DJ Clark Kent On Nightline

God’s favorite DJ, Clark Kent was featured on ABC’s Nightline last night as part of their sneaker culture segment. Cameras also follow a 15-year-old reseller at a NYC convention. $1,600 for some kicks? Hypebeast, we know about cha.

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  • yeaHOE

    White people strike again…

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  • (o_o)

    dumb spoiled idiots.

  • Da Business

    Fuck that shit, I’m not doing that shit no more. Camping out for shoes, I’m too old for that shit…

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  • zeee

    White people stay winning. They get rich of the money niggas spend. Dudes buy shoes, girls buy weave. Let’s give it up for the mules of america.

  • creo

    @bdot what u think of kanye album?

  • JOHNYblaze

    This shit is the REASON why this sneakergame died! Little fucking fag tweens getting a weird high off trading this shit like the sneakergod Clark Kent said…….. I would love to snuff 1 of these jitts at a dxc old school shit…