• herohiro

    aww shit justin Timberlake. ..eat on that shit

  • StarFox64

    only time i ever heard this song was when hot 97 played it to show that white people got soul…

  • yeaHOE

    This song is so terrible, and the video is even worse. T.I. brushing that white girl’s hair while doing a jig was all I needed to see… This shit sounds like a Casio keyboard version of the Sanford and Son theme song.

  • LuxuryRap

    this is a great song but the band sounds like shit i heard on sesame street or barney lol and his background singers are horrible…

  • StarFox64

    @yeaHOE lmfaoooooooooooo exactly fam

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  • Juan Gonzalez

    Almost 4 minutes of the same 10 seconds of music just repeated and repeated…….. Doesn’t anyone try anymore?

  • Bowtie_fly

    Why does it seem like Miley Cyrus keep photo bombing concerts though?

  • Only two more weeks until this comes out. The production looks solid. He’s got Just Blaze, Hit-Boy, Terrace Martin, Scoop Deville, Pharrell, T-Minus, Like from Pac Div, and he has Sounwave who did a great job on Section.80. No Dr. Dre toughh? I mean he’s featured on two songs as a rapper, but he’s not getting behind the boards for this one? To quote Chino XL, Somethings fishier than mermaid’s pussy. Oh well I’m sure this is still going to be a solid album. On another note, I’m really glad to see that Gaga aint on the tracklist anymore.

  • GENA

    always known Robyn Thicke was talented, I think this song suits him with his high and
    low sounds. We need some humor, I think this song is very amuzeing, Luv It.