New Music: Bizzy Crook “Emails From Kanye West”

emails from kanye west-cover

With just a click of a mouse, Bizzy Crook reaches out to Mr. West in hopes to get a response from one of his idols. You got mail.

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  • The Truth

    cool track. nigga sounds like j cole a lil bit. the premise of this song reminds me of “Stan” but less creepy.

  • Donn

    Dope concept, kinda creepy though. But I think Kanye would respond and sign the kid depending on what other shit he got

  • can this dude suck kanye off a little harder ? lol you would think it was kim writing his lyrics lol


    looks like somebodys beggin for attention…i wonder who that could be? smh hint…rhymes wit hoe

  • Fuck Your Opinion

    This was VERY creepy/attention seeking. The samples were dope and he was smart to drop it today, it’s kinda weird that y’all posted this tbh.. ‘Stan’ much?

  • Black Shady

    Stan indeed.

    creepy. would be funny Kanye signs him lmao.


    rapper 2 rapper love songs gettin popular

  • Trill Clinton

    this is nellys nephew y’all

  • After hearing ferraris and goddesses, lord, and now this he is def bound to get signed to g.o.o.d music

  • Seriously????????

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  • cocksuckin at its highest level

  • H

    KANYE get a restraining order..COQ RIDING AT ITS FINEST

  • mrbabyhands

    be ya own man. dont idolize these cats.

  • mrbabyhands

    you see, there’s leaders. and there’s followers. but i’d rather be a dick than a swallower…

  • K

    Bitching on wax. Cool.