360 & Chance The Rapper “RapFix Live” Freestyle

As their fellow guests J.Cole and Waka looking on and DJ Whoo Kid on the 1s and 2s, 360 and Chance The Rapper did the honors on closing today’s RapFix Live session with their raps.

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  • Black Shady

    good looking for streaming it…and idk how come MTV plays when its streaming for Canada. I aint complaining


  • Dashing

    Born Sinner was a very solid album, but if Cole made some minor tweaks that shit coulda been damn near classic. He just made it too long and did too much himself.

    1.Villuminati (co-production by Timbaland, to give the drums more knock, erase the unnecessary homophobic slurs)
    2. Power Trip
    3. Miss America
    4. Head Bussa
    5. Niggaz Know (Co-production by NO I.D to make the drums knock harder)
    6. Runaway (Add Mos Def and Jill Scott on the hook, co-production by Hi-Tek to make it smoother and more soulful)
    7. New York Times feat 50 Cent and Bas
    8. Rich Niggaz
    9. Kenny Lofton – feat Young Jeezy
    10. Forbidden Fruit – add 1 Kendrick verse
    11.Crooked Smile
    12. Let Nas Down
    13. Born Sinner
    Chaining Day

    Drop all the skits, the Outkast joint, She Knows, Chaining Day, Trouble. Adding Niggaz Know, Kenny Lofton, Head Bussa, and Miss America give the album more energy so it’s less “boring” as some have said. And a few features will switch up the pace so it’s not just Jermaine’s voice all over every second of every track.

    Basically Cole coulda used a little more help with the project and it coulda been close to being a great album.

  • @Dashing, Naw bruh ,the album was perfect the way it is, and lossing the outkast joint, hell naw, thats one of the dopest joints on the album, if the album is a classic ,only time will tell!

  • Chris


  • Chico

    @dashing And thats why you will never produce an album lol

  • @Dashing’s Born Sinner remix tracklisting and the reasons behind them sound…fucking stupid.

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  • Damn yall bitter

    LMAO u cant appreciate a rapper who carried his whole album by himself the game lives off features now thats an incredible feat bad review Dashing

  • That Guy

    Dashing swear he an a&r

  • Jacob

    @dashing what was unnecessary about the “homophobic remarks”, people make such a big deal over the words faggot and queer, I have gay friends that would even say those words so why do you seem so offended

  • Tev Milli

    Chance did good tho….
    Never really listen 2 360 but he was dope as well…
    Thats all I got 2 say

  • NYC

    @dashing shut the fuck up. Seriously. Your assessments are ALWAYS off base. As far as the freestyles go, ’60 ripped him

  • got that

    360 kill it

  • NaS

    @Dashing…I don’t know if what you wrote is what is needed but SOMETHING is needed to spice up this boring EMO azz album. Shxt was like listening to a Drake album with EVEN less hard hitting songs. I just say this album is strictly for the chicks.

    I remember what Pac said..first you get the bxtches then the nxggaz but this Mood Music Emohop is getting out of hand because I KNOW he can spit. His recent funk flex freestyle is better than most of the entire album. Crooked smile and Power trip are dope enough…that’sall they need bruh.

  • Word

    Damn they killing @Dashing. I kinda agree with your points a bit even though I still loved album. Could it have been better? Sure. Every album could be better. Some of your suggestions right though, I wish Niggaz Know was on the standard and not just deluxe. High energy song. But some of your drops I disagree with. Skits were cool, LAnd of the Snakes was good and She Knows was one of my favorites. Amber Coffman adds a lot to that song. But that’s really it.

  • Word

    Oh, and that Jhene Aiko track should’ve been on the standard version too.

  • kaitlyn beaumont

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  • Dashing

    @Word, I don’t mind the disagreement. That’s what the comment section is for, right? And procrastinating at my job…

    First off the album is VERY good. And better than Cole World. I’m a big Cole fan. Was at some of his earliest shows before Friday Night Lights even came out and I bought the album even though I already had the leak…I’m just responding to feedback that A LOT of people say, that Cole is “boring” (See @Nas comment) And we’re hardest on the artists that we expect greatness from, right?

    @Motahiphop, the OutKast joint rubbed me the wrong way cause I feel like if you do it, make it your own like he did on “Forbidden Fruit” It’s not a bad song, the lyrics are dope but it didn’t feel like he made it his own. Agree to disagree on that joint.

    “Kenny Lofton” is fire, shoulda been on the album. And woulda added the energy I think it needed. I thought “Mo Money” was useless and “Aint That Some Shit” is just wack to me. Sounds like a poor attempt at old Timbo. “Niggaz Know” is fire, shoulda been on the standard version of the album. Same with “Miss America”, which is not a great single, but a dope album cut. And would adding a Kendrick verse on “Forbidden Fruit” really have been a bad decision? I personally didn’t like “She Knows” too sing songy for me.

    And I just don’t think Cole is a great singer so him singing the hook on 5 tracks when he coulda got someone better didn’t make the album better. (Ya’ll really would rather hear Cole sing the hook on “Runaway” than Jill Scott or Mos Def, who he was obviously swagger jackin on that hook?)
    Maybe that’s why 50 (who’s put out wack music for awhile now) sounds so refreshing on NY Times, cause if he knows 1 thing it’s how to rap/sing a hook well. Same shit with Jhene Aiko on the hook on that joint. He probably wanted to sing that one too. And if he had it his way he woulda sang on “Power Trip” instead of Miguel!

    It just seems like Cole made the point to say “I did this shit on my own” to make a point. How else do you explain taking “Kenny Lofton” off? Illmatic had AZ, Reasonable Doubt had Foxy and Big. Even Ready to Die had Meth. And they made the album better even though those are legends and didn’t “need” anyone on their albums. Production wise, Cole is solid, but he’s also missing something. There’s a reason why he sounds so great on “A Star is Born” “Fitted Cap” “Just Begun” “Looking for Trouble” “Beautiful Bliss” the different production brought something different outta him, and I would love to hear him on a Justice League track or a Just Blaze beat…

    Just my thoughts…disagree with me if you want, no shots necessary..

    @Jacob, I wasn’t offended by him saying faggot I listen to Em and Tyler say it all the time, but that’s their shtick. It’s just what I said, seemed random and unnecessary, like he was saying “New album. New Cole. I’m edgy now!I can say faggot.” Felt…contrived
    @Chico, too late, already have.
    @hiphopobama, I guess it’s a 5 mic classic, then huh?
    @NYC, you know you’re just hating on me cause I don’t like 360. Haha.

  • Young Lucky

    fuck this political shit. 360 murdered chance the rapper.

  • Dashing

    Agreed, 360 was better than Chance’s…Chance was off the top though.