taking sides at all, but real “gangstas” would approach the subject man to man, why speak your disdain on some pop outlet?

    It’s called business, he referre to himself as a gangsta, so how much “popping” did he expect to get off of that moniker? Half the time, that’s the problem with you want to be rappers, you think when you sign that deal-it’s over. Surprise. That’s when the actual grind/hustle begins.

    I’m tired of these so called “real N (word)” talking behind backs (twitter, etc).

    At the end of the day, don’t believe it folks these people are just entertainers

  • bmore

    Gangsta Gibbs ho

  • Atown Don

    [email protected] “Smoke A Lot” i know it hurts homie 2 hear your hero exposed but it is what it is!! Expose that Fuckboy Gibbs

  • had to wikipedia freddie gibbs hahahahaha

  • fuck u hoe

    @thafuck i hope u get killed bitch. U a hoe ass nigga

  • Akhi

    I fucks wit jeezy but I cant belive he would do some sh*t like that to gibbs, I aint surprised why Freddie Gibbs and Scrilla left CTE. He signed Tone Trump but he aint really do ish for him smh. I fucks wit the new records he got wit DBC but jeezy is not opening lanes for his artists you know wat Im saying. Jeezy why you sign a Distribution deal for CTE to move to Atlantic records, if none of your artists will drop an album… smh

  • Facts

    This whole situation makes me doubt Gibbs more than Jeezy.

    If Gibbs is such a G, why take the feminine route and run to the media? Let the hustle speak for itself. And you do have Jeezy’s phone number so…

    Jeezy is a multi millionaire who came up harder than most of these rappers. So what does Gibbs expect? That Jeezy is going to be all street? Although he put everything he had to not have to live this life anymore? Come on.

    I do fuck with both Gibbs and Jeezy.

    But what differs Jeezy from ALL these rappers is that he does not take the feminine emotional route and run his mouth in the media. He keeps it shut and watches his money grow.

    And to the guy who said that there are “few” Jeezy fans left… oh well. Let time speak.

  • Despite

    I wanna hear specifics tho.

  • The Truth

    damn jeezy sounding worse than diddy. at least at bad boy you get to put out an album before your career is deaded

  • ^ so u mean Jeezy never talked about Rozay to the media, right?

  • Facts

    @ Kaybee

    I dont like talking about the police

  • leftside

    fuck cuz jeezy anit no CRIP fake banger

  • VDUB

    Just fucking rap. We don’t care about your issues with Jeezy. Make a hit. Fans love Jeezy. Make us love your music. Put on for Gary. Smh.


    smh gibbs u bout 2 get blackballed ur carreeer is ova

  • mike

    So, why on December 11′ 2012; gibbs say “it was on good terms. Its all love”? Dude is contradicting his own statements.

  • They’ll still be rich, regardless

  • Genesis

    Cosign VDUB…. I don’t give a finuck about personal problems….. WWE shit all day…..

  • Milli

    im a gibbs and jeezy fan but gibbs needs to put on some decent records before going after jeezy. regardless of this bs.

  • StarFox64

    what’s up with the “good luck dodging one time” comment, ??

  • rahrahrah

    I was excited about Gibbs, never cared about Jeezy. They did some good work together, and that surprised me. My feeling is that Gibbs became too one dimensional. He should check out the cat that he has tatted on his back and bring some knowledge to the game, now he’s sounding lame and a bit like a dame.

  • pookie

    jeezy is a fuck nigga

  • Bowtie_fly

    In other news – Jesus died for our sins and if you can truly somewhat fathom how much he loves us, you will try a tad bit harder to live life according to his will.
    not preaching, just reaching someone who may not know this valuable info!

  • Dro

    This is a fuck nigga…goin at a nigga cuz he wouldnt hold your hand…nigga jeezy aint get no handouts and hustled to get where he at…fuck gibbs for going the hoe route

  • Young King 206

    Smh look at all you niggas ignoring the fact that Gibbs STILL continued to fuck with Jeezy that entire time though…. But NOW the nigga wanna call Jeezy on being a “Fraud”??? Ok…. Reality is Gibbs is just a bitter ass nigga, mad cause shit didn’t pan out for him. Niggas wanna talk about Jeezy didn’t push Gibbs, NIGGA he put Gibbs on every Mixtape he dropped since he signed him, AND put him on the album (103). FOH cry baby ass nigga. Be a man and stand ya sucka ass on ya own 2 like the rest of us…

