Oh Shit new Em verse! there needs to be a CDQ, with like no Dj. I know there are crazy ass lines on here

  • frank

    Well this is actually sick! sounds abit like old slim shady

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Please don;t over-hype this people because as a huge Em fan this was only average so whatever. I can’t stand a dick riding @$$ nigga yo. smh

  • StayingSchool

    ^ Word

  • JustMyOpinion

    Always a good moment with Eminem on the record.

  • sn

  • Gambino

    I think anytime we get some new Em, mediocre or not, then it’s great. Need CDQ and full song ASAP tho.

  • Tre

    Lil Majer The Cartune is upset cause no one dick rides him

  • Hesbacknstillthegoat

    Sounds dope. His next album might bring us back to the eminem show

  • Reg

    That maybe the full song….

  • Black Shady

    SHadyyyyyyy…We Back!!!

  • dmc

    This isn’t what I was hoping for.

  • rz

    Garbage but watch the Em stans over hype it

  • PistolPistol

    WTF? First fucking solo shit we hear in 3yrs (Again) And its a Throw Away track?!?
    June 8th come and gone… And even more wack is its gonna be released as “New”? Fuck outta here Marshall. Your real fans are fed up w your features as of lately.

    For a guy who’s in the studio Every Fucking Day it doesn’t show!!!!!!
    Sorry I can’t stay positive about any new Eminem news any more….
    Stan signing off

  • ss

    Don’t ask me what’s up with the hoes
    I’m still working the kinks out
    Love stinks, that explains all this anger that’s spillin’ out
    And I ain’t chillin now
    I got an Oscar, I’m still a grouch
    I use it as a doorstop, and the prop
    For the broken leg for the couch
    Yelawolf, Shady, Tony, touch Slaughterhouse
    Yeah the swat team bout to break them flyswatters out
    Go to hell in a drought, break ice waters out
    Nice try, shorty what? We can window shop
    The jewelry store
    But Christ, for that price coulda bought a house
    Besides only thing I ever had iced out was my heart since I started out
    It’s F.Y.I if ya ain’t knowing
    What go with you? Where? Nah ain’t going.
    Oh wait, you want a date oh? Well in that case ho it’s June 8 oh
    Kinda like Beethoven composin’ a symphony of hate
    So much hate woved into these raps
    shit I’m beginning to hate clothing
    I hate overalls because they remind me of hoes
    For christ sake theyre shaped like a H woah, and
    you know what else starts with H, though?
    Hockey, shit thought I had the place flowing
    I hate to put you on ice but
    You already had 3 periods in 60 minutes, great going
    Plus you remind me of cocaine ho
    You always in the mirror with your face off
    I feel an urge to put you all in a line
    And chop you with a razor blade, yo wait
    I’m an a-hole, devil with a Halo
    Hell yeah I nailed J-Lo, to the railroad
    Say I won’t, better hope you can stay afloat
    When I take the wind out your sail boat
    I ain’t playing yo! Go for Shady don’t kid yourself
    Bitch, you aint even a baby goa

  • PistolPistol

    Guess they scrapped the “Christian” rap album huh Paul?

    Marshall = Dre
    Fuck my fans.. I’m a billionaire

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  • Oz

    ahhh it pains me to hear eminem these days every song his done in the past 2 years has essentially been the exact same song his completely run out of ideas and things to say not to say


    Eminem is Rap’s Larry Bird. If Em was black, he’d be just another nugga with bars. Nothing special here move along.

  • esham smith

    “Go to hell in a drought, break ice waters out’
    Nice try, shorty what? We can window shop
    The jewelry store
    But Christ, for that price coulda bought a house.. This aint that impressive, its just filler

  • LOL


  • DJ Game

    Trash! Are you kidding me? What is he saying. Nothing in this verse has any substance. Hop off this man as if he’s some legend. He has absolutely no substance. I used to be a fan and then u discovered lyricism.

  • the brain trust

    If judged in terms of wordplay, this is outstanding.

    If judged from the standpoint of structure & consistent subject matter, it’s terrible.

