2 Chainz Robbery Footage

Harvey’s URL has obtained surveillance footage of 2 Chainz’s alleged robbery in San Francisco on Sunday. Chainz denied the incident, but cops report otherwise. Tit’s security detail explains what happened here

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  • boy, you cant even deny a simple robbery any more. big brother is every where. What part of the game is that. On some, I got the tape ish.

  • Yng Nipsino the best

    what else can somebody do…

  • mrzee

    i bet yall think he’s soft for running. allot of u dumb fucks act hard until a guns in your face. i’d do the same. buuuuuut the entourage ran even faster and thats fucked up.

  • herohiro

    he walkin round they gettin it he walkin round they gettin it ,its his they steal it its his they steal it

  • wow

    frontin ass nigaz man, these rappers never keep it 100

  • KoldCase

    i dont listen to 2 chainz so idk if he raps about killing and shit but this is what a normal person would do if they were about to get robbed

  • Black Shady

    damn! it makes u think who’s around u. your “goons”, “posse”, “the niggas who gon ride for ya” were the first ones to run lmao

    they AINT WORRYIN BOUT NOTHIN…and especially not about ur ass 2Chainz lol

  • Young Lucky

    @mrzee you aint lied homie. niggas think its sweet until that pistol comes out. and youre right about the entourage. if i was him all them niggas would be on the first GREYHOUND from Cali back to ATLANTA!!!

    @rap radar i swear this shit you all are posting is bringing my praises to you all and visits to this site to an end. niggas get robbed everyday this shit aint news, get off this world star shit for real. you post his shit. YN keeps niggas dicks in his mouth ALLLLLLLLLLL DAY via twitter (by the way he has the most disgusting, cock sucking twitter of all time) and now allows posts of this. leave that to the gossip sites and stick to the music

  • pookie

    he didn’t get robbed

  • Oz

    It’s more attempted robbery 2 Chainz went Peter Parker on that ass I swear I saw him leap over a car In a single bound

  • Young Lucky

    @wow has got to be a clown ass nigga from utah or a silly ass whiteboy. what the fuck was he supposed to do to “keep it 100”???? DIE OUT THERE??? FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM???! rap niggas stay under the eye of the law so aint no way he can stroll around OT with a pistol. only option is to run or get cooked!!

  • pookie

    maybe those were not his goons and just buddies ya know…

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    I remember a rapper/actor getting robbed in Memphis, Tenn by 3 females in a hotel room…BOSS !

  • Oz

    Man you know it’s not weak to run its bold seeing as how bullets are pretty fast a coward would have just stod there froze and handed shit over (which is 99% of us)

  • Harvey tired of being classified as a false reporting website nigga bringing out the evidence lol…. No security? stop being cheap.. That nigga drake stay 2 big ass body guards and now I see why.

  • pookie

    them basketball drills came in for 2chainz

  • Leon Sandcastle

    Lmao. I woulda did the same shit. I wouldn’t have bust my ass half way down the block though. And it’s a shame his security / entourage ran faster than he did.

    “Blams will make him scram”

  • LikeJordan45

    You niggas need to learn to separate the simple things.

    OF COURSE a regular nigga/unarmed/with no posse/body guards should take off running for his life BUT we’re talking about a millionaire rapper who openly brags about guns and having shooters. Same as the Rick Ross situation YOU LOOK LIKE A CLOWN WHEN YOU GET APPROACHED ON SOME STREET SHIT AND IT TURNS TO A TRACK MEET.

    I would have done the same as 2 Chainz but then again I don’t tell millions of people I keep choppas on deck and I’ll blast pistols brazenly…be about what you speak about. Period.

    I’m glad dude straight but him running/denying it/getting robbed in broad daylight is lamed out.

  • Young Lucky

    shut yo dumb ass up @LikeJordan45 . Jordan was trash when he came back with #45, so that says it all about you

  • wow

    @young lucky shut up fuck boi im from brooklyn…. i aint talking about him running im talking about him acting like nigaz aint run down on him… He did the correct thing in the situation but he been trying to protect his image for the last 2 days… Nigaz rollin wit a bunch a young clown nigaz where the goons at?

  • HAA
    2 Chainz Running For His Life!

  • LikeJordan45

    @Young Lucky

    Good one, dog

  • Someone who used to go by the name TITTY BOI ran from an altercation ?
    He is different remember?
    Besides he said the weed had him paranoid NO LIE.

