YG Signs To Young Jeezy’s CTE

In an interview with Bootleg Kev, YG revealed he has partnered with Jeezy’s CTE label (1:50 mark). He also discusses his forthcoming LP,  I’m 4rm Bompton, collaborating with DJ Mustard and more. 

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  • rz

    He deserves to be in the you played urself section for this..I kno homie broke but ur better off goin the independent route thn signing with Jeezy..Gucci Mane is better at running a label than him for Christ sake

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  • Brutally Honest

    Co-sign @Rz, YG and them Doughboyz should ask Slick Pulla, Blood Raw, Freddie Gibbs , Scrilla, Tone Trump , JW, Roccet , 211 how great of a record executive Jeezy is at puttting out artists under him …. HA !!!

  • thafuck


    what tha fuck.


    My nigga…your just a FREDIE GIBBS WRITE OFF. #WAKEUP

  • Tayo

    Good sign, Snow! Garbage Gibbs is just a crybaby… Gangsta rap is dead

  • Oj da Cornball

    Translation “Def Jam drop me”

  • H

    Freddie Gibbs beef for him is around the corner

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  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    sholkd have taken the advice from gibbs. idk exactlya out signign with jeezy but i think this nigga would have been more succesful staying indie

  • Bompton

    Gibbs a real nigga blood YG trash Bompton Menace the truth MHG MON€¥ GANG BW$ fruts eastside Su Woop

  • Foreign luccini

    *my nigga my nigga* banger, jeezy mAkin noise with the new resources from Atlantic

  • King Krow

    Snow is one of my favorite rappers but he’s got no business running a label….

  • coolc

    What none of you dumb ass nigga don’t understand is that everyone that Jeezy has had on his team never had a major record label behind them like Dbc and Yg Gibbs just had Jeezy yo back him.thats why he didn’t get anywhere look at Wale/meek and every new artist they have major label deals then a Co sign from A small.label deal


    jeezy wins

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Curtis Jackson is the man, the real actual BOSS not Rick Loss.

  • Lincoln’s bullet

    Doesn’t take a crystal ball reader to tell how this ‘business’ situation will turn out…

  • Dro

    Cosign @coolc

    Lets see how many of yall bosses will hold dead weight poor money in studio time for niggas not hustlin makin hits/moves on their own…jeezy told niggas before to get their own deal if u a boss…you cant expect a self made cat that had 2 deals from bad boy and def jam to hold your hand…of course comparisons to ross will be there but shit wale and meek was already getting record deals and simply signed onto to the wave of ross umbrella

  • yoyoyoyoyo

    might be jeezy best signee EVER damn that was a big ass surprise i thought yg was doing his own thing since he already got a big ass fanbase doing it by himself do he need CTE/JEEZY?

  • yoyoyoyoyo

    he is not indie for all you ppl he def jam

  • Marteens

    nigga cmon blood raw got to drop a major album on def jam and he had his hit louie bag but his album only did 17k first week lmaoooo ever since jeezy sayin hell nawh u gotta show me u deserve to get my attention if u sign with me

  • mark smith

    this nigga will never win outside of LA I dont care if Dre did the whole album…he let niggaz steal his sound now when he does it it wont work…jeezy aint gonna do shit but beg defjam to push the wack nigga WE NOT CHECKING FOR YG…all those cali niggaz are just that cali niggaz..except Kendrick the rest are local skinny jean wearing LA clowns!

  • Brutally Honest

    @Marteens , Ok I see your point w/ the exception of Slick, Scrilla (Who was making noise in The A via his mixtapes, that’s what got him signed to CTE in the first place), JW, Boo Rossini (Who had a deal with Interscope in the late 90’s) & Wink Loc . You telling me Gibbs ,Tone Trump & 211 (Yes, 211) wasn’t making noise of their own for Jeezy not to push the button and get their releases going… Gibbs already had a “strong” fanbase and Trump had that “Afghan” record that blew up on all the various readio dj’s mixshow programs in a vast markets. Jeezy jumped on the re-mix. The slap in the face for Gibbs , Scrilla , Trump , 2 & Rossini whom I believed bounced as well was when Jeezy released the mission statement about re-branding his label as CTE World via Atlantic and stating he was “starting from scratch” . My thing is don’t promise someone an opportunity “you” the individual can’t deliver on

  • Dubayu2

    Man that aint his sound, that aint mustard sound. Thats BAY sound. nigga said do research than do research. niggas hollerin “on citas” “on momas” got that shit from up north. oakland to be exact.

  • ElroyzzMcGEee


  • tigereye


  • Judo

    Jeezy dumb for handing you dat contract and you’re even dumber for signing it. What will come of this you ask? Not a gotdamn thang. He was better off making up a label and hustling like dat. This is ass backwards.

    YG…You Gullible ass nigga

  • Smh @ You Niggas

    @Mark Smith There is a such thing as TDEe and a nigga named Dom Kennedy

  • coolc

    And all you niggas saying yg wack go on YouTube he way more popular then Gibbs and he probably up there with your favorite rapper