  • Cool C

    First Off Gibbs has a New Album coming out so this promo for that wack ass shit…… He wasnt marketable Jeezy tried to mix him in with some of his fans. He thought that gibbs would be like a gangsta version of wale and j cole like a person to appear to the younger crowd. He can rap but he cant make hits thats why he got dropped jeezy gave him plenty of videos features like 2 chains, T.I. and he opened up for him for an entire tour so you cant say Jeezy didnt put him on he just wasnt hot. Its not Jeezy fault you suck freedie gibbs just stick to the underground shit cause i know a star when i see one and your not it. Jeezy did right i thought he should drop all of them niggas n/e wayz cause it wasnt going good for the team and he did right by starting all over. Gibbs wasn’t gone be able to put CTE on his back when jeezy retire so drop that nigga…… #itsthaworld

  • KingJuggaNott

    He’s gonna make sure Jeezy has to talk about HIM? Wait–What?
    Really? Is THAT what it’s all about? LOL……wow.

  • Stoney

    Gibbs is the truth. Jeezy couldnt out rap that nigga wit a ghostwriter. Only a handful of niggas that might even be close to on par with him in regards to the versatility and technicality of his music. Hip hop is about being authentic. Meech dont even fuck with Jeezy and he put him in the game. plus gibbs dont make garbage, Ever. Used to fuck with Jeezy, but i knew something was foul after gibbs rode on MMG on Cold Day in Hell and Jeezy never backed him up. Gibbs was going in on all this fake shit in hip-hop since he came out and I felt like Jeezy was censoring him. Glad to see the real Gibbs going in again . Yall niggas blind to this real shit. On the Fin.

  • Fuck Your Opinion

    I believe everything he just said, Gibbs has always been a straight forward dude who is DEFINITELY street certified. People have said this about Jeezy for years and now I finally believe it, damn. “I know it hurts you to hear your favorite rappers a fraud, it ain’t my fault.” ETHER.

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  • Devante

    It’s all business never personal….
    If Gibbs ain’t get hot after two years of being on Jezzy’s album, Mixtapes and Videos then why waste money on a dude who is gonna blow?

  • yuj

    gibbss suck trying to get a buzz off of jeezy name

  • headedhard

    Fuck Jeezy, hes never been the same after ROZAY murdered him.

    • Britten ‘Xman’ Bethea

      but he killed ross w one line “are you part of the fam shit I never knew”

  • Derrt

    Niggas are stupid. Look at Jeezy’s CTE roster when he first started out. NO ONE HAS EVER SUCCEEDED. Gibbs was dumb for partnering with him in the first place. He put cold day in hell out (which was dope) and should have stayed riding that wave. Gibbs had his own movement going, Jeezy froze it.



  • epinz

    As a gibbs fan, I feel like this goes against the rype of ngga he potrays to be….u shoulda just ledt it how it qas. Mive without him..



    MOGUL $$$ GAME ’13!!!

  • OmegaSun73

    ol Don Cheadle looking ass nigga

  • Motown huslta

    Never really been a Gibbs fan but knew em thru being a fan of Jeezy!!! All I can say is keep doing u my Nigg cuz i ain’t saw nobody yet stop Jeezy getting money!!! Young cant b dat Gud of an actor cuz da shit he speak u have to had experience it not jus witness!! Real street nigga

  • after glancing through all the comments the people voted Freddie Gibbs 98% and Jeezy 2%, so u know who won already, right?! I guess the Snowman can commit suicide or some shit like that at this point. Fuck the world! #ESGN TILL THE END!! Somebody better won ’em so called doughboyz before it is too late.

  • B

    you think da snowman gives a fuck? haha. ya’ll are jokers. gibbs my dude too, you dont even know the half. but jeezy the truth. dont even try to front everybody. gibbs you just butthurt. if ya’ll really think gibbs is gonna over throw jeezy or something your crazy haha, and ya’ll know it. or is dude gonna try to make a carer outta beef’in with jeezy? cuz im gonna tell you right now thats obviously not gonna work. gibbs how bout you put out an ablum, and HOPEFULLY sell more than 50k, then talk some small shit. you still got a long way to go brah. hes your favorite rappers favorite rapper, foreal. seriously all i gotta say is 103. WIN WIN WIN, WIN WIN

  • yoyoyoyoyo



  • Marko-V

    Man I dig Gibbs and been riding wit dude since Str8 Killa No Filla. Idk if dude read any of this and I hope so cuz while Gibbs make valid points I rather he just say No Comment and keep makin them dope songs cuz that’s what matter to the real fans. All the extra ish talkin don’t really do nothin but give food to them devils pushin that bs and them devils don’t care nothin bout the culture. Man just leave that Jeezy talk alone and make more money and put your team on like you been doin Gibbs. And that’s from a real fan from the Midwest too (STL).


  • Tayo

    Why people keep dissing Jessy like he gone respond especially to irrelevant ass niggas like this

  • Tayo