  • the videos are different. unless there were 2 shooters. first video white shirt runs down side walk. second video black shirt runs on street

  • K


    Co-sign, if he gave his wallet to the nigga and didn’t run, he would save his dignity and still make his lyrics back him up.

  • Devante

    The fact that he got robbed doesn’t make him less off a man, it’s the fact that he denied and tried to sound tough

  • Homie

    wack as hell that people stay plottin’

  • Devante


  • Rozay

    If some niggas approach with a strap and you’re unarmed and you run isn’t cowardly but when when you say it wasn’t you then you lose poins for lying.

  • Rozay


  • chillthrillz

    the nigga fell,,,cause his pants was falling off his ass,,,,,he would have looked,,,better if he just would of gave it up,,,,unless niggas just wanted to kill him,,,they just wanted to eat,,,,if he was built like that he would of frank white the niggas,,,tell them to come to the show,and hold him down,,,cause his mans and them is buns,,all them niggas around and nobody got the heater,,,bullets have no heart,,,so i halfway understand running

    streets is watching and these rap niggas got it fucked up,,,

  • Bstunna

    “None of them niggas looked rich as fuck and All his niggas ran like bitches, fuck”

  • Dashing

    For the people that are saying he lied about it, unless he spoke on it beyond what he said on Twitter, I don’t think he actually lied about it…. Read the text of what he said on Twitter.

    “Rule #1 if a rapper gets robbed people usually post items that has been taken. Rings, chains, watch , money etc. 2 answer that question. Rule#2 if a rapper gets shot he usually go to hospital or dies. Rule# 3 we definitely got geeked up in San Fran , best smoke in the world. 2 blessed 2 stress. I reportedly killed summer jam tho! #bayarea. Haha timeline filled with people that want me fucked up . I tell them, get in line u can’t stop this shit. Ha””

    I didn’t hear a lie in there…If he was trying to lie about it, he woulda said “I was never robbed.” Don’t forget the man graduated college, supposedly with a 4.0. He’s smarter than ya’ll think…..

    And like people said above, there’s no shame in running when you got a gun pulled on you, especially if you aint strapped.


    See, Frisco niggas ain’t no punks
    Put guns in our way and they’re gonna get pumped

  • chillthrillz

    see the driver pull off,,and left the nigga,,,niggas gotta stay on point,,,,,niggas think this rap shit is the move,,talk all that fly shit then dont show and prove,,,,pssss!!,,,,

  • leftside

    2 FAST

  • Rozay


    the second clip shows 2chainz running and the dude in the black catching up to him then running away from the scene.

    when 2chainz said Rule #1 if a rapper gets robbed people usually post items that has been taken. Rings, chains, watch , money etc. 2 answer that question. he is basically saying he didn’t get robbed because nobody posted his jewelry online.

  • Evil

    2 Chainz image,pride and ego has taken a huge L,lets not even try to deny that.

    He raps about this shit,having shooters and being a tough guy.He doesnt look so tough in this clip,he isnt even armed,not of his goons either,everybody just ran off like scared cockroaches.

    Next time 2Chainz makes a “tough” song,we know its bullshit.He has to start rap about his real life now cause we know now he aint about that hood life.

  • Shit 2chainz could be the next Usain Bolt. He did the best thing to not resisting though. Life is precious fuck a chain

  • Dashing

    @Rozay, you’re saying he is “basically saying he didn’t get robbed” but I’m saying he never actually said he didn’t get robbed. Let me give you an example…

    Your girlfriend: Are you cheating on me?
    You: Baby, you know niggas that cheat smell like perfume, have lipstick on their collar, have their phone blowing up….

    I’m saying it’s IMPLYING he didn’t get robbed, but it’s not a denial. He never said “I didn’t get robbed.” unless there’s a interview that I haven’t seen, he didn’t lie about it.

  • Da

    damn, 2 shooters, and he got flanked. (if that was really him and all this is true)

  • Billy

    A few things.

    1. It’s crazy bold how the robber pulled out a gun in broad day light on a busy street.

    2. It looks like 2 Chainz almost got away, but then falls toward the end. I’m assuming that’s when the robbery happened. Prolly just gave up his wallet like, ‘you win’

    3. Why did he deny it? Just say ‘they caught me slippin in the Bay’…he wouldn’t have lost points for that, but he does for trying so hard to make it seem like he didnt get robbed.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “It’s crazy bold how the robber pulled out a gun in broad day light on a busy street”…This video is crazy in broad day light with no MASK.

