• Bowtie_fly

    She is meant to be seen not heard. Modeling, maybe??

  • solo

    how you talk with an Australian accent then rap in a southern accent? damn hip-hop just monkey see monkey do

  • rauxraux

    how is she gonna call him ‘boy’?! her natural accent is only surpassed in annoying factor by her rap accent which is fraudulent and downright offensive if not just laughable on some CB4 ish

  • Set303

    I agree with all 3 points above.

  • craycray

    t.i. turns into a lame,corny ass coon when you put him anywhere near a white person.

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  • LouisDaKing

    Iggy and T.I. do they thangs pretty well hustle gang in this bitch

  • I think she needs to sharpen her skills up. like this! http://www.youtube.com/user/KINGSEANFAME CHECK OUT THE NEW HI-DEF *OFFICIAL* VIDEO SEAN FAME – FORGED IN THE FIRE

  • you idiot’s

    Does no see that her rap was about ti.. that’s why sway and ti were acting like two lol school boy as if sway already knew