• B.London


  • Sgt.Pepper

    killing it, Gangsta Gibbs got that fire flow.

    If independent, he should be bigger than Mac Miller.

    If on a major, he should be bigger than Ross.

  • epinz

    This is what im talkin bout…fuck all that jeezy shit, just drop mudic anf keep it movin ngga

  • yeaHOE

    Damn this beat is insane

  • LikeJordan45

    Ya’ll love Gibbs now that he split from Jeezy huh? Nigga finally getting some Top 5 love

  • @ LikeJordan45 rapradar been riding with Gibbs a long time u just don’t know, his BFK mixtape was top five too!! Freddie Soprano let’s get it!!!


    ridin on jeezys wave cmon b

  • Facts

    @ LikeJordan45

    I agree. I fuck with both Gibbs and Jeezy music but it is disgusting how this blog hates Jeezy and sucks dick from officer ricky and gay ass wale… plus they steal half their posts from x-zone wtihout giving credit

  • @LikeJordan45 this is not the first time Gibbs has been in the top five. The radar been riding with Gibbs a long time if u don’t know. His BFK mixtape made it to top five too! Freddie Soprano let’s get it!!!

  • epinz

    Its cuz of bdot…he got put on to bfk and been a fan since

  • Had to play this back 9 times!!! STRAIGHT HEAT!!!! Salute to Freddy Gibbs

  • Rozay

    What!!!!!!! this shit is fire beat and lyrics are on point damn Gibbs.

  • lordhavemercy

    Niggaz can’t go like Freddy soprano/that’s on the mob/ jeezy broke me off, he traded the traffic for office jobs/ but that’s cool NUGGA/ got my own plate, you you can’t feed me wit ya spoon NUGGA/get ya paper, ill let ya partners be the fool nigga/the real REALEST nigga in it…

  • “Smoke-A-Lot”

    Can’t wait to hear E$GN

  • Aggie Pride

    I swear only Freddie Gibbs and Jay Rock got this gangsta rap shit on lock. #DOPE

  • Emass

    This is my favorite young n,gga.. The kid is cold!!

  • LikeJordan45

    @Kaybee you right…that was a good look too. Gangsta Gibbs got them fucking bars

  • kush

    Lol I remember copping Str8 Killa No filla 4-5 years ago. Co-sign homie since day one.

  • NovaKaine


    Mayne I fuck with Gibbs just wish ge wasn’t going at Jeezy to get some plublicity your music speaks for its self big homie

  • Facts


    That wasn’t even 3 years ago and Str8 Killa No Filla was by far not his first project so miss me with your “day one” wanna be groupie shit

    Goddamn people will do anything to hop on a bandwagon

  • derrt

    MidWest Niggas just do this rap shot better. Salute to Gibbs.

  • Trillionare

    Became a true fan after a Cold Day In Hell this young nigga hasnt disappointed me since!!! Defiantly supporting and paying for ESGN!!!

  • Kush

    @ “Facts”
    It came out in 2010. After 2013 it’ll be four years. Need help counting? 2010,2011,2012,2013. And it was his first project he sold. I felt the need to support him as an up and coming artist and bought the EP off iTunes. He had the Midwest box frame and miseducation mixtapes before. Niccas aint stupid neither am I groupie, so you could miss me with your “I don’t know how to count” retarded prejudged false analysis allegation bullshit.

  • creo

    Gangsta gibbs slammin

  • Facts

    Are you really THIS stupid or are you trying to bullship people?

    Quote, wikipedia:

    Str8 Killa No Filla is a mixtape by rapper Freddie Gibbs.[1] It was released on July 27, 2010 through Decon Records and Gibbs Family.[

    Now count …is that 3 years? .. You should at least have basic intelligence when you run your mouth but well… Welcome to the internet I guess. Smh

  • Kush

    Next time you try to call me out on some dumb shit analyze your own claims first. I’m not tryna seem important, just saying Gibbs been killing shit and niccas need to support real music.

  • prai$e

    he had something there for jeezy in that last verse.

  • Kush

    2010,2011,2012,2013. I gave an estimate b not exact number. U needa chill my son.Seems Iike you the groupie now.

  • steezplati

    once agian gibbs be killin tracks

  • Kush

    I’m not tryna “bullship” people and neither am I tryna argue with some fuckboy online who wanna make a big deal over some small shit. It’s been around 3 years not 4-5 my bad now stop crying.

  • Facts

    Yeah alright Mister Day One. Smh

  • Kush

    Lmao I said co-sign since day one , which can be implied as the first day I heard him ? Whats wrong with that Lmao u seem bitter

  • wickwickwack

    dunno but calling jeezy fake and then releasing a song called freddie soprano …
    in the words of the great riley
    “real recognize real and u dont look familiar right now “

  • Willy Lump Lump


  • Young Jeezy

    garbage..garbage..must be gibbs stans commenting..enjoy the moment..meanwhile R.I.P is doing numbers..and in heavy radio rotation…hahaha

  • B

    smh @ freddie gibbs. if this what you been cookin up, better get back to that hard brother. dont ever dis jeezy, or even speak negatively about him brah. you might have just ended your carer before you even put out a real album lil homie. you doing all this dumbshit, mean while young workin on ANOTHER platinum plaque. I fucks with you gibbs, but you better get back to reality quick. Freddie Soprano…smh

  • deez nuts

    these jeezy stans are funny. the truth hurts. freddie gibbs is better than your false idol

  • rahrahrah

    That’s that shit! That’s that shit! That’s the Freddie that I believed in! Damn, this is your lane! This should be played loud in your car. The production is sprinkled!

  • Cool C

    gibbs will never be nothing more then an underground rapper #itsthaworld

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  • fuck cool c

    @ cool c gibbs is more then u bitch nigga. He getting money n droppin dope shit. JEALOUS DICK RIDER

  • word


  • truth

    freddie is the fraud. all this bullshit to push his mediocre music. its a dope beat and he can rap but theres no replay value!!! he fakin hard. no nigga i know from the streets went to the army!! nigga dad is a police officer and mom has had a steady job for years. freddie is an upper middle class kid who wants or thinks he is a REAL STREET DUDE like JEEZY. Somebody going to fuck freddies fake ass up. im from 219

  • steezplati

    fuck all youu peeps hatin on gibbbs yall dont know shit about music keep ya ears open



    MOGUL $$$ GAME ’13!!!

  • jamesrowdy29

    This is straight up heat. I dont know either one but ever since I heard Ghetto I liked Freddie Gibbs. If 50 Cent was on top of his game instead of signing bums like Genasis and Hot Rod he could have had Gibbs and Jay Rock, the realest doing it right now, other than his enemy Gunplay who is officially about that life.

  • StarFox64

    lol oh now i get the good luck dodging one time comment…

  • J

    This song is cold. Every year Gibbs drops a top 5 mixtape…2013 will be no different

  • L

    yall dont know anything about music talking about “meanwhile R.I.P is doing numbers..and in heavy radio rotation…hahaha” radio = not where the real music is…
    mainstream guppies/basic minds.. LOL sucks 4 uuuu