  • Rozay

    @ Dashing

    If you want to be literal than yes he is IMPLYING that he didn’t get robbed.
    but unfortunately for him people are smart enough the decipher the truth….especially when there is footage.

  • 4rom the south

    All y’all niggas broke af while he still rich wtf are y’all commenting for Get a Job you bum ass clowns

  • it’s the roc

    why do some of you assume that killers/tough guys don’t run? even in the worst places on earth, it’s a rare occurrence that there is an actual a firefight, usually someone is running. just because someone can kill doesn’t mean that they want to die/aren’t trying to survive. and if you aren’t even armed and two people run up on you like that, is there even a question? having said all that, him lying about it is embarassing.

  • I’m sorry for this but I really wish they had some sound for when he fell lol…But Real Talk he did right to run, you just never know what they want from you maybe your chain or your life. Beef up security meh,

  • ODC

    He did get robbed, clearly saw him on the floor with duke on top of him.

    secondly, he fronted like that never happened on twitter. thats what made him soft, not running. run for your life, but don’t deny the incident. smh

  • ODC

    yall blind as heck. he GOT ROBBED> After he fell, the cat was on top of him doing something then ran. he GOT HIM.

  • quese

    No hes not weak for running ,he is weak for denying the whole thing

  • DMVinyourchick

    Niggaz is clownin, yo I woulda ran too tf? What was he sposed to do? Jet li the gun out his hand? U see the way homie skipped to my loo after em, when they started runnin


  • ugh

    I know it’s messed up to laugh about this… but the robber skipping hahahahaha it reminded me of http://stream1.gifsoup.com/view1/1329824/black-guy-skating-o.gif

  • miami-LIL SHOTTA

    @ZoomZoom aka creo…I been know U a pussy boy talkin’ all that non-sence , Wat the fuck U know about dem streetz…nigga got to kill me in broad daylight I aint runnin’ for nothing…NIGGA U AINT FROM DADE atleast I know ur weakness now PUSSY…Don’t read my comments an try to act hard pussy cause its punks like U make a NIGGA LIKE ME ACT OUT OF CHARACTER…

  • can we get a report on two chainz 40 time. the atlanta falcons could use a third white out. roddy white julio. 2chainz!!

  • Phonte

    The fall was intentional. The dude robbing him let off shots. What do you do when shots are fired? Hit the deck.

  • Rozay

    Why even go out in public if you 2Chainz type of rapper? You brag about all your bread in every song. In all your pics, you got about 20 gold chains on. You clown on the niggaz in the real world that ain’t got shit, that’s out here starvin’ in these streetz. And not expect somebody to come & try to take yo’ shit? You got us fucked up. You had it comin’, nigga. Stay in the hotel, don’t believe the lie and your yes men, nigga. Streetz don’t love you, nigga.

  • Carlito R

    The real p*ssy or coward is the dude behind the gun! Anybody could be tough, hard or gangsta if they got a gun and you aint got one.

  • “Smoke-A-Lot”



  • Gra

    Please stop with this keep it 100 shit people a gun has never lost a fist fight ever.
    I don’t care if your “gangsta ” , a punk are like most guys just a reg dude if someone has
    A gun an you don’t game over you lose , just take your. L and use it as a lesson learned.
    The lesson for 1 chain ( because the other one just got jacked) is don’t have your boys be
    Your security get trained professionals around you because in the streets your a target bro. Gun> ego.

  • oakland73rd

    All that tough talk gangsta shit and he ran like a bitch straight up if he was really bout it then he should of just stood his ground gave up his shit and take it as a loss instead he choose to run and fall & still gets robbed like a bitch remeber bullets can go faster then you can run

  • NovaKaine

    I thought you new its the bay area ain’t nobody in the industry show any kinda love for us out here so we just take it
    Pulled up on the scene all his shit missin


  • Niggas got to watch how they Move around Big City’s , sometimes bitches or Bitch Niggas will Give up your position as well


    i dont see how niggas saying he lied…where did he get robbed at in the video? niggas just ran up with burners…he hauled ass and they didn’t get shit…i would’ve ran too, shit not worth dying over…being tough get u shot…ask waka.

  • Yacht

    Sh!t you get the f*ck outta there ASAP! Live, Learn. Armed security high crime areas even if it’s only rental crew.

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  • prai$e

    nice trap.

