New Video: 3D Na’Tee “Whole Lot”

3D Na’Tee’s been making a whole lot of moves. So as part of her New Work Wednesdays, she shares her recent travels to L.A. in her brand new music video.

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  • ED

    Hey Na, this is Dee,

    Hell of a pitbull in a skirt, vicious southern hummingbird that knows how to move words. Shawty just about ready to hike up her skirt, and piss on the wackness. Sweetheart, we see you in HDTV, though you still got a way to go, so keep pushin like Salt n Pepa. In the meantime, throw a “S” on that chest, and start ghostwriting for these bitchasses out here and deposit a couple of bucks in your bank account. Whatever {a2c} says, Jay we co-sign that for a fact. Matter fact, Tu just said she’s pretty. Me, I ain’t even notice, I was mesmerized by the gift of speech. He said he saw her sitting by the pool. 

    We nicknamed her “Barbara Browne” because BMB, she looked good in a skirt, holla at me honey, I’m from NY, since we missed each other at A3C, hope you had a great time without me. -Vitamin Dee-

    *above taken from*

  • KingJuggaNott

    New Orleans Stand Up…..Love everything that she’s doing. Looking beautiful as usual.

  • Bowtie_fly

    ^^ Did you accidently mistake your Rapradar account for your Gmail?

    Either way, next time you email her, tell her keep pushing, she is a true talent. but truth is, she is almost at her glass ceiling.

  • Bowtie_fly

    ^^ new platform to send emails, ED??

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