  • poplarclap

    Yeah, doesn’t feel like anything special…a written freestyle/throwaway. Flow seems exactly like the Shady 2.0 BET cypher. Feels quite a bit like the Bad Meets Evil EP too, which is what I’m expecting to hear on the new album, to be honest.

  • tef

    U guys seriously think eminem is gonna do his best on a quick verse?…its just a verse y’all act like its his first single from the album…even though its a verse it still sounds better than that mainstream garbage we hear today..

  • shivakush

    LMAO this song is over half your guys heads. first try reading the TITLE : “Symphony In H” then go read the lyrics. If you know anything about writing, rhyming, and the craft of rap this song is BRILLIANT.

  • His first 2 album the 1st d12 and 8 mile that’s his only good shit

  • flo

    tell me why this is good?

  • NoSwag

    em the greatest this is jus a lil appetizer for yall haters for the nuclear war missile hes boutta release on july 9th niggas cant fuk wit dis track cus its not for da radios, fuk yall rick ross fans

  • NoSwag

    i been bumpin this 1 track more then kanye and j cole album even tho j cole dope as fuk cant noone take the mic from eminem

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  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    sucks, i miss old em, just has no flow, he used to have the best flow ever, now its just spurratic lines in between a wick wackity beat ;lol GG, eveyrtime i hear a new em verse is released i get all hyped until i hear it then im just like, “well nothings changed” unless he puts this flow he picked up from bad meets evil the sequel to rest i just cant enjoy em to the fullest like i did before, he has so much potential to show his experience and maturity in the game too

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    Its dope! People its a freestyle not a full song…you cant tell me that em was lacking substance matter on any of his albums…so dont worry his album will be fire!!

  • Billyyy

    He’s BAAAAACKKKK !!!!!!!

  • #

    Good to have him back!

  • Blair


  • MrSkeezyMak

    Dope. This verse > Kanye’s whole album.

  • AP

    Sounds like a pre-recovery throwaway, not great but he’s just trying to give tony some shine. The album will be better

  • Yeah this is just ok. I’m sure his album will be better.

  • BK


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Stupid and fat is Rick Ross. 50 Cent and G-Unit thats whats up!

  • Judo


    Em spit on this. No doubt about it. The wordplay is clever. Some of those bars went over some of yall heads. With that being said this is average Em. This was a throwaway verse. It really doesnt have any structure to it. It may be the flow hes using over the beat but it seems off. But chill everybody this is not his first single from his next album.

    Some say they get on the mic and spit…this was merely a sneeze.

  • West West Yall


  • Nickey Black

    I’m not a EM fan at all but I try to give props where it’s due:

    It was cool how he used H words throughout. I can’t expect Em to bring heavy substance like Nas or Kendrick.

    Imagine if Em would have made SWIMMING POOLS. Would it had been clownish or serious?

    This is CLOWNISH:hell yeah I nailed j lo to the railroad. That was simply corny. He said someother corny lines. If it wasn’t for his flow I would equally match Em with Lil Wayne.

  • Ain’t NOBODY fucking with Shady. Closest to a reincarnation lyrically is yela and rittz. But hey it’s cool man just opinions no bullshit

  • I really dont know about this..he needs to come with straight heat if he wants to remain one of the top elite mcs…get the bass brothers back an make sum serious music ,no apologies was one of his last dooe records..i jus dont understand how u loose ur flow , or skills that made u dope …ill look for this new em album but my hope aint to high considering what relapse an recovery were…not great

  • mundL

    niiiiceee, King Mathers

  • I really dont know about this..he needs to come with straight heat if he wants to remain one of the top elite mcs…get the bass brothers back an make sum serious music ,no apologies was one of his last dooe records..i jus dont understand how u loose ur flow , or skills that made u dope …ill look for this new em album but my hope aint to high considering what relapse an recovery were…not g

  • hdhsjsj

    This is dope

  • Peekay

    DOPE beat and wish there was 1 more verse. Surprised people are hating, guess they’re used to their music dumbed down.

  • jakesask

    I concur about the dope beat. I don’t know that most people are really hating…maybe just a bit disappointed, or even a bit worried. As someone said a couple posts ago: Em needs to come with some straight heat if he wants to stay at the top. He has tremendous skills and I don’t think anybody puts the puzzle pieces together like he does, but I’ve gotta say that this verse just didn’t do it for me. It feels like I’ve heard it all before.

