New Music: D’Banj Ft. Big Sean x Snoop Dogg “Blame It On The Money”

Nigerian singer D’Banji points the finger at his cash flow on his latest release featuring his fellow G.O.O.D. Music mate and Snoop Dogg. His album D’Kings Men coming soon.


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  • Jerry

    This is Dope…But he needs to work more on his voice. Love from Ohio.

  • Yung Buck

    LOOOOL Dis Africa Nigga Again…But I think dis is still better than the Shit he dropped with ye

  • Kendrick

    Crappy beat shit.nice hook

  • Terry

    What language these nigga speaking at the end?am sure it’s their African crappy language. Monkeys

  • Illuminati

    Snoop did it for me here

  • WestGang

    Lmaooo that’s all I have to say.

  • African&Proud

    SOME of y’all are Ignorant and Stupid for calling your fellow brother Monkey and African.. If you Black you Africans!!.. You Lost ones! Research your Roots Idiots!

    Ps: he’s Nigerian and from Africa and Proud!

  • Panama

    Chilled hook

  • Faded

    Damn after hearing this we need some more new Big Sean music

  • Tessy

    Lol that black and proud nigga is pained and chinned,we soon gonna be sending wale back home as well.IDK. Maybe with time these suit nigga gonna be better than wale too.

  • Lawrence philips

    I like the hook,Nigga still better than psy’

  • Sean junior

    Yesssss……B.I.G whipp their ass on these!!!!

  • Frizzy

    Snoop went in on these raggae beat.

  • Can you guys check out my new favorite up and coming artist HazeMunny’s latest video for his song Get Em. He’s most definitely one of the next to blow.

  • wow! beware haters and biters.

    “The world is yours.”

  • Sgt.Pepper

    great hook, this guy has a great voice.

    bragging about being rich in Africa, fucking horrible.

    Big Sean sound out of place.

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  • Weezy

    Hook is nice,he should work more on his voice and he will be perfect.he aint got nothing yet,so nigga should not brag yet..this is America!

  • Swiz roland

    This is the Oliver Twist nigga,we love him very much over here in Romania.

  • Me

    Don’t be Fooled yo! He Probably got more money that Big sean

  • lil d


  • barney gotye

    his voice tho.. and snoop with his rasta shit!

  • keegan black 40404

    niggus got african money… oil money dammit!

  • cali swaggin

    xpecting him to work with 2chainz.. dude’s good and big sean whoop!

  • nigger not a stich

    oliver twist is berra than wale..

  • joe flacko

    half of yall insulting him got a toyota, mazda or that honda… go lookup and see how wealthy africans are and stop dropping ignorant shit on here.. when yall living off paychecks.. broke ass ignorant haters.

  • ebuka

    Nice hook,nice verse from Big sean,Snoop went in,the beat was a little bit whacky, great song overall…but hey…That guy calling D’banj a monkey does’nt even know tha Dude’s got more money than his entire wretched family…LMAO

  • mayorbanty

    the guy insulting D’banj ain’t seeing nothing yet. more to come from the black Mamber. the biggest pop star in a continent of over 1billion population. it ain’t no joke you fool……..

  • Tilla

    Dis nigga needs more concentration I think he can sing if his voice is been work on more…I don’t care if he is rich or not…hook is nice

  • oppy lee

    Eja nla …Dbanj is da bomb

  • sean

    D’banj so richer dan big sean. So he can brag about riches. Dis song is dope!

  • dave

    cool hook nd fantastic finish

  • wale

    cool track!

  • david

    cool tune! gr8 hook

  • kendrick

    gr8 export frm africa! lovely tune

  • Africa

    @Terry just wanted say FUCK YOU from Africa