New Music: Joey Bada$$ “95′ Til Infinity”

95 ti infinity-cover

Joey’s Summer Knights has transformed from an EP to a free digital LP. Initially scheduled for tomorrow, it will now be released July 1 and makes up for the delay with an introspective cut. 9-5 muthafucker.

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  • Slim Baller

    Action Bronson>>

  • Chronic

    Kid keeps comin with dope music

  • StarFox64

    just think what other people would do with some of the beats he’s recieved…

  • Get Real

    This kid is trash in a bag waiting to be disposed of …

  • Troop

    Lil B >

  • NovaKaine

    He hit or miss I fuck with it it might stay ok n the phone for a rotation or two

  • city slumm

    I just want the beat !!!


    hm feels like he approached this beat wrong

  • Despite

    Great dude. Comes out with great stuff, but he shouldn’t have gone all Meek Millz and yell the whole thing.

  • DeezNuts

    thats dope

  • wouzi

    this is fire!!!!!!!!!!!

  • matrix

    Shit is ight…i think this kid gets so much hype cuz he got a throwbacc sound…but honestly i have never heard a song from him that i love…so jea….

  • Showboat

    Ya dudes aint nothing to us/ This feels like nothing (nuttin’) to us son// Taught your daughter how to bust a nut for fun// recollect and collect the funds/ when she seethe the sons/ slipt the pro-ceeds (seeds) when I come//

    Dude is a lyrical MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!

  • Death to all wack rappers and racist PPL

  • Dope

  • yoyoyo

    fucking dope, bada$$ the next big thing

  • don canon

    anybody say the kid cant rhyme is tone deaf. hes a lyrical beast, his raps so deep they slip over most peoples heads. go check out rap genius and get a new perspective

  • Officer Ricky

    This kid has some serious talent, hopefully somebody will take him under their wing to polish his sound ala Dre with Kendrick

  • Respect

    this nigga whack

  • ECU

    That beat. Good to see badass goin in

  • Coolmandingo305

    He shouldve named it something else. Blasphemous move youngn
    this dude is wack. just like the person said before…he approached the beat wrong. Action Bronson wouldve killed this.

  • Chris

    TRASH!!! What the fuck are u people even listening to?!

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  • Black Shady

    beat is dope

    but idk…I love his old school style, but not feeling him that much

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    I’m Just not feeling Joey Badass, people want that real hip hop so bad that they hyping this kid too much. I respect what he’s trying to do but in my honest opinion Astro Kid does it better.

  • Errol

    nigga stays rhymin on slow beats. Step your BPM’s up lil nigga

  • Shaolin

    Im a Joey fan but this is garbage yo. What a waste of a dope beat. That yelling shit is wack as fuck.

  • Dude is fire.he picks great beats and sounds like the 90’s updated.I really fuck w/ dude IDK why ppl hating.he’s really dope
    Loch Ft. @DJDooWop “Spaz Out” (official Music Video):

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  • yeaHOE2


  • ikozneffekt


  • Showboat

    I drop knowledge like a 5 percenter// every time I drop a line it touch like 5 placentas// schooling ya offspring//

    Dude is Dope