  • Ghost

    It’s fucked up how you say you’re never going to let your fans down again. And stay in the studio every day, and yet continue to do so.

    Marshall knows where his real fans are. We made you rich and famous the least you can do is give us Your best.

    Everything is a choppy lazy Attempt…
    Always clever, never denying that.

    Where is that substance Marshall? I think your true fans want that

  • PistolPistol

    Dope as shady? Don’t even kid yourself, you Ain’t even a baby goat! Ohhh

  • Niggalas cage

    lol smh people moaning like this is single it was a verse he dropped for tony touch and i think was dope hard rhyme schemes and got that shady flow yet yall start bussin in your pants when kanye starts rapping about getting croissants and massages and screams like an abused chicken on a track

  • DJ TONY TOUCH feat. Eminem — «Symphony In H» Eminem вернулся! Да он здесь!!! http://www.eminem.pro/dj-tony-touch-feat-eminem-symphony-in-h.html … #50MCS #SYMPHONYINH

  • vomit

    Damn homie. wtf happened to you? Em is/was one of the top ten best rappers of all time.
    Shady died when he decided to give up drugs…harsh reality. he can stop screaming like a paranoid schizophrenic now.

    Where is Marshall Mathers when ya need em????????????????//

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  • BK

    Recovery is dope….To say otherwise is just ridiculous

  • BK

    And no pleeeeaasssee dont go away EM!You cats mean all this waaaaaaack shit you cats support to pleeeaaasseee go the fuck away!!! EM+Microphone=G.O.A.T!!!!

  • Retire Already

    This is a guy who made three universally acclaimed albums in a very short time frame, then got inexplicably awful and has STAYED AWFUL FOR A DECADE.

    Seriously, it’s one of the more fascinating trainwrecks in music history.

  • MrSkeezyMak

    Why are people bitchin about substance? It’s a fuckin mixtape 90 second track. He killed this shit.

  • Dune

    All the haters are idiots!! They dont get the point of this?? Its not a full song, its a freestyle, its not meant to have deep subject matter or be about his life. And his word play was crazy on it so if you dont like it you simply didnt get it!!

  • Dune

    Its a goddamn mixtape verse you verse you idiots…

  • Frontrunner


  • da 5’9

    GOAT. Songs dope

  • ray_b

    Hell yeah I nailed J-Lo, to the railroad

  • replier the wise

    The wise… i agree.. maybe proof helped him out more than we thought …

  • Mike

    dope dope DOPE! Go Em! – Mike Diggity

  • ultrakid

    Y’all still calling Em the Goat, thats cool, but to me, Jay z is still the Goat. Listen to this and listen to $100 dollar bill (great gasby soundtrack). Jay still remians pretty much the same, maybe not on par what he used to be, but still doing it. Em’s next album will sell big no doubt. because hes Em, but im looking forward to Magna Carta Holy Grail more than Em’s next project

  • Niggalas cage

    thing is with eminem now hes in a position where whatever he does is never gonna be good enough for anyone peoples expectations are through the roof so when they finally hear somethin they aint feelin it

  • therealslimshady

    People who are hating on this are retarded. Its a freestyle, not a song. The rhyme scheme, flow and delivery is way better than any other rapper is capable of.
    You guys are always saying “Oh we want the TES or MMLP Eminem back.”, then when you get it, you’re like “He sounds the same on every song, feels like i’ve heard it before”. you fans are never satisfied. So go ahead and listen to some retarded ass song about ass and pussy with no lyrical technique at all and just a banging beat.
    Eminem’s next album will be fire, just as all his albums.

  • Jordan Palma

    Eminem sounds more comfortable with his word play , clever , smart . No shouting , just straight precesion lyrics .

  • Jasså

    therealslimshady – AGREE!

  • cronk

    Do you listen to music or do you just skim through it? Everyone who says this is wack needs to look up the lyrics and pick up on all the shit that went over your head cuz the word play is crazy. The flow is a bit sparatic and not too smooth but its a throwaway freestyle for a mixtape