Mac Miller Watching Movies With The Sound Off Listening

Mac Miller packed a theater yesterday in NYC for his album listening. In blurred footage above, he rolls out the show with his opening remarks. Album drops June 18, so pre-order yours today.

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  • Chris

    Album is surprisingly bananas. Dude has come a long way as an MC, and the influence of the dudes he’s been hanging with in L.A. (TDE, Earl, Casey, etc) is pretty evident, in a good way. And the beats, my goodness, fuckin’ fire.

    Macadelic is the first project I ever liked of his, before then I lumped him in with the corny frat rap that 2dopeboyz and their ilk push with such enthusiasm, but this album shits all over that one.

    Don’t sleep.

  • JOHNYblaze

    ^exactly why I havent been able to vibe to this ninja. Maybe Ill check out his newer shit, He was completely unbearable a few years back but maybe hes toned it down.

  • Chris

    I don’t think you’ll be disappointed bruh. Not saying it’s the album of the year or dude will be giving Kendrick a run for the best MC title, but the beats are (mostly) knocking and the rhymes are (for the most part) on point.

  • Cruisio

    Album is genuinely amazing, I was very surprised. I truly hope people go and listen to it rather then get too caught up in what J Cole or Kanye is doing because it would be a damn shame if that happened. The beats and the atmospheric (movie soundtrack vibe) tone alone are worth giving this album a listen

  • Genesis

    Enjoyed the album… I always buy indie albums that I like….. Mac’s got my money….

  • Fuck Your Opinion

    This album is extremely dope, and it sucks that it will be outshined by Cole and Ye. Mac has came a long way in a short amount of time and I gotta give him props for that, you can DEF hear the TDE/Cali influence like the dude above me said, and it meshs together perfectly. On June 18th I will be copping 4 albums, Mac/Statik/Cole/Ye. Hip hop >>>>>

  • NovaKaine

    Fo sho coppin this on the 18th aswell as J Cole album cop yeezus a few weeks later ha

  • london S

    Mac has in improved but to me the featured artist carried WMWTSO. Their were a lot of skippable songs on the album. I don’t compare him to Kendrick, Cole and Wale because their music subjects are different from each other, Mac and Wiz are in the same category because they mainly talk about the same subjects.

  • london S

    Don’t get my comments twisted I still going to support my white brother Mac on the 18, but I am also going to support Yeezus and Born Sinner because I know their albums are dope as well. We need to support hip hop.

  • ck

    i was also really surprised. loved best day ever, hated blue slide park and that ‘life is amazing thank you’ thing. macadellic was aighttt but this album is dope. its what i was hoping blue slide park would be like. Im buying this and Yeezus, born sinner is alright, but im not the biggest j cole fan

  • Lightsaber Leg

    Better than J, Cole album

  • Kemba15

    I fucks with Watching Movies with the Sound off but y’all are crazy thinking that Mac album is Better than J. Cole’s Born Sinner, this is coming from a J. Cole hater. Damn! I hate admitting that J. Cole album is dope

  • Cruisio

    Nah I agree, I thought it was better than J Cole’s album as well. It’s a difficult thing to describe because…well, J Cole’s album is definitely amazing, no doubt, the stories, the beats, the flow and the whole vibe of the album is artistically fantastic but……I can think of maybe 2 songs that I want to hear more than once after the first play though. It’s a fantastic piece of art and shows off brilliant technique behind the craft but I also found it slightly boring. There’s at least 5 tracks off Mac’s album you can play again and again and again and hear something different and great each time

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  • MIKE

    Everyone talks about J. Cole music as being boring, Mac album was boring as Fuck, plus he got outshined by guest artist on his album. He have a couple of good songs on it but Born Sinner I could play that shit straight through and it got better each time I listened to it; where as WTMWTSO stayed the same as I repeated the album to get a better feel for it. It’s just so many different song that stand out on Born Sinner besides Power Trip and Crooked smile.

  • jroc

    I was going to mention J.Cole name in this Mac post but since niggas what to compare albums, Mac album is aight but it not fucking with Born Sinner on any level, it may sale more but not better.

  • DeathofMolly

    Mac showed improvement but his album is just average to me nothing to fuss about

  • Jay

    Watching Movies with the sound off is very average, I think people are over hyping the album because he showed improvement and it’s better than his 1st album. At first I thought it was dope too but after a couple days of listening and analyzing it, I got tired of it and started to skip a lot of the songs.

  • matrix

    Yeezus album is going to be incredible, Born Sinner is dope as hell, Watching Movies With The Sound Off is better than expected. I don’t know what the hell genre Kanye is going for but I plan on support all 3 of these artist. It is not a competition it’s about supporting real hip hop

  • Ivy Jay

    BASURA……. Fuck this Jew!!!