Troy Ave & BSB “DJ Self” Freestyle

A few nights ago, Troy and his BSB bandits invaded DJ Self’s show on Power 105.1. During their visit, they traded some bars over Eric B & Rakim’s classic. Check out his Summer Jam vlog here.

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  • H

    Troy ave keepin it up.. shit jinkin

  • yeaHOE2


  • Indie5000

    Weak sauce. Niggaz gotta step they lyrical prowess up wit all this fake “hype” for my $. Fuck outta here. Bed stuy


    This shit horrible, terrible and miserable. Quit rappin and get a day job fam!

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  • This shit trash

    Troy ave you and your crew are a BOZO’S for putting this wack shit out! THAT’S A FACT!!!

  • it’s the roc

    troy ave was mad annoying with the talking over niggas verses and adlibs.

  • Officer Ricky

    Troy Ave is a horrible rapper……it’s pretty obvious at this point anyone who hypes him up is getting paid for it.

    Never once heard quality bars from Troy Ave

  • it’s the roc

    @Officer Ricky

    that’s not true, his bars aren’t bad at all, they’re actually above average. but he himself comes off as cheesy and obnoxious.

  • NYC

    That’s pretty dead on