Freddie Gibbs ESGN Cover & Tracklist


Now that Freddie Gibbs is a free agent, hes’s taken matters into his own hands and announced that his ESGN album will be released on July 9. Today, he shared the titles via his Instagram account.

UPDATE: Cover up top. Tracklist below. Pre-order on iTunes.

1. Lil’ Sodi
2. The Real G Money
3. Came Up
4. Hundred Thousand (feat. G-Wiz & Hit “Skrewface”)
5. D.O.A. (feat. G-Wiz & Big Kill)
6. Lay It Down
7. I Seen A Man Die (feat. Lil Sodi)
8. Have U Seen Her (feat. Hit “Skrewface”)
9. One Eighty Seven (feat. Problem)
10. Eastside Moonwalker
11. F.A.M.E. (feat. Daz Dillinger & Spice 1)
12. Paper (feat. Y.B.)
13. The Color Purple
14. Certified Live (feat. G-Wiz & Jay Rock)
15. Ten Packs of Backwoods (feat. D-Edge)
16. Dope In My Styrofoam (feat. G-Wiz & G.I. Fleezy)
17. 9Mm (feat. G.I. Fleezy & G-Wiz)
18. Lose Control (feat. BJ the Chicago Kid)
19. Freddie Soprano
20. Murda Dem (feat. G.I. Fleezy & Big Kill)

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  • Gambino

    I’m sure it will be dope like BFK but I don’t see many people buying this

  • Batman


  • Frank

    Excited for this.

  • Realniggashit

    I can’t fucking wait

  • It’s about to be a hot summer bitch! Gangsta Gibbs bitch!! CAnt wait to hear the Jay Rock feature biatch!!

  • Yeezus Christ

    who the fuck is freddie gibbs

  • GoodGang

    This my nigga he be flowing .. I’m def coppin this good quality.

  • tha OG

    This shit is going to Bang!!!!!!!!!

  • creo

    Gangsta gibbs copping 1st dat gangsta shit tired of soft gay rap. Real niggaz, street niggaz feel it.bitch niggaz unfamiliar

  • Black Shady


  • Aggie Pride

    Looking forward to “Certified Live” ft. Jay Rock. The two of the best gangsta rappers out.

  • df

    flop in the making gangster music is dead

  • The Wise

    Yay a nobody coming out with a cd,featuring more nobodys,with a single nobodys gonna hear…GREAT!!!

  • Yeez Louise

    I bangs with Gibbs….he needs to update his iTunes doe lol

  • LoverofHipHop

    Was once a gibbs fan….not so much nowadays, hopefully this will turn the tide again.

    Its a shame how quick a rapper gets hot off the internet/blog hype machine but its just as quickly that they disappear and fade away.

    Seems better for an artist to get it slowly then popping up as the next hot thing in the blogsphere as they never seem to last long enough to sustain a good enough buzz to translate into decent sales of their first major album.

    You get hot off internet buzz only…you stay in the favor of the internets for approx 2-3 mixtapes then it’s onto the next.

  • Willy Lump Lump


  • Milli

    jeezy got his new mixtape comin out tursday


    lol u finished faggot

  • mnka

    one of the best out. cant wait

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  • rahrahrah

    Too many tracks.

  • StarFox64

    why didnt anyone scoop him up after jeezy dropped him? something musta came up in dudes file that all of a sudden he was deemed “unfit for cte”…

  • the brain trust

    Only started listening to Gibbs recently & i’m looking forward to this.

    BFK was incredible. Still bumping it

  • ^ listen to cold day in hell too. That shit is mad dope

  • B.Dot

    Yep. BFK is crazy.



  • Rozay

    They sleeping on Gibbs, but because he doesn’t have the correct backing he doesn’t get his due…wouldn’t mind seeing him on TDE or MMG even though he kinda dissed Ross I would much rather hear Gibbs than Meek Mill. Jeezy dropped the ball.

  • Commenting Carl

    BFK verses hooks and beats are all crazy top 5 of 2012 easy.

  • tef

    When this nigga was with CTE niggas said he was the realest in the game n the next Pac but when he split frm tht wack ass nigga Jeezy tht don’t kno how to run a record label all of a sudden he fake suddenly nobody remembers him..u internet clowns crack me up

  • Marko-V

    Can’t believe no one marveled at the fact Spice 1 The East Bay Gangsta is on the album! Yo, now that’s the song I’m most excited for right there. And Freddie Gibbs is a bast lyrically and really beginnng to develop his own fanbase and niche so why would he sign to a label when no label understands how to market gangsta rap in these day and times. He doin it right.


  • Jeezy

    so jeezy was the first with cte cups, now the dickriding mmg and cash money original..the game so scared to give young jeezy his shine..why is that???

  • creo

    Co sign @tef gibbs is dope. Long as he making money n music gd for him. Dickridazs gonna hop on nuts every chance they get. Bfk stay bangin n my shit.cold day n hell too

  • J

    BFK = Mixtape of 2012 Gibbs still the best gangsta rapper in the game…ESGN bouta be straight heat! Who cares if it don’t blow up? Real rap isn’t mainstream friendly ?

  • godmc

    cant wait i love gangsat gibbs #esgn

  • Culls

    Shit is gonna be sick. Strange amount of anonymous haters on this one….your favorite rapper still can’t outrap Freddie.


    13 features on a 20 track release DAMN. So what he spit 27 verses of nothing? These rappers boy I tell ya. SMH

  • StarFox64

    this dude really went a released a tape with no nameable features except for jay rock….

  • glowman

    wack juice

  • L

    i think it will be great and all… it just shouldn’t be an album
    love gibbs

  • “Smoke-A-Lot”

    Looking forward to this. Gibbs always brings good music. If only hip hop wasn’t so fake and watered down today.

  • Montega

    you niggas hating on gibbs are dumb. he putting unknown rappers on to give them some shine. why would he go to a label when they cant market him? He doing the right thing staying independent and killin shows worldwide. ESGN gunna be hot, and this is just a warm-up to his Madlib collab album.

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  • thafuck

    fuck this pussy censoring his niggas faces n shit you dont see true gangbangers doin that shit cause they aint got shit ta lose fake ass motherfucker hope this nigga get shot wannabe ja rule nigga jeezy still and always will make more money then this nigga wishes he did.

  • obakeng

    its gangsta gibbs hoe

  • Foreign luccino

    *dont climb up the wrong tree* leave #vamplife alone we #vampin!!