  • creo

    If he would had bust his heat 2chains would be fighting a case or dead n a shootout wit footage 2 show it all. He should fire the crew. Why have niggaz around u dat aint going 2protect u. Real niggaz would covered 2chains up got on top of him n said dnt shoot. Give up what they want n take the loss. Stop feeding cowards 2chainz

  • creo

    @lil gay shotta fuck u pussy.i aint zoom whatever the rest. I aint running from shit bitch boy. When im n the bay im gd hoe.not a problem 4me when im n the town fuck nigga. If was chains i wouldnt have cowards wit me. If i was n the crew i would cover chains up n laid my life down 4the nigga. Niggaz would have 2murk me n my niggaz 2get 2chains.but im gd n the town so dat would never happen 2me neway bitch.fuck dade county dick taster

  • creo


  • creo

    @lil gay shotta if u acting out of ur character dat means u aint no Gangsta. U expose ur self.pretending 2 b what u aint over the blog.fuck u nigga u showed ur true colors. Nigga u a busta ACTING out ur Character. So be who u are a bitch boy.

  • Shock986

    The fake tough guys are out today huh? Saying they would have did this and that….gtfoh. Only e-thugs and people who have never been in the heat are clowning on 2 Chainz for hauling ass. Only insecure niggas take pleasure in a nigga getting jacked. All you niggas that are constantly hating on people on this site are just mad that you’re not successful and in that nigga’s shoes, so you find the dumbest shit to nitpick at, just to make yourself feel better. Ya’ll need hugs and therapy.

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Shout to @im only telling the truth for that R.B.L. Posse line lol

  • IIG

    He dipped on them boys! They had the drop on him, but couldn’t hold him down. Good shit, I’m glad he came out okay.

  • Ignorant Wisdom

    yall cant say hes fake for running, he wont be travelling across the country 40 deep, strapped, and dont said real gs do that nobody does that is just dumb put millions in risk just for u can say with no doubts tha u a real g. and second of all 2 chainy is way taller then the guy on the video

  • miami-LIL SHOTTA

    @creo…Fuck Nigga U Aint no Haitian talkin’ all that HOMO…IF U gettin money like dat protect urself it aint nothing to get A FEW TOE TAGGERS clean ones… For dem niggaz dat wants to be down wit U…fucking bitches,smoke weed,poppin’ bottles ETC…So wat about when shit get sour, niggaz don’t want to RYDE no MORE…HA HA…U never get a pleasure out of killing ur brothers and sisters but it is WAT it is NIGGA…DATZ wat I mean of stayin’ in CHARACTER no unnecessary killing keep grounded… WE SPREAD LOVE NOT WAR # itz a million way to DIE nigga CREO

  • watch my move$

    where i come from niggaz keep heats in they book bags
    to much money for this nigga to not had got killed
    where the goons or awareness at ?

    the homies dragn they fuckn ass smh runnin b4 the bag get hip pssssshhhh
    1 nigga coulda got rushed. they was deep some1 pose to had the strap

  • watch my move$

    look at the thumbnail tho lmaooooooooooooo
    2chainz frontn he aint get robd niggaz behind this nigga
    while he rushn 2chainz lololol nigga pose to got shot
    a thousand times, please.

  • brza

    more like “no chainz” after this.

  • TImeChange

    who ever doesnt see the robbery better use fullscreen and watch 2 chainz fall,and the guy tustles with him for like 1minute and comes back running with something. looks like he got jacked

  • Foreign luccini

    *my nigga got his usain bolt on*

  • 2chainz-mama

    back in the dayz street cred wasn’t needed because most of he rappers were from the street /projects.
    Now rappers just come from the suburbs or from beverly hills like Will smith son, and they are searching for a street cred.
    a few years ago, this street cred was important but since rick ross, this isn’t the case anymore.

    i mean the dude was a fuking cop and all the so called hardcore guys from back in the days : ( wu-tang/ snoop/game etc etc) are saying that rick ross is their man / their brother, that hes a cool guy.

    Everybody just pretending to believe 2chainz is a G while they all know he’s a bitch.
    nobody gives a fuck of street cred anymore, it’s no more a selling value.

