New Video: Chief Keef “Round Da Rosey”

Around a group of white whips and chicks, Keef lets his ashes fall down in his new clip. His The Almighty Sosa coming soon.

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  • fan of good music

    1017 Glo Gang bang, bang

  • niggas so tough on these blogs .


  • hmm

    im not a big fan of chief but interesting melody to do with that usual concept.

  • Truth23

    All his videos are the same weed and cars he probably can’t afford

  • Niggalas cage

    cheif keef makes music for niggas that put their index finger on each word when they read

  • Niggalas cage

    cheif keef makes music for niggas thats wear sketchers

  • Stoner

    ^^^ Lmfao… Na I think Cheif Keef Make Music For Niggaz That Eat Spaghetti With A Knife And Spoon….

  • nigga creep

    LOL will someone get this nigga into a remedial english course asap ! Im all for helping mentally retarded kids, but not when it comes to makin music. Im still amazed this nigglet got a deal.

  • Stoner

    Chief Keef Makes Music For Niggaz That Wash Their Hands Before They Pee Sitting Down….

  • Stoner

    Chief Keef Makes Music For Niggaz That Walk Around With A Booger Hanging From Their Nose…..

  • T

    Would be nice if he actually rhymed ON the beat…this ish is way off beat.

  • Deon

    Niggas cant seriously like this shit …chief keef makes music for cavemen lmao there the only ones who might be able to understand it

  • BK

    My God…..poor poor Hip Hop

  • Rap Real

    Chief Keef music for niggaz that wear helmets so they don’t hurt themselves.

  • Niggalas cage

    this fool biting the cookie monsters flow though

  • Niggalas cage

    not even rosetta stone can understand this nigga

  • BK

    @Niggalas cage LMMFAO!!!!!!!!

  • whatever

    Kanye aughta get a grammy for makin this nigga understandable on his feature

  • Observer21

    mann.. like seriously this nigga can’t speak clear or something!

    this shit is sad, but thats what the streets wanna hear.

    #TheGifted June 25th

  • Jvaldas09

    Cheif Keef makes music for niggas that put they mouth on water foutains

  • Peekay

    just when you think he can’t get any shittier…….

  • monster

    Chief Keef makes music for people who rock Paco Jeans and push a grocery cart down the sidewalk.

  • Niggalas cage

    cheif keef makes music for niggaz that keep stale biscuits in their pockets

  • ironic

    chief keef makes music?

  • Jello

    These dudes definitely weren’t allowed in the rental home.

  • Evil

    Keef makes music for people that stays sucking dicks.
    Seriously,this shit is trash,his drugged down voice is terrible.Content is played out.
    Fuck boy.

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    I 4got hau tu reed ant rite aftur lisseninnng tu thihiss. 🙁

  • Lol

    Pocket full of posey…dead

  • prai$e

    dont press play!

  • Stoner

    Chief Keef Makes Music For Niggaz That Drink Hot Coffee With A straw….

  • anon

    jesus christ… why even post that shit

  • As RealAs It Gets

    Chief Keef’s the future! Another banger!

  • Stoner

    All jokes Aside… I Can’t Really Hate On A Young Black Man Making Money And Feeding A Bunch….. Do Your Thing Keef…..!!!

  • JustLostBrainCells

    This is a joke right?!?!? I just lost brain cells listening to this.

  • j