Rap Radar Interviews TDE’s Punch Pt. 2

Yeah, it’s hard getting Elliott out that damn office. But anyway, Punch is back. And in the final clip, the TDE President speaks on Kendrick Lamar’s brief Def Jam signing, new artists, and the impact of Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, m.A.A.d city. Classic? Just maybe. Ha!

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  • Kendrick has a classic compared to the shit out today. His album is wayyyyy overrated though. All these white record execs still pick noggers from Compton, because that’s the ghetto dog…fuck you Elliot you pawn ass bitch!!! Fuck ya momma!!

  • Chris

    Good interview brian

  • Bluster

    best Album I have heard in a lonnnnng time, considering the impact, the influence, it’s definitely a classic


    great interview, gonna listen to that master piece that is gkmc again !

  • saw

    good interview man, TDE gonan me my fav label, only great artists !

  • Judge Dredd

    GKMC was a good album…. not great…. just good. Someone please, explain to me what impact it had besides every publication and cracker with a internet connection overhyping it, what influence it has had on the culture or the music being created? None…..

    None whatsoever.

  • B.Dot

    Lol @Judge Dredd. I was reluctant to call it a classic. kinda still am. But I think its one of the best structured albums to come out in a minute…especially from a new artist. It plays out like a coming of age movie. The story telling on “art of peer pressure” and the intro is really eidetic. I must admit i don’t like “real”. “backseat freestyle” doesn’t do it for me as a stand alone record. I believe it has to be heard in context to be appreciated

  • It’s the roc

    GREAT interview. Mad engaging

  • B.Dot

    Thank you kindly.

  • saw

    the impact ? it proved that you don’t need to go pop to be succesful, and it influenced a lot of new artists.
    There is a huge difference between the pre gkmc era and the after gkmc.

    gkmc is definitely a classic

  • saw

    I thought kendrick was overrated… not anymore. Gkmc is now a 10/10 in my book.

    His ability to seamlessly transition between different rhythmic levels, from quadruplets, to quintuplets, to sextuplets, to double-quadruplets, is on a level I have never seen before. I’ve seen these rhythms before, most predominantly in Busta Rhymes circa the “Genesis” album, Outkast’s albums circa “Aquemini”, and Eminem post-2001 until Relapse. But I’ve never seen anyone able to put it all together at once like Kendrick and move from one to the next almost effortlessly.

  • Blair

    Great interview man.

    Damn, gkmc is now my most played album of the last 5 years, album is absolutely perfect minus real

  • theChef

    I already hold gkmc higher than a lto of approved classic tbh

    this is probably the best album of this new decade !!!!

  • DMVinyourchick

    I Honestly think GKMC is the best commercial body of work put out since Lupe Fiasco’s The cool in terms of replay value and substance. but Section 80 was a real strong body of work and i was sad to not hear alot of those same producers on his commercial DEBUT, GKMC WAS FUCKIN AMAZING but i think section 80 would be more of a classic to me than anything

  • J

    great interview, would love to hear from top dawg himself in the future. maybe you could get benjy greenberg next?

  • Da Business

    @ Dredd

    If u don’t c the impact that GKMC has had on this culture, then u’re just blind bruh…


  • mann

    B. Dot you gotta put up more of these, A1

  • Good Interview. TDE doing big things. http://www.youtube.com/user/KINGSEANFAME CHECK OUT THE NEW HI-DEF *OFFICIAL* VIDEO SEAN FAME – FORGED IN THE FIRE

  • AyYyyy

    GKMC is great.If people hate on it, their argument is probably ‘i dont like it cuz everyone else does’.. in terms of it being a classic idk…probably the closest thing to a classic since College Dropout but its sill too early to decide.

    Im interested in who they sign next tho. All the guys at TDE obviously have a good taste in different hip-hop music so whoever they pick is probably worthwhile. Plus imo TDE got the best producers right now. Digi+Phonics and THC are dope.

  • creo

    Love GKMC DELUXE VERSION. real is dope 2me it grows on u.very catchy n the message is dope god is real taking care of ur family is real love dat part. wish j.cole was on drake verse. not a drake fan. shit was a westcoast audio movie

  • smooth


  • great ear

    @ AyYyyy THC are not TDE Producers … They just work well with Kendrick and his sound

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  • Fricktion

    This is a nerdy-ass comment, but this really good interview could be improved with some better audio mixing. The tracks that play in between are way louder than the interview, which can be jarring if you’ve got your speakers turned up to hear Punch talk and all the sudden a track kicks in and starts blastin’.

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