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  • creo

    Lol lil shotta u a funny nigga. Nigga i never said i was haitian 1st off. When u out of town guns just aint at the liquor store 2 buy. If u getting millions aint no real nigga gonna die 4 a wallet. Chainz had sum bitches wit him dats the biggest loss he took.no way im feeding disloyal niggaz dats gonna leave me. I been 2the bay they bout extortion,robbing n pimpin. U cnt be sumwhere sight seeing deep wit no pistols cuz u will get tested

  • creo

    In cali theres cameras everywhere n the city. So even if he had a pistol he would be locked up 4 busting his gun. Strike1 if he hit sum1 strike 2. If sum1 innocent get hit dats strike 3. Dats life n jail if he murk 1nigga dats life n the pen. If his crew did ne of the above he still facing 3strikes. Different states have different laws. Fuckin his off a gangsta

  • creo

    So if its bout love n not war then he would move smarter. Stay n the hotel or hire security dat will bust they gun n could beat a court case. Cuz 3strikes can happen n 1 insident. He lucky he aint dead or n jail wit no bail. Using ur fuckin brain is gangsta. When u got paper send niggaz 2the weed dispensary.

  • Everybody want to b PAC until they get Pac

  • Despite

    WHO CARES IF HE RAN OR NOT THE POINT IS HE SAID HE DIDNT GET ROBBED AND HE OBVIOUSLY DID. Conversation over. He’s a pussy for lying about it.

  • Nathaniel

    y’all do realize he never denied the incident. he only said he didn’t get shot, and no one took anything from him.

    are we slow, out here? oh… right…

  • Nathaniel


    again. a robbery means an exchange of possessions at gun/knife/weapon point, etc. he never said a gun wasn’t pulled, that he didn’t run, that the incident itself didn’t go down.

    he only said he wasn’t shot and no one took nothing from him. from the looks of the video, all you can see is dude running off tucking his gun. no chains, no wads of money. no clothes. shit’s inconclusive.

    i think niggas would just prefer he be lying so they can call the nigga fake, but it looks like dude ran off before he could get a come up off the nigga. whatever though.

  • Nathaniel

    but i guess you could say the wallet and cell phone were taken. even though he said he dropped those. ah, fuck it. shit’s irrelevant lol

  • Despite

    @Nathaniel I thought I read somewhere though that he said his buddy was the one that got robbed and that’s why I say he lied. Plus at the end of the video the dude with the gun is standing over 2Chainz and I don’t think he did that just for shits. Definitely stole something. But ya, shit is irrelevant.

    Go back and listen to Illmatic and Ready to Die then listen to any of 2Chain’s songs…. it’s just sad that this dude gets attention.

  • Anonymous fap master

    No worries, once the smoke is settles, everyone will forget about this event, and move on with their puny insignificant lives.

  • 2Chainz run honey! You are 40 years old, and you got kids and a girl to feed here in the ATL! I wonder what Miss Gabriel Tesoriero at Def Jam Publicity, is going to say (lie) about this? Well, 2Chainz run like Forrest Gump! You worked hard for it, so you better run and try to save it! – YESSSSSS LAAAAWWWD!

  • @2chains mama LMAo

  • Real Talk

    2 Chainz has every right to run. What would you do if you were a 36 yr old with a daughter and a prosperous career?

    Option 1# – Stand there, give up your jewels, possibly take a bullet.

    Option 2# – Stand your ground, fight on some materialistic shit, possibly take a bullet.

    Option 3# – Make a run for it, and live to rap another day.

    …he did the right thing to run. I think anybody that would want to see their family the next day wouldn’t take a chance on the first two options.

  • dat nigga

    The same thing happened to a guy in this music video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=io7dkrh7X7w

  • 6ft.1

    @ Dashing… Nigga we know what he was IMPLYING! You know what he was IMPLYING! Call a SPADE A SPADE and Stop RIDING this dudes DICK! It’s O.K. you’re still allowed to listen to his garbage ass music if you want! No-one’s trying to deny you that… But, you have ABSOLUTELY no reason to try and defend his actions!

  • 6ft.1

    @ NFLSCOUT… White Out? It’s referred to as a “WIDE OUT” as in “WIDE Receiver! Fuckin White out? Seriously? That’s what you use to correct mistakes and spelling errors with!

  • StarFox64

    what im really surprised about is how 2 chainz is the biggest dude out of his whole entourage..

  • JOE




  • JOE




  • HK

    @pookie says: “them basketball drills came in for 2chainz”


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    50 wouldnt have run. Thats why i be telling yall Curtis is the realest of them all.

  • Jager

    Yeah man you cant blame him for taking off. And its not like he can actually carry guns, hes so high profile hes likely to get checked all the time Also if he did pull one and start busting you know he would went to jail anyway. But yeah hes weak for not just saying FUCK THEY HAD GUNS AND GUNS ARE SCARY IN YOUR FACE. I mean come on chainz we would understand your a person just like us. Dont front.
    Although his music is a big front so i guess this